Tue Nov 13 '18 3:57 pm
"Reverence and Rebellion." Your Schub as King Solomon in "Bride of Blood" :)
"Steven Schub... gives the role the fiery quality often associated with Old Testament Biblical figures — his Solomon has the combination of reverence and rebellion..."

-Creepy LA

Full review hither:


Fri Sep 28 '18 07:49 am
Is Schub "The Wisest Man Who Ever Lived"? Nope! But I play him onstage in "Bride of Blood" :)
Shalom & Aloha Comrades! Question:

Am I Steven Schub, “The Wisest Man Who Ever Lived”? Answer: Psha!

(Yeah, right.) Not even remotely close! But I will be

playing him onstage! Yup, your very own Schub, as King Solomon

himself in the World Premiere of “Bride of Blood” opening Thursday

October 18th at 8pm and running every Thursday night until November

8th, (with one very special Wednesday showing on the night of

Halloween itself) at the Skylight Theater 1816 North Vermont Avenue

LA, CA 90027.

Tickets are 20 bucks & can be purchased here:


“Bride of Blood” is written and directed by Amit Itelman. It’s the story

of King Solomon’s quest to unlock the secrets of the most mysterious

passage in the Bible, Exodus 4:24. This thing is chock full of horror,

comedy, puppetry, Jewish mythology and Apocryphal lore. I can’t really

describe the show, (by the sheer virtue of the fact that it is quite

literally indescribable) but allow me to just say it is funny, sexy,

crazy, and terrifying. (Just like life.)

Again, tickets are at: https://trepanyhouse.tix.com/Schedule.aspx?OrgNum=845

Now my incredible, wonderful, (and incredibly wonderful) wife Kirsten

Kollender is currently onstage in Los Angeles too! She plays the role of

"Jean Tatlock" in Rogue Machine Theatre Company's production of

“Oppenheimer”, the true story of the creation of the Atom Bomb. For

tickets and info go to:


So... when can you see me and my wife together in something you ask?

Well… howzabout right now? As in this second. Click here to see me as the

outlaw “Smiley” and Kirsten as “Crazy Ann” in an excerpt from the pilot

“At The End Of The Santa Fe Trail”:


Written by Robert M. Young and directed by Tomas Sanchez, we are still

waiting to hear if/when and where the pilot will make it on air.

And finally, just for fun, (and just in time for Halloween), allow

me to share two perennial classics by your Fenwicks.

“Devil’s Den (“Too Dumb to Die”)":


(A danceable ditty, about true love & zombie-hunting.)

And “Begging for the Bullet”:


(The single greatest ballad ever written. Or rather… the single greatest

ballad ever written about a senile, avenging Jewish Werewolf. :)

Both songs can be found on iTunes too, right here:


On that note, onwards & upwards! Here's to the future!

In joy, mirth and joviality,

And forever on the barricades,

Your Schub

p.s. Dig the brand spankin' new website too, with all sorts of assorted

sorted Schub-ish-ness! From "Sesame Street" to "24", and from The Fenwicks

to HaSkaLA:


Thu Aug 16 '18 5:37 pm
Schub & Kollender in "At The End Of The Santa Fe Trail".
Brand new clip up on YouTube now:


Steven Schub (as the outlaw "Smiley") and Kirsten Kollender (as "Crazy Ann") star in "At The End Of The Santa Fe Trail" directed by Tomas Sanchez, written by Robert M. Young, and edited by Nick Young & Zack Young.

The true story of Sister Blandina Segale, a young nun sent to the western territories in 1872. At a time when lawlessness and brutality were the norm; surrounded by cowboys, Native Americans, outlaws, and new immigrants from all over the world, Sister Blandina displays courage and tough-mindedness in the face of extreme danger and relentless challenges. Coming Soon-ish!

Thu Jun 21 '18 5:18 pm
R.I.P. Vans Warped Tour. "Flight of angels sing thee to thy rest..."
In 2005 Kevin Lyman​ & Vans Warped Tour​ brought The Fenwicks​ back to life:


In 2010 Kevin Lyman​ & The Vans Warped Tour brought my next band HaSkaLA​ TO life:


Suffice it to say... The Vans Warped Tour changed my life, and the lives of millions of others. All for the better. Long Live Kevin Lyman! And Rest In Peace Warped.

Gratitude. Admiration. And respect.

"Flight of angels sing thee to thy rest..."



Wed Nov 15 '17 9:50 pm
After 25 years The Vans Warped Tour is finally coming to an end! :(
Nooo! After 25 years the Vans Warped Tour is finally coming to an end:


Our ska-punk heart breaks.

The Fenwicks on Warped in 2005:


HaSkaLA with Fishbone's Angelo Moore on Warped in 2010:


Long Live Kevin Lyman & his perennial Punk Rock Summer Camp.

Fri Jul 14 '17 12:47 pm
Who was Jimmie Corrieri?
Who was Jimmie Corrieri of The Fenwicks?

A Tribute by Jeff Falk:


(Jim would have turned 50 today!) Rest in Peace My Brother, “The Plough”.)

My personal favorite song of Jim’s "Your Life". Words/Music & Sung by Jimmie Corrieri. Performed by The Fenwicks:


-Jimmie's last radio interview here:


“Jimmie Corrieri was one of a kind, and he helped found a one-of-a-kind band…

Jimmie Corrieri and The Fenwicks never received anywhere near the respect and approbation they earned and commanded But they did attract a devoted following of discerning music fans. And their work survives, and you should obtain it and listen to it (and, if you are so inclined, dance) if you have not already.  On those three albums… Jimmie Corrieri lives.” -Jeff Falk, 21st Century Digital Boy

Wed May 24 '17 01:45 am
The Brand Spankin’ New “StevenSchub.com” :)
Shalom & Aloha Comrades & Compadres!

Steven Schub here. I hope this missive finds you smiling! Speaking of smiling…

May I submit, for your perusing pleasure, the brand new, completely re-vamped:


’Tis the sum total of my creative worth, as an actor, lyricist & ska singer, all in one spot!

On the “Reel Page” you’ll find TV & Film clips. Everything from: Schub on “24” & “NYPD Blue” to Schub in “Caught”, “No Vacancy” and yes, with Big Bird himself on “Sesame Street”!

On the “Gallery Page” and you’ll find links to The Fenwicks’ debut video directed by Bennett Miller (director of “Moneyball”, “Capote” and “Foxcatcher”), video with our godfather & co-founder Lynyrd Skynyrd’s Artimus Pyle, live HaSkaLA music videos (including HaSkaLA on The Vans Warped Tour with Fishbone’s Angelo Moore), lyrics, reviews, interviews and oh, so much more!

Hope ya dig it!

In blood, fire, joy, mirth & joviality,

Forever on the barricades,

Your Schub


p.s. Thanks to the great Claire Buffie of Reproductions LA & NYC for the overhaul & website redesign.


Wed Apr 12 '17 8:26 pm
The Impossible Only Takes 28 Years.
The Impossible Has Finally Happened (and it only took 28 years!) As of today The Fenwicks are officially #1 on the ReverbNation Los Angeles #Ska Charts!

Dig it:


Mon Apr 03 '17 3:38 pm
By Special Request. An amalgamated assortment of some of my more philosophical lyrics...
By special request. Below ye shall find an amalgamated assortment of some of my more philosophical lyrics... Written over the eons for both of my bands The Fenwicks & HaSkaLA.


“Under the Thorns” (aka “The Ballad of John Galt”)

Lyrics by Steven Schub. Music by Jimmie Corrieri. Performed by The Fenwicks. From the album “eudaimonia”.



Under the thorns and chains lies a firm resolve

Beneath the files and laws a mind that won’t dissolve

Below the big regime a face without the fear

Underneath the meek & weak a face without the shame

Don’t ask him for forgiveness

Don’t ask him for spare change

He’s carried all your burdens

This man who knows no pain

Above the firm resolve a perverted scheme

Over the decided mind a parasitic dream

In the name of “mercy & humanity”

In the name of duty, so-called morality

Don’t ask him for submission

Don’t pray for his good grace

He’s witnessed all your purges

This man who needs no faith

And though they feed on guilt

It seems their food’s run out

He will not buy the myth

He will not bear their cross

Man may rise, men will fall

Bureaucrats and Priests expropriate your dreams

He shirks the density of the collective mind

Slinging the sacred filth of the collectively blind

They sink below the stench of self-sacrifice

Seizing salvation in their suicide

Don’t ask for repentance

Don’t speak of moral debts

He’ll owe his life to no one

This man who got away


“The Revolt”

Lyrics by Steven Schub. Music by David Mastas. Performed by HaSkaLA.

Listen here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SxvFJtX5gHQ


All over the world, the lamps are going out- again.

All over the world, the future of freedom's in doubt- again.

All over the world, the lights are coming on- we hope.

All over the world, it's in our hands- Revolt!

Chorus (2x):

Be destiny. Be dynamite.

Hold holy Your Highest Hope- Revolt!

The only weapon you need, is right between your ears.

The only weapon you need, the one that they most fear.

The only weapon you need, to see the truth and not blink.

To stand astride history screaming: "Think, just think!"


The source of your glory- the source of your shame

Is one and the same- how we use our brain.

To use your mind, or lose you mind.

You pick and choose the food you swallow

Pick and choose the ideas you follow.

Reason and Freedom or Faith and Force

When all is said, that is your choice.

You fight today or fight tomorrow

Eternity is Now- Revolt!

Eternity is Now- Revolt!


“No One Is Coming”

Lyrics & Music by Steven Schub. Performed by The Fenwicks.

Listen here:


The Messiah is coming. To say he isn’t coming.

He never was here before and he’ll never be here again.


No one is coming so you better save yourself.

No Daddy up in the sky, yeah.

No Momma, no alibi.

The Messiah has returned. To say he ain’t returning.

He told us not to cry. Even God was just a lie.


Jesus has returned, while we were all napping.

It was hard to hear his footsteps through all the wailing, praying and the chanting.

Rather than waiting, yeah we really should be working.

Rather than praying yeah, we really should be shtupping.

‘Cuz this is your one shot. This is your one life.

The clock isn’t just ticking. The muther-effin’ clock has tuck.

Be your own Messiah yeah, come and save yourself.

Be your own Messiah and you’ll never need anyone else



Lyrics by Steven Schub. Music by Jimmie Corrieri. Performed by The Fenwicks. From the album “eudaimonia”.

Listen here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QI-43KY2oLE


I buried her on Wednesday. Last night she said.

Don't give up for hereafter. There is no after here.

Don't let it end. Before you begin.

Wasting time your only sin.

I buried her on Wednesday. Last night she said.

Live the life you're after. There is no after here.

Don't let it end. Before you begin.

Wasting time. Your only sin.

Boy, you must promise not to weep. Promise never sleep.

Smile as you fight.

Boy, this World is yours to seize. Don't waste it on your knees.

Smile as you fight.

And what you do, do well.

And what you love defend.

And if not now, when?

Smile as you fight.


“Cyrano's Nose”

Lyrics by Steven Schub. Music by HaSkaLA.

Listen here:


Like "Invictus" William Henley's poem- Master of my Fate, I'm Captain of my Soul

'Cause my heart is bigger than Cyrano's nose, my rhymes are tighter than a Haiku poem

Life is shorter than a garden gnome. Gonna milk it, 'till the cows come home.

Better than money- Better than fame

Better than playing society's game

Better than ice cream, better than sex

I'm talking 'bout music and a song like this


If you ain't buying, you can't be bought or sold

If you ain't lying, then you'll never grow old

The only way out, is never opt in

You got your guns, I have my pen

Truth is on my side, let's see who wins

Who wins.

Better than glory- better than game

Better than living your life in pain

Better than brownies, better than sex

I'm talking 'bout Love and a song like this


Now every "ism" and every God crushing millions for their Cause

In every generation the battle's the same, strike a match then fan the flame

The State wants your body, the Church wants your Soul

Hold fast to your dreams, reject all control

Better than religion- better than blame

Better than living your life in shame

Better than cupcakes- better than sex

I'm talking 'bout Life and a song like this...



“Desert Rat”

Lyrics by Steven Schub. Music by Jimmie Corrieri. Performed by The Fenwicks. From the album “eudaimonia”.

Listen here:


As I run by the mortuary and face my other option

I find the inspiration, become the desert rat

If you tell me you're sick of it, it doesn't pay, you want to quit

Then I'll show you a desert rat, who understands a fact's a fact

It's this and nothing else, it's me and no one else

The sky may be empty, life is not

It only has the meaning I give it

A is A, and that is that. If this is it, then so be it.

And it only has the meaning I give it.

As I run by you, I pass by me, say goodbye to all that is a lie

I say goodbye to all that is not mine

Equivocation breeds stagnation, the choice is not design or loss

Leave resent, leave your contempt

Is this your restitution? Is this your compensation?

Wasn't rage only the means? Wasn't life the destination?

As late as it may seem, I demand an explanation.

In a desert of delusion, we reached the same conclusion

You hung yourself, I became the desert rat

Accept the fact a fact's a fact, it was me who taught me that

When you grasp just this: Only existence exists

You'll never again have the courage for cowardice

See my face, hear my voice, all you are is choice

You are your maker, worship your creator

No plan but your own, each must stand alone

Now you don't need revelations to find your salvation

You don't need me, you have you

Revere yourself, and no one else

Revere yourself, and nothing less

Revere yourself and nothing else


“Preeminent Domain”

Words and Music by Steven Schub. Performed by The Fenwicks.

Listen here:


Allow me to make it eminently clear- It's a free country Judge, or didn't you hear?

Facts are facts, and rights are rights

Take my land, and you take my life


So easy to give, when it ain't yours

So easy to take, what you didn't create

Nothing grows on trees but leaves, and if ya don't leave us free, that's all they'll be

All we want is to be left alone

From the Right and the Left, they invade our home


When did we fall asleep? When did we turn to sheep?

How did we get so dependent? How did we get so dumb?

Why did we let this happen? When did our Government become our master?

It's time to remember who we are

I hear you laughing, but it won't be funny

There's only so far you can push this Country

'Cause facts are still facts, and Rights are still Rights

Take our land and you take our life


It's upside down and inside out, but not for long, as you'll find out

It's upside down and inside out, but not for long as you'll find out


“Semper Fidelis”

Lyrics by Steven Schub. Music by Jimmie Correiri. Performed by The Fenwicks. From the album “Member of No Tribe”.

Listen here:


I claim no sympathy for chemistry

I seek no sympathy for circumstance

Character dictates destiny

I claim no sympathy for anything I see


Be careful what you say, it might be believed

Be careful of the stand you take, it might be perceived

Be careful of the love you give, it might be received

You’ll be dead before conceived

Semper Fidelis - Semper Fi - Do or Die

I beg no sympathy for poverty

I beg no sympathy for luxury

Compassion kills my dignity

I beg no sympathy from you to me


How dare I walk so proud, how dare I laugh so loud

How dare I not care what you think about me

There’s a beacon in my eyes

It’s the certainty you despise

Semper Fidelis Semper Fi Do or Die

I have no sympathy for history

I feel no sympathy for family

Free Will dictates destiny

I need no sympathy for nothing I be. See?

Semper Fidelis- Semper Fi- Do or Die


“Eulogy for a Parasite”

Lyrics by Steven Schub. Music by Jimmie Corrieri. Performed by The Fenwicks. From the album “eudaemonia”.

Listen here:


When I found out you were crying my name...

I smiled an chalked one up for justice.

Remembered my pain.

Some time ago, you were a hero of mine.

But you yourself, killed the hero inside.

No bird would clip it's wings. No bear would hock it's claws.

No hawk concede it's sight. But you betrayed your mind.

Well you know all this, cuz I've told you before.

I know it's futile to try and even the score.

But once you had a choice, you had a chance.

You could've woken the gods.

No you're sleeping with trash

In all this it's not just you, it's a world that glorifies cowards and fools.

I thought I was safe I should have seen, what was done to them.

Would be done to me.

When I saw through, what you were hiding behind.

It rent my vision, but I said goodbye.

Sometime ago you were a hero of mine.

But you yourself killed the hero inside.

No bird would clip it's wings. No bear would hock it's claws.

No hawk concede it's sight. But you betrayed your mind.

Well you know all this, cuz I've told you before.

I know it's futile to try and even the score.

So in closing I'll just say this-

When you're bitter and old reeking of...

When's there's no more victims and no more friends.

When you're all alone, nearing the end.

Just know. You won.

You won.



Lyrics by Steven Schub. Music by HaSkaLA.

Listen here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-wxkE7qdaG4

Woke up this morning to a world gone mad

Woke up this morning and I wished I never had

Woke up this morning to a world I can't understand

Woke up this morning to the death of Uncle Sam

There was a law telling me how to tie my shoes

There was a law telling me not to be amused


Sing for what we lost and what we have to gain

Sing for your soul before they take it all away

Sing for your life and Lady Liberty

She's been bound and gagged but the lady can be saved

Woke-up, wake-up

Wake-up, woke-up 


There was a tax on the right to sneeze

There was a tax on the air we breathe

There was a tax on the tax for the tax

There was a tax for attacking the tax

I tried to read a book but the good ones had been banned

I tried to sing this song but my band had been banned


When I go to sleep I dream of better days

I seem to remember there was once another way

I seem to remember it had something to do with me

I seem to remember it had something to with free (3x)

Woke-up, wake-up

Wake-up, woke-up 

Thu Mar 30 '17 11:57 am
Fishbone & The Fenwicks Sharing the LA Ska Charts!
Super-surreal that my childhood hero Angelo Moore of Fishbone & The Fenwicks are currently sharing the ReverbNation Los Angeles Ska charts (he at #1 and we at #2). Then again… Here’s Angelo and my new band HaSkaLA sharing the stage on the Vans Warped Tour. Both of us on a life-long mission to make life a “Party at Ground Zero”:


Tue Nov 29 '16 08:57 am
Your Schub Returns to Television :)
Mark Thy Calendar & Tattoo Thine Tushy! This Coming Saturday December 3rd Your Schub Returns to Television in “A Christmas Kiss ll”! On ION Television twice this December:

-This coming Saturday December 3rd (5pm East & West Coast/4pm Central).

-And Sunday December 18th (11pm East & West Coast/10pm Central).

So sling-back some high-octane egg nog & watch your Schub save Christmas itself as “Helmut” the Russian fashion photographer - all in the name of Love!

Preview hither:


But far more importantly…

Happiest of Holidays from this Schub to You & All You Love!

Thu Jul 07 '16 12:41 pm
On This Day in History...
On this day in history Ringo Starr, Robert A. Heinlein, and this Schub were born. Here's what happened next:


Tue Apr 12 '16 12:52 pm
The Team that Brought You "Caught" is Back! "In A Little Spanish Town."
From the Creative Team that brought you the Sony Classics Critically-Acclaimed Cult-Classic film "Caught":

Director Robert M. Young, “The Godfather of American Independent Cinema” and actors Edward James Olmos, Maria Conchita Alonso, Arie Verveen & Steven Schub are back! Together again - "In A Little Spanish Town":


Dig it! Support it! Justice is coming! To “A Little Spanish Town”!

Wed Jan 20 '16 09:54 am
Your Schub in The Jerusalem Post on "Searching for Stern"...
In "The Jerusalem Post" - Your very own Schub on "Searching for Stern" by Orit Arfa. Link here:


The World Premiere of ‪"The Ghosts Of Mizrachi Bet Street"‬ by

Zev Golan now playing at The Jerusalem Theatre. Directed by S. Kim


Love from Israel,


Mon Dec 14 '15 1:46 pm
Schub to play Avraham 'Yair' Stern in "The Ghosts of Mizrachi Bet Street at Jerusalem Theatre in Israel.
Shalom Comrades! Steven Schub here, wishing you all the very Happiest of Holidays!

I also wanted to share this news: I will be head to Israel to play the role of Avraham 'Yair' Stern - Actor, Poet and the founder & leader of ‘LEHI' (the "Fighters for the Freedom of Israel” aka "The Stern Group") in the World Premiere of a new play by historian Zev Golan entitled “The Ghosts of Mizrachi Bet Street” at the Jerusalem Theater in Israel. The play opens on Wednesday January 20th 2016. For tickets and showtimes go to:


Who was 'Yair' Stern?


And with that said, I'll just let Yair himself have the last word:

“Reality is… what force of will and longing for a goal make it. Lift your head, straighten your spine and let your voice sing. With our strength we will make the world dance.”


With love & light,

Back on the proverbial grid February 1st, 2016,


-p.s. And for the best of Schub in Film & Television circa 2015 see:


Sat Dec 05 '15 2:28 pm
Tonight Saturday Night Live Remembers Cousin Jenna...
Any true Fen-Head and/or 'Wick-Head knows who “Cousin Jenna” was

(see here: http://www.thefenwicks.com/av/mp3/Track%2011.mp3 ) Without Jenna Krempel, The Fenwicks could have never ever have survived or flourished for as long as we did. She was there from the very beginning- more like a big sister than a cousin. Her apartment on West 46th Street was our shelter & my refuge before the launch of ever single Fenwick tour & it was the Center of the Epicenter- of everything that makes New York City the Center of the Universe. Jenna helped mend my battle regalia, mend my soul and mend my ways. I loved her dearly, as EVERYONE who knew Jenna loved her dearly. Jenna was a costume designer and a seamstress on Broadway ("Joseph & the Amazing Color Dreamcoat” , "I’m Not Rappaport”, "The Radio City Hall Christmas Spectacular" and on and on...) She also worked the Wardrobe Crew on Saturday Night Live for almost 20 years (dressing everyone from Rachel Dratch to Tracy Morgan to Fred Armisen); and to top it all off, she was also the Vice-President & Secretary-Treasurer of Broadway’s Theatrical Wardrobe Union (Local 764). Jenna passed away recently (she worked tirelessly until the very end) and thus tonight SNL will be honoring her on-air. Tune in 11:30pm on NBC. And celebrate the life-force & legacy of woman of valor, hilarity and unbelievable strength. Long live Jenna! Forever!

Wed Dec 02 '15 12:10 pm
"A Christmas Kiss" & a Hanukkah Wish from Schub to YOU! :)
Shalom & Aloha Comrades-

Steven Schub here... Hoping all is golden with you & all you love.

Just wanted to share a few holiday tidbits. Apparently, I can be seen 3 times this month on the ION Television channel in “A Christmas Kiss ll” wherein I play the role of Russian Fashion Photographer “Helmut” who saves Christmas all in the name of Love. Airtimes?

-This coming Saturday December 5th (7pm East & West Coast/6pm Central).

-Sunday December 20th (3pm East & West Coast/2pm Central).

-And Christmas Day itself Friday December 25th (11am East & West Coast/10am Central). So sling-back some high-octane egg nog and... why not make it a Family Tradition? Catch a sneak peak here:


-Then, next week I am off Las Vegas to shoot the film “Escaping Las Vegas” (playing the role of demonic magician “Dante Lancaster”). And from there, I head to Israel to star in the world premiere of a new play by historian Zev Golan, “The Ghosts of Mizrachi Bet Street” at the Jerusalem Theater. I will play the role of Avraham 'Yair' Stern- actor, poet and founder & leader of the ‘LEHI' (the "Fighters for the Freedom of Israel”). The play opens on Wednesday January 20th 2016. For tickets and showtimes:


Who was 'Yair' Stern? Dig it: http://www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Avraham_Stern

So... Merriest of Merrys & Happiest of Happys!

And with that said, I'll just let Yair himself have the very last word:

“Reality is… what force of will and longing for a goal make it. Lift your head, straighten your spine and let your voice sing. With our strength we will make the world dance.”

xoxoxo in Joy, Mirth & Joviality,

Yer Schubieshake - Forever of The Fenwicks & HaSkaLA.


For the Best of Schub circa 2015: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=89_YQtDsz18

-And for all SchubTube on YouTube:


-On IMDB at: http://www.imdb.me/stevenschub

-On Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/stevenschub


The Fenwicks on iTunes:


On YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/thefenwicks

On Pandora: http://www.pandora.com/fenwicks

On Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/thefenwicks

On Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/thefenwicks

On Spotify: http://www.open.spotify.com/artist/0r3KwBQoPFIUYv2qbtaOV4


-HaSkaLA: Singing Truth to Power Since 2010.


-HaSkaLA on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/haskala

-HaSkaLA on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/haskalamusic

-HaSkaLA on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/haskalamusic

-HaSkaLA on Soundcloud: http://www.soundcloud.com/haskala

-HaSkaLA on Sonicbids: http://www.sonicbids.com/haskala

-HaSkaLA on Bandcamp: http://www.haskala.bandcamp.com/

Thu Sep 03 '15 1:40 pm
“With our strength we will make the world dance.” -Avraham ‘Yair’ Stern
The Fenwicks on Apple Music:


HaSkaLA on Apple Music:


Thu Aug 06 '15 8:28 pm
Your Schub to Play 'Yair"... y'hear?
Your Schub will be playing the role of Avraham 'Yair' Stern founder & leader of 'LEHI' (the "Fighters for the Freedom of Israel") in the World Premiere of Zev Golan's new play "The Ghosts of Mizrachi Bet Street" at the Jerusalem Theater in Israel. January 2016. Details coming soon-ish...


Wed Jul 29 '15 09:14 am
Are The Fenwicks on Apple Music?
Damn Straight Soul Sister! Dig it 'Wick-Heads:


As ever... Ready to Make You Giggle & Sweat!

#ska #Ska #SKA

Wed Jul 15 '15 5:29 pm
Dig it! All 3 Fenwick Records are Now on YouTube in their Entirety!
Dig it! All 3 Fenwick Records are Now on YouTube in their Entirety!

Don't ask me how, but there they are! All tracks from "eudaimonia", "Truth & Memory" and the long out-of-print "Member of No Tribe". All free for your listening pleasure. 1 Click Away! Hither:


In joy, mirth & joviality... Shake & Duh 'Wix

Happy (day after your) Birthday Jimmie!

Mon Apr 20 '15 7:13 pm
"The English Bride" Gets Extended! Must Close May 10th!
Dig this 'Wick-Heads! By Popular Demand! My play "The English Bride" at the critically-acclaimed Road Theatre Company has just been extended! But must close May 10th! The show runs Thursdays at 8pm, Saturdays at 3pm & Sundays at 7pm. Only 9 performances left! 9 chances remaining to see the show critics have deemed: "Cast to perfection... This is a terrific night at the theatre." - Stage Happenings

“Playwright Lucile Lichtblau achieves the seemingly impossible in The English Bride.”- Los Angeles Times

“Superb acting magnifies the already swelling tension.” - Stage Raw

“Directed with brilliant intensity by Marya Mazor, with superlative performances... Steven Schub as the devious Ali." -Theatre Spoken Here

“Schub is angry, tender and passionate… Could not have hoped for a better production.” - NoHo Arts District

"Charismatic... Schub presents an impressive portrait." Arts In LA

“The English Bride” puts just the right amount of intrigue in this scary love story to leave you on the edge of your seat.” – SFV Media

"The truth is a time bomb in... this powerful, profound play." - Tolucan Times

*For "2 for the Price of One" tickets email our producer Carlyle King at: carweb94@aol.com & just tell her "Schub sent ya!"

The Road Theatre is located at 10747 Magnolia Blvd. in North Hollywood, CA 91601. (See postcard attached below for details)...

In joy, mirth & joviality,

Your Ever-Luvin' Schub

Wed Mar 18 '15 12:33 pm
Schub in "The English Bride." Raves in the LA Times! Come on out!
Shalom & Aloha Comrades!

Steven Schub here. Hope this missive finds y’all smiling & swell!

Speaking of smiling… I am currently playing the role of “Ali Said” in

the West Coast premiere of “The English Bride” at the

critically-acclaimed Road Theatre Company in North Hollywood through

April 26th. (Showtimes are Thursdays at 8pm, Saturdays at 3pm & Sundays

at 7pm.) The show has been receiving all sorts of assorted accolades

from the Los Angeles Times etc et al (see below) and I’m pretty dang

proud of it! It’s based on the true story of a sociopathic Jordanian

man who seduced and impregnated a naive young Irish girl and then put

her on a plane with a suitcase full of explosives. (I play that guy.)

The play delves into some of the possible why’s and wherefores…

If you’d like to attend you can get “2 for 1” 1/2 priced tickets via our

producer Carlyle King. (And $10 tix for tomorrow night only.) Simply

email her at: carweb94@aol.com & tell her “Schub sent ya!”

The Road Theatre on Magnolia 10747 Magnolia Blvd., North Hollywood Through

April 26, 2015 8 p.m. Thursdays, 3 p.m. Saturdays and 7 p.m. Sundays

Tickets: $34; (818) 761-8838 Running time: 1 hour, 40 minutes


“Directed with brilliant intensity by Marya Mazor, with superlative

performances by Elizabeth Knowelden as the naïve Eileen, Steven Schub as

the devious Ali, and Allan Wasserman as the enigmatic investigator Dov.”

-Theatre Spoken Here

“Playwright Lucile Lichtblau achieves the seemingly impossible in The

English Bride.” - Los Angeles Times

“Superb acting magnifies the already swelling tension.” - Stage Raw

“Schub is angry, tender and passionate… Could not have hoped for a better

production.” - NoHo Arts District

“The English Bride” puts just the right amount of intrigue on this scary

love story to leave you on the edge of your seat.” – SFV Media

“The Truth is a Time Bomb in… this powerful, profound play.” - Tolucan Times

-p.s. If you’re interested in what I’ve been up to on the Film &

Television front, you can take a gander at my 3-Minute 2015 “Best of” Reel

right here:


And if ya wanna giggle, dig me as Russian Fashion Photographer “Helmut” in

ION Television’s “A Christmas Kiss II” here:


In dubious battle, on the barricades, in joy, mirth & joviality,

Steven Schub





Wed Mar 11 '15 4:36 pm
To (Loosely) Paraphrase Nietzsche...
#9 on the @ReverbNation LA #Ska charts? @thefenwicks

To paraphrase #Nietzsche "Some bands are born posthumously"...


Thu Jan 15 '15 1:50 pm
From The Fenwicks to Foxcatcher!
Major Mazel Tovs to the Genius of Bennett Miller! 2nd Oscar Nom for Best Director!! And to think... it all kinda/sorta started right here :)


Congrats Boigeh!


Sat Jan 03 '15 9:14 pm
Kick Out the Jams! 2 New Schubs :)
The best of Schub in Film & Television circa 2015. As punk-legend Dee Dee Ramone of The Ramones in "CBGB", as folk-icon Phil Ochs in "The Chicago 8”, as Satan himself in the horror-thriller "5 Souls" and more. Edited by Don Adams.


-And as Russian Fashion Photographer Helmut in “A Christmas Kiss II” directed by Kevin Connor.


Wed Dec 31 '14 4:11 pm
"Now Let No Charitable Hope"...
"In masks outrageous and austere

The years go by in single file;

But none has merited my fear,

And none has quite escaped my smile."

-Elinor Morton Wylie, "Now Let No Charitable Hope"

Sat Dec 20 '14 01:08 am
"A Christmas Kiss" and Hitting 'The Road' (Quite Literally :)
Ahoy Comrades! Schub hither! Wishing you the Chappiest of Chanukkahs

and/or the Merriest of Christmases! In point of fact, on that very merry note:

Tomorrow Night Sunday December 21st at 5pm East & West Coast (4pm Central) I

will be on your tube in the TV movie "A Christmas Kiss II" playing the role of

a Russian Fashion photographer named 'Helmut'. (At least I think I'm

supposed to be Russian :) It's on the ION Television Channel (Channel 30

here in LA.) For any other city, ya just go to ION website: http://www.iontelevision.com

and in the top right corner it says "Channel Finder". Plug in your

variables and Boom, Viola! "A Christmas Kiss II" is also on the air on

Christmas Eve at 9pm (8pm Central) & it's just about guaranteed to make

you giggle.

In other Schub-ish news, I'm happy to say I'll be returning to the

stage in the West Coast premiere of the play "The English Bride" at the

critically-acclaimed Road Theatre. The show opens March 5th. Details just

below and at The Road's website: http://www.roadtheatre.org

and their Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/roadtheatre

The West Coast Premiere of “THE ENGLISH BRIDE” by Lucile Lichtblau. Directed by Marya Mazor. March 5

– April 26, 2015. At The Road on Magnolia. “The mystery wasn’t what

happened; the mystery was why. Inspired by the real-life failed bombing

attempt of an El Al flight in 1986, this play centers around an Israeli

agent’s desperate search for the truth as he interrogates an Englishwoman

and her Arab lover. Who put the bomb on the plane and why? Deceptions and

manipulations abound in what the New York Times calls, “A mystery wrapped

in a love story — or the other way around.”

In closing and most importantly- may this year bring you all the love and

light one life can contain. And then some...

Indubitably, on the barricades, in joy, mirth and joviality,



-Schub in Film & Television: http://www.stevenschub.com

-On YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/stevenschub

-On Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/stevenschub

-On IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0006575/

-Home of The Fenwicks: http://www.thefenwicks.com/

-The Fenwicks on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/thefenwicks

-The Fenwicks on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/thefenwicks

-The Fenwicks on iTunes: http://www.itunes.com/thefenwicks

-HaSkaLA on Facebook: http://www.haskalamusic.com/

-HaSkaLA on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/haskalamusic

-HaSkaLA on iTunes: http://www.itunes.com/haskala


Sun May 25 '14 10:49 am
Monumental Mazel Tovs to Monsieur Miller! Dig it! The Magnificent Mensch Who Just Won "Best Director" yesterday at the Cannes Film Festival for "Foxcatcher" (coming to a theater near you November 14th), directed this here Fenwick video, waaaaaaay back in the proverbial day:


"Bennett the Barbarian"/"Bennie Burger" aka Bennett Miller we 'Wix wuv ya! Go Burger Go! Gesumpskinverkt!

Mon May 19 '14 11:22 am
Once The Fenwicks' manager & Videographer Supreme.He's now our generation's best filmmaker,bar none. Mr. Bennett Miller!
Once The Fenwicks' manager & Videographer Supreme. He's now our generation's best filmmaker,bar none. Mr. Bennett Miller:


Wed May 14 '14 10:35 pm
20 years later... Guess who's Number 6? "Some bands are born posthumously"! :)
20 years later... Guess who's Number 6 on the ReverbNation Ska Charts for Los Angeles?!? The World's Greatest (albeit only) 17-piece "Afro-Celtic Yiddish Ska" band: The Fenwicks! Dig it:


(To loosely paraphrase Nietzsche yet again: "Some bands are born posthumously.")

Your Fenwicks on iTunes:


Wed Mar 26 '14 11:45 am
On this Day in Music History!
On this Day in Music History, the Singer of "Diggsville" (my sister) Karen Mitchell was born! In her honor, dig some Diggsville, SF's very best Trip-Hop!

-On Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Diggsville/115018425196993

-On iTunes: http://www.itunes.com/diggsville

-On CDBaby: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/diggsville

-And on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wS5mXY7hkk0

Tue Mar 11 '14 3:42 pm
The Best of HaSkaLA & The Fenwicks in One Slap-Happy Spot!
The Best of HaSkaLA & The Fenwicks in One Slap-Happy Spot:


Truth, Justice & Danceable Bliss!

Wed Feb 19 '14 2:00 pm
The Fenwicks: #FreeVenezuela (via The Special AKA):



Sun Feb 16 '14 2:44 pm
Schub's New Reel:Best of CBGB,5 Souls,Blast Vegas & The Chicago 8.
Schub's New Reel: Steven Schub as punk legend Dee Dee Ramone of The Ramones in "CBGB", as Satan himself in the horror-thriller "5 Souls", as folk icon Phil Ochs in "The Chicago 8" & more:


Mon Feb 10 '14 08:19 am
BBC Radio Interview on Philip Seymour Hoffman. As a Fellow Student, a Roommate and a Friend Remembered.
Aspects of Phil as a fellow student, a roommate & a friend remembered. BBC Radio interview with Steven Schub on Philip Seymour Hoffman:


Sun Feb 02 '14 8:04 pm
Philip Seymour Hoffman. Rest in Peace.
He was our roommate. Our friend. Our hero.

Philip Seymour Hoffman Rest in Peace.

"And he is gather'd to the kings of thought

Who wag'd contention with their time's decay,

And of the past are all that cannot pass away."

-"Adonais: An Elegy on the Death of John Keats"

by Percy Bysshe Shelley

Sun Jan 12 '14 12:09 pm
Interview w/Steven Schub by Yeram Reyes for "AbleKane Adventures".On The Fenwicks,HaSkaLA & How to Save the World :)
Interview with Steven Schub by Yeram Reyes for "AbleKane Adventures".

On The Fenwicks, HaSkaLA and... How to Save the World :)



The Fenwicks: The World's Greatest (albeit only) 17-piece Objectivist "Afro-Celtic Yiddish Ska" Band! 

By: Yeram Reyes   

   The Fenwicks are an "Afro-Celtic Yiddish Ska" band, one that has been around for over twenty years. When I first met The Fenwicks about ten years ago, I was instantly drawn in by their overwhelming sense of abundant fun and quirky performances, but most of all by the fact that they truly represented something profoundly significant in their time. Riding into New York in the early 1990s, as if on some kind of  Mad Quest (playing a still unprecedented 32 shows in 31 Days, each at a different New York City venue), The Fenwicks had already written the scholastics for Live Performance with their well-known, unforgettable, onstage shenanigans. I instantly fell in love with their music, their message, and most of all their enthusiasm. Their lead-singer Steven Schub (who is also an actor) is one of the most talented and well rounded individuals that I have ever met. Jimmie Corrieri, Schub’s kick-ass sidekick (who recently passed away), was the other co-founder of The Fenwicks and a brilliant guitar player and singer in his own right. He too could rightfully and righteously captivate an audience. It was the type of performance that you definitely "had-to-have-been- there-for"-- there really is just no other way to describe them. But aside from their crazy onstage antics (as there are other bands who can just put on a great live show), The Fenwicks are utterly unique in that they are also on a Singing/Dancing Crusade of their own invention- a Crusade for: Reason, Freedom, Truth and Love.


If you had to describe your art work/ musical creation, how would you describe it for someone who has never seen it before?  

   How would I describe The Fenwicks? Oy vey! Others have said it better than I ever could. Here's a few ancient quotes about us I found thanks to our friends at Google: 

"The Fenwicks are not a normal band. Blending punk, ska, pop and klezmer, they sound like something you'd hear at a mutant cross-cultural wedding. They are a band with a message: enjoy one's life! The songs ask you to live with integrity, love with sincerity, and act to make your life better. The Fenwicks promote joy both in theory and in practice- they sing and perform with the joy they preach". 

-G. Murray Thomas, The Independent


"The Fenwicks' show is a heady mixture of brilliant and extreme original music and impromptu community theater. They have created a striking blend of unpredictable rock that's something akin to Bob Dylan doing heavy metal accompanied by Monty Python. This package pounds with all the subtlety of a train crash, yet moves with the grace of synchronized swimmers in intricate cooperation. Expect anything and everything from the Fenwicks." -October Micha, PLAYERS MAGAZINE


"Live, the band is like a mummenschantz of choreography - a 22nd century three ring circus of the mind. The Fenwicks defy all expectation." Leslie Marini, FLORIDA EXPOSURE  


"America's only Afro-Celtic Yiddish Ska band is like Oingo Boingo on steroids... shifting seamlessly from circus music to booty shaking third wave ska at it's best. With an insane, hysterical, vaudevillian stage show, deranged lyrics and a frenzied assault on everything sacred, The Fenwicks will not disappoint". 

-Skratch Magazine


What separates your work from other people's, what's the philosophy behind the music? 

   Duke Ellington said there's really only two kinds of music "Good" and "Bad" and me personally, I'm inspired by all of it- from Rachmaninoff to The Ramones. As for philosophy? I was/am deeply influenced by many of the ideas of Aristotle, Nietzsche and Ayn Rand. How did Rand sum up her philosophy? Heck, I'll just quote her: "My philosophy, in essence, is the concept of man as a heroic being, with his own happiness as the moral purpose of his life, with productive achievement as his noblest activity, and reason as his only absolute." I share that philosophy, with all it implies. And so as an American/Aristotelian/Atheist/Secular Humanist/Individualist/libertarian/Objectivist/Zionist I think I do have a semi-sui generis take on things :) 

   Musically: As an "Afro-Celtic Yiddish Ska" band, a sort of "ska-funk-folk-punk amalgamation"-  back when we were starting out, there weren't as many bands that were musical hybrids in the way we were. Maybe we were slightly before our time in that sense? To loosely paraphrase Nietzsche: Some bands are born posthumously.


What's your most memorable experience, nurturing The Fenwicks into creation?   

   The following story is so strange that even I have a hard time believing it. Alas, what you are about to hear is 4,000 per cent true: So Jimmie Corrieri and I were drama students at New York University's Tisch School of the Arts when we started playing together as an experimental acoustic duo in the East Village. We were both roommates with actor Philip Seymour Hoffman and we had this demented little theater company together with Phil and the director Bennett Miller (Capote, Moneyball). Bennett was our first manager & videographer in fact, but I'll get to that in a minute. Junior Year I go abroad to study at Hebrew University in Jerusalem. And while I'm out there I decide to form a little punk band called "Traif" (which means "unkosher" in Yiddish).  I went by the moniker (that I stole from comedian Bobby Slayton)- "Yid Vicious". One night in Jerusalem, we play at a Battle of the Bands, and the Judge in the contest is one Mr. Artimus Pyle, the drummer of the great Lynyrd Skynyrd ("Freebird", "Sweet Home Alabama" etc). Artimus was in Israel studying at a Yeshiva, believe it or not, and his son Chris was in a rival band called "China Black". His youngest boy Marshall was with him as well. I was a loon onstage that night and I think Artimus was maybe impressed with my.... shtick. We talked and then went our separate ways. Now here's where it gets kinda-sorta unbelievable. Flash-forward 3 years. Jim and I have graduated from NYU and there I am working the graveyard shift as a Bell-Boy at the Omni Park Central hotel across from Carnegie Hall when the Lynyrd Skynyrd tour bus pulls in. Totally random. What are the chances? Statistically incalculable. Artimus hops off the bus with his son Marshall and they recognize me, despite the bell-boy regalia: "Yid Vicious, what the hell are you doing here?!" This is 3 years and 6,000 miles away from Jerusalem. Destiny? Fate? Coincidence? You decide! Anyway, I immediately call Jim and tell him to come to the hotel with a copy of this brand new black and white video Bennett had directed for our single "Another Deadly Mother". You can still see this video on YouTube:


   We hand Artimus and Marshall our video. Total long-shot. But two weeks later we get a call from Artimus. He's quitting Skynyrd and he wants to fly Jim and I down to Jacksonville to put a band together. This is insane of course. I'm a 25 year old bell-boy. Artimus was in one of the biggest bands on the planet: Lynyrd Skynyrd--America's Rolling Stones. "Never the two shall meet". But we did. Artimus flies Jim and I down to Jacksonville and there waiting for us, are 14 hand-picked musicians for our new band. Three full drum kits: one for Artimus, one for his son Chris and one for Ken Nasta. 3 back-up singers. Artimus says: "I got us a gig two days from now". I'm thinking, uh, ok, it'll be some little blues bar somewhere. But nope. It's opening up for Billy Squier and Foreigner in Jacksonville's Metro Park in front of 15,000 people. So in 2 days with only 2 rehearsals we transform, and go from being this acoustic folk duo into a 17-piece Afro-Celtic Yiddish Ska band. We created a genre overnight.  


How do you feel about the World's current condition? 

   I think the world is in danger of slipping into a New Dark Ages. No joke. In every area of thought you find every form of Irrationalism: Religious Fundamentalism on the one side and postmodern Nihilism on the other. It is ideas which move history, fundamental philosophical ideas about the nature of Reality, the efficacy of the human mind, the means of acquiring and validating objective knowledge, the moral purpose of man's life, the ideal structure of human society. All this should be the role of the philosophers. The job of the intellectuals and the artists should be to help guide us to a new Renaissance. Yet who is left defending the legacy of the Enlightenment other than a handful of Objectivists? 

Your views on Humanitarian work?  

   To me, there is nothing more humanitarian than teaching an individual that he or she owns his or her own life, and that his or her job is to discover what constitutes their own happiness and to pursue it wholeheartedly.  It is only a fully free society that allows a person to do that. And so all that makes this possible is the very essence of Humanism. On that note: I'm a firm believer that ultimately the human mind is the source of all values- everything we love and cherish. Our mind is our essential tool of survival. But "how" to use our minds, that knowledge is not automatic. Nothing is more important than teaching Reason, Logic, and Critical Thinking. These skills are not innate, and in terms of the alleviation of poverty and human suffering, nothing is more important. Nothing works like Human Reason and Freedom. Nothing has allowed mankind to rise more than Reason and Liberty. And that is what Mankind needs most: teaching children not what to think but how to think;  how to reason from observed evidence, how to live consciously, rationally, self-responsibly, purposefully, productively, and assertively-- with integrity, independence, honesty, justice and pride. What in the world could be more important? 

What's next for The Fenwicks? What's next for Stevie?       


   The other half of my life is acting. I just appeared in the SyFy network's TV movie Blast Vegas playing a renegade bell-boy named "Carl" across from Malcolm in the Middle’s Frankie Muniz. In the recently released horror-thriller 5 Souls I play Satan himself, and next month I can be seen playing punk-legend Dee Dee Ramone of The Ramones in the movie CBGB across from Alan Rickman. (That one is especially surreal in that, not only was the very first Fenwick gig at CBGB, our CD release parties were at CBGB, and a chunk of the CBGB stage is still lodged in my back-side.) I guess I've come full-circle on celluloid! Crazy how the world works. As a screenwriter, I spent the last three years researching and writing the first authorized screen adaptation of the Nobel Peace Prize recipient and former Israeli Prime Minster Menachem Begin's autobiography The Revolt and the proverbial powers that be are trying to raise money for that film now. Also a few years ago Edward James Olmos and the director Robert M. Young came to see a play I starred in called The Accomplices about Holocaust rescuer Hillel Kook (aka "Peter Bergson"). Edward optioned the rights for the film version of the play, and that too is in the financing stage.

   As for what's next musically? With Jimmie Corrieri's passing this past August, obviously that ends The Fenwicks. The loss for me is... well, there's no way I know how to communicate it. It's been devastating in 1,000 ways. In that regard, I'd like to point people to an incredible tribute written about Jimmie by the music critic Jeff Falk:


And Jimmie's last radio interview here:


   For now, my new musical home is with my West Coast band HaSkaLA. That band too is on a semi-hiatus (as I'm right in the midst of trying to write my very first stage play), but as long as I breathe I will be writing songs in my head, and unleashing them on the world. So beware! I guess it's just the way my mind processes experience. It's the way I can best express my perspective and defend my most sacred values- all's whilst (hopefully) making you dance!


-For Info on The Fenwicks:

On Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/thefenwicks

On iTunes: http://www.itunes.com/thefenwicks

On YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/thefenwicks

On Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/thefenwicks

-For Info on HaSkaLA:

On Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/haskala

On iTunes: http://www.itunes.com/haskala

On YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/haskalamusic

On Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/haskalamusic

-For Info on Steven Schub in Film & Television:


On IMDB: http://www.imdb.me/stevenschub

On YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/stevenschub

And on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/stevenschub

Wed Sep 25 '13 12:17 pm
Um, which cast member of "CBGB" the Movie actually played at CBGB in real-life (and may even still have a chunk of the stage lodged in his tuches)?
Thu Aug 15 '13 1:06 pm
In honor of Jimmie on KXSC Radio Tonight...
In honor of Jimmie, tonight Thursday August 15th from 6-8pm, KXSC Radio (1560 AM in Los Angeles) will be replaying in its entirety a November 2002 interview with Jimmie and me, conducted in the bathroom of Arlene Grocery NYC upon the release of "Truth & Memory". Special Thanks to Barry "The Bear" Levine & The Bear's Den. Listen live at:


Thu Aug 15 '13 11:07 am
Jim's Memorial Service...
Thank you all for your words of love for Jimmie. A memorial service will be held in Jacksonville, Florida on Saturday, August 24 at 11am at Avondale United Methodist Church 1651 Talbot Avenue Jacksonville, FL 32205.

Respect & Condolences can be sent to: Trudy, Jacomo & Abraham Corrieri. 3859 Herschel Street Jacksonville, FL 32205... His voice & guitar in our ears forever.

-Jim's favorite Fenwick song "Pastel Pain":


-My favorite Jimmie song: "Your Life" words/music & sung by Jimmie Corrieri:


Wed Aug 14 '13 7:53 pm
Jimmie Corrieri: In Memoriam.
A beautiful tribute to Jimmie's artistry by music journalist Jeffrey Falk:



Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Jimmie Corrieri: In Memoriam

Jimmie Corrieri was one of a kind, and he helped found a one-of-a-kind band. He died last night. Like too many musicians and composers (sung and relatively unsung), he left us too soon, perhaps in his prime, but we still have the sui generis songs (integrations of learned lyrics and infectious rhythms) that he composed and impeccably performed.

A few decades ago (around the time that the vinyl age ebbed and the digital age flowed), at New York University, the young guitarist and composer met the incomparable vocalist and lyricist (and actor) Steven Schub. I was not fortunate enough to witness this monumental meeting of the minds (a fellow actor of Schub’s of some renown apparently was), but I would imagine their paring and partnership was as ineluctable as hydrogen and oxygen atoms combining to form water molecules. It is incontestable that, soon enough, the two had formed The Fenwicks [“the world’s greatest (albeit only) Afro-Celtic-Yiddish ska band”]). Within a few years (i.e., in 1994), with the support of Lynyrd Skynrd’s Artimus Pyle and other impressed industry luminaries, The Fenwicks released a debut disc, Member of No Tribe, on Guitar Acoustics (the label imprint of Guitar, a.k.a. Guitar for the Practicing Musician magazine). It the title were not a dead giveaway, quotes from Ayn Rand and Victor Hugo adorned the disc’s liner notes, as well as this mission statement:

“The Fenwicks are an idea … hopefully its time has come. The idea is basically this—The Fenwicks are an acoustic duo, expanded into a 6-man ska-funk-folk-punk amalgamation, with a self-imposed mission. The mission? To create a sound as of yet unheard, one that can provoke the primal in you as well as the intellectual, to actually make you think and dance simultaneously, to put a thought in your head and a fire in your loins in one auditory swop. To that end and for that purpose, here are a collection of songs that should keep you fueled and fighting for a lifetime. Ultimately and obviously though, the songs have to speak for themselves, so we’ll just hush up now and let ‘em speak, shriek, scream and squeal….

“Obsessively and compulsively, in blood and fire,

“Steven Schub Jimmie Corrieri

“p/k/a The Fenwicks”

The duo’s notes speak for themselves, but to expound: The Fenwicks and their boisterous-but-serious songs are equal parts erudition and ecstasy, profundity and physicality, mind and body. The band hypostasizes the integration of mind and body in a culture in which they are nearly universally sundered (as much as it is possible to flout a law of metaphysics). While both songwriting partners necessarily embodied (and emminded) both halves of their mind-body whole, Corrieri’s deft-but-often-understated, puissant open chords often served as the organic, accessible “body” to Schub’s “mind.” His propulsive, sometimes percussive, rhythmic acoustic attack (he often did attack those strings on stage, where they were often electric) was the galvanizing get-up-and-go that undoubtedly went a long way in rousing the less inhibited Fenwicks fans to dance, “skank,” and shimmy. Corrieri rarely took a solo, but, with his adroit, complex approach to rhythms and chord progressions, he turned the dying art of rhythm guitar into a form of soloing.

Due the busy schedules of the various members (and, likely, other factors), it took seven years to follow up Member of No Tribe. I wasn’t there, either, but I’m sure the shibboleth about “being worth the wait” applies. Eudamonia (Flip-Dog Discs) is named after Aristotle’s conception of integrated mental and physical health (or, happiness on Earth—as opposed to happiness postponed and tailored for his mentor Plato’s World of Forms). It lives up to its name. One of the reasons it lives up to its name is Jimmie Corrieri. This time, he wrote lyrics to and sang a song: “Your Life.” (His recorded voice has a direct and gentle quality. This Fenwicks aficionado hopes to hear a live recording of the song someday.)

Eudamonia is all well and good, but eudemonia (at least as a Fenwicks fan) is not attained without live Fenwicks. I had the privilege to see them live (and heard their music for the very first time) at Hollywood’s Club Lingerie ten years ago.

In these years of monotony (and worse), most rock bands have degenerated into such facelessness and homogeneity that the individual members of Pink Floyd seem like paragons of personality and uniqueness. Normally, Steven Schub would provide enough for an entire band, but The Fenwicks (not a normal band) didn’t need him for that. Jimmie Corrieri’s typical (for him) suit and tie and constant, infectious smile were enough. Jettisoning his studio acoustic for a gorgeous electric Rickenbacker (see the video below), he helped bring many of the songs from Eudamonia to more vivid life with the same enthusiastic physicality (palpable on stage) that is almost visible on the recordings: a meta-eudamonia. Corrieri’s dulcet, ringing use of all six strings provided a more musical sound that many of today’s “nü metal” and grunge bands bludgeon out of their own cacophonous, droning, enervating racket. But Corrieri’s axe, by contrast, was always colorful. The sonic palette was broadened by the propulsive polyrhythms of the rhythm section (bassist Ed Richardson and drummer Ken Nasta) and the horn section (“The Horn Dogs”). As I have noted before, I try to avoid the personal pratfalls of subjectivity when writing about live music, but, sometimes, nothing else quite substitutes. I walked into Club Lingerie that night my usual isolated, taciturn, morose, glowering self. By the time the frontman extracted his bright orange radiation helmet at the dawn of "My Luck," I was grinning like an Eloi philistine on his way to a new Wes Anderson film. ("My Luck" has a haunting, bittersweet punchline that should be saved for another day.) By (the epistemological) “Desert Rat,” I think I was even dancing (by my definition, anyway). When the lights came up, I was talking again. (Actually, I was asking manager Jonathan Boyer for the setlist below.) I was a fan for life. If anyone in the audience wasn’t, I would have checked his pulse. And for those who were not there (or never saw them), they were selling their then-new live album Truth & Memory (Flip Dog Discs: recorded the previous year, 2002, at Arlene Grocery in New York). I promptly bought one from Jonathan Boyer. (Alas: seven more years would pass before I would make the acquaintance of one of the performers.)

Jimmie Corrieri and The Fenwicks never received anywhere near the respect and approbation they earned and commanded (he and they are, in many ways, a ska analogue of a certain melodiousmetal band with a monumental guitarist and composer who also died far too soon). But they did attract a devoted following of discerning music fans. And their work survives, and you should obtain it and listen to it (and, if you are so inclined, dance) if you have not already. On those three albums (and especially on Truth & Memory), Jimmie Corrieri lives.

Wed Aug 14 '13 11:54 am
Rest in Peace Jimmie Corrieri...
It is with great sadness that I share this news... Last night, after a long struggle, Jimmie Corrieri passed away. Father of Jacomo and Abraham, Husband of Trudy, Brother of Daniel, co-founder of The Fenwicks, he was my other-half for over 20 years. He was a monumental force in every way. His memory and his music will live on... Jimmie's last interview on the Key West "Soundman from Hell Show" below:


Sat Jun 29 '13 11:25 am
3 Schub Flicks Headed Your Way (whether ya likes it or not :)...
Shalom & Aloha Comrades! Your Schubieshake hither. Hope this missive finds

ye smiling & well! Speaking of smiling... 3 Brand New Schub flicks are

headed to your screens both large and small!

-1) Thursday July 18th 9pm on the Syfy Network, it's Schub vs. "Malcom in

the Middle" as I harass Mr. Frankie Muniz in a cameo appearance as "Carl"

the Marauding Bell-Boy in "Blast Vegas" directed by Jack Perez. (Please

check them local listings).

-2) Then on August 6th (or should I say, rather: August "666") it's Schub

as Satan himself in the horror-thriller "5 Souls" directed by Brett


"5 Souls" Trailer hither:

"5 Souls" Trailer


And an Even Bigger Taste of my Devilish Demonic-ness thither:


3) And Premiering in October? This Schub does punk-god DeeDee Ramone of

The Ramones in "CBGB" the Movie! Making it's World Premiere at the CBGB

Music Festival Oct. 10th-13th in NYC (and in Theaters Worldwide

thereabouts as well). Directed by Randall Miller and starring Mr. Alan


-Wiffwuvanwowwiepops, Irredeemably,

Yer Shake


Home of Steven Schub:


Schub on Twitter:


Tue Mar 05 '13 3:42 pm
Damnatio Memoriae. "Free Venezuela"...
Damnatio Memoriae. The Fenwicks re-tweak The Specials. "Free Venezuela":


Tue Mar 05 '13 3:42 pm
Damnatio Memoriae. "Free Venezuela"...
Damnatio Memoriae. The Fenwicks re-tweak The Specials. "Free Venezuela":


Thu Jan 17 '13 10:47 am
Bela Lugosi, Ed Wood and... The Fenwicks?
Bela Lugosi, Ed Wood and.... The Fenwicks? Jesus! (Oh. Wait. He's there too.)

Duh 'Wix make Joyce Underwood's "First Person Narrative":



Your Fenwicks on Twitter:


Your Schub on Twitter:


Mon Aug 06 '12 8:34 pm
Schub's Interview with Sarah Saturday in "The EIY Handbook"...
"Love your life. Make it an adventure. Recognize & realize just how lucky you are to know what you love to do, and to have a band to do it with. Have honor & reverence for your art, for your craft, for your friends, for yourself."

-Steven Schub of The Fenwicks as interviewed by Sarah Saturday for "The EIY Handbook".

Excerpts hither:

Sarah Saturday Interviews Steven Schub for "The EIY Handbook"

-Full handbook & text thither:

The EIY Handbook

Tue Jun 05 '12 09:11 am
Schub-ee is "DeeDee" in "CBGB"! (So says the "Hollywood Reporter" so I guess I ain't dreamin'!)
Hey! Ho! Your very own Schub-ee will be playing the role of "DeeDee Ramone" of

The Ramones alongside Alan Rickman in the movie "CBGB"!

It's in today's Hollywood Reporter- so I guess I ain't dreamin!!! Dig it:


Fitting perhaps/perchance? 'Cuz we Fenwicks played CB's maybe 13

times back-in-the-proverbial-day, and I think still have a sliver of the stage

lodged in my backside!

To quote Dee Dee: "Thank you Dee Dee!!!!!!"

Mon Feb 20 '12 5:52 pm
The Fenwicks "You, Me & Heresy"- Tied for Top Valentine's Song by CDBaby!
CDBaby (The World's Largest Distributor of Independent Music) Awards The Fenwicks "You, Me & Heresy" Top Valentine's Song! (see below)...

-Hear it/watch it here:


-And buy it here:


"If our love's heresy, God bless our heresy"...


CDBaby (2/21/12):

Thanks again to everyone who submitted songs for our Valentine's Day Contest last week, we had a ton of awesome entries! Six winners have been chosen and they will each receive a free album submission from CD Baby (http://www.cdbaby.com/)! Both staff votes and “likes” were considered when choosing these 6 winners (in alphabetical order):

-The Fenwicks: You Me and Heresy


Richard Gilbert: Nothin’ But A Dream


Rachel Kays: My Answer


Precyse: When I See You


Leif Sundin: Steal Your Love


JC Van Luyn (submitted by May Elizabeth): Will You Be Mine



-On behalf of all the freaky Fenwicks: Thank you CDBaby! You are a bastion of integrity, with hearts (and um, ears) of solid gold! -p.s. And it has to be said: there were all sorts of heart-stopping songs submitted, so we are all the more honored to have been among them! Love & respect to all who create!

-For more frequent updates, find yer Fenwicks on Facebook unt Twitter...

-Fenwicks' Facebook:


-Fenwicks' Twitter:



p.s. what the hell.... while we're at it:

-Fenwick's YouTube:


-Fenwicks' iTunes too:


Fri Sep 30 '11 3:29 pm
Fenwicks on Facebook (unt Twitter)...
For more frequent updates, find yer Fenwicks on Facebook unt Twitter...

-Fenwicks' Facebook:


-Fenwicks' Twitter:



p.s. what the hell.... while we're at it:

-Fenwick's YouTube:


-Fenwicks' iTunes too:


Fri Mar 04 '11 10:00 am
The Sum of All Schub (in 76 Seconds)...

From Terrorist to Teetotaler in 76 seconds...

(Circa March 2011.)

Wed Mar 02 '11 5:29 pm
A Fenwick Plays Phil Ochs!
In honor & homage to the Phil Ochs documentary opening Friday:

Yer very own Schubieshake as protest singer Phil Ochs in the forthcoming film "The Chicago 8" starring Gary Cole and Danny Masterson directed by Pinchas Perry.

Clip #1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y8vnJNGbU9o

Clip #2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J51gkV8EUkw

For info on "Phil Ochs: There But For Fortune" see:


and what the hell... as bouncin' baby bonus: Schub flirts with futility (and Dawn Olivieri) mere moments before flesh-eating "Dozers" kick in the door. From the movie "Dozers" written & directed by Don Adams & Harry James Picardi. At your doorstep Fall 2011!


Fri Jan 21 '11 11:49 pm
The Fenwicks "Free Venezuela" on Sunday!
Protest? This Sunday, January 23, 1:00pm. Federal Building 11000 Wilshire Blvd, LA 90024.

Soundtrack? The Fenwicks: "Free Venezuela"


Our cover version of The Specials ska classic "Free Nelson Mandela" (lyrics revamped by a certain freedom-wuvin' Fenwick)

Produced by Human Rights Foundation.

Wiffwuvanwowwiepops, Duh 'Wix



Sun Jan 16 '11 3:07 pm
It's finally come to this: The Fenwicks Ringtones! (run! Run!! RUN!!!)
Scare off the Feds, your Mom, and any debt-collectors with your very own Fenwick ring-tone!

Available now at:


Mon Nov 08 '10 08:09 am
The Fenwicks: Pandemic!
Hey! Dig it! We 'Wix are on Pandora! Don't think I knew that (danks Trevino!)


To quote Friedrich (yet again): "Some men are born posthumously."

Substitute "band" for "men", and welp, there you have it: The Fenwicks!

"New Ears for New Music."

Take it away, Freddy:

"This book (band) belongs to the most rare of men. Perhaps not one of them is yet alive. It is possible that they may be among those who understand my "Zarathustra": how could I confound myself with those who are now sprouting ears?

-First the day after tomorrow must come for me. Some men are born posthumously.

The conditions under which any one understands me, and necessarily understands me- I know them only too well.

Even to endure my seriousness, my passion, he must carry intellectual integrity to the verge of hardness. He must be accustomed to living on mountain tops-and to looking upon the wretched gabble of politics and nationalism as beneath him. He must have become indifferent; he must never ask of the truth whether it brings profit to him or a fatality to him... He must have an inclination, born of strength, for questions that no one has the courage for; the courage for the forbidden; predestination for the labyrinth. The experience of seven solitudes. New ears for new music. New eyes for what is most distant. A new conscience for truths that have hitherto remained unheard. And the will to economize in the grand manner--to hold together his strength, his enthusiasm...

Reverence for self; love of self; absolute freedom of self.....

Very well, then! of that sort only are my readers, my true readers, my readers foreordained: of what account are the rest?"


Mon Aug 23 '10 11:36 am
Available Now! For the First Time Ever! The Fenwicks' Very First Single: The Acoustic Duo Version of "Member of No Tribe"! Never released, never seen the light of day! Until Today!
The 7" Vinyl Single "Member of No Tribe" (now an MP3), recorded before we were a "band", before we were "Ska". Just two young acoustic punks, making merry...

Get it Now! Get it Here:



"The Fenwicks are not normal. They are a band with a message: enjoy one's life! The songs ask you to live with integrity, love with sincerity, and act to make your life better. The Fenwicks promote joy both in theory and in practice- they sing and perform with the joy they preach".

-G. Murray Thomas, The Independent

Member of No Tribe. Words by Steven Schub. Music by Jimmie Corrieri. Produced by Stephen X. Popkin.

Member of No Tribe:

I've yet to find the Man who can rectify this Land.

I've yet to see a sign of a Great One up above.

I've yet to find salvation from a baby blown in two.

I've yet to find the girl who can take me home to sing...

It all has been distorted and the whole thing's been reported.

To the safety of civility we crawl off into bed.

Excess replaced the possible.Objective disappeared.

Pop replaced the True, now I will replace you, to sing...

I ain't no member, no member of no tribe.

Just let me twist slowly in the wind.

The Messiah will soon be coming- to Las Vegas, place your bets.

We wait to see Elvis rise-up from the dead.

As I look between your thighs I see candy-coated lies.

Tell me, can you tell me, was it worth this song? And sing:

Member of No Tribe.


"Fiercely original. The Fenwicks are today's postmodern Mothers ofInvention. Pathfinding songwriters with visionary ideas, up there withthe best of the best... It's big, bold, and mind-blowing".


"The Fenwicks' show is a heady mixture of brilliant and extreme original music and impromptu community theater. They have created a striking blend of unpredictable rock that's something akin to Bob Dylan doing heavy metal accompanied by Monty Python. Expect anything and everything from The Fenwicks."


"Both live and on disc, these merry tunesters, churn out a quirky, angular mix of folk-rock, funk, ska and manic energy that's pulled along, kicking and screaming all the way, by Schub's satiric, hyperactive lead vocals. The combination really clicks for some high octane pop."


"The Fenwicks are iconoclasts who put the happiest of mediums to work for them. The songs sparkle with Jimmie Corrieri's jangly folk rock guitar. The combination is perfect. As the guiding light of The Fenwicks, Schub is a found object in a monumental work of calculation. He is at once raconteur, misunderstood literate and off-in-the-corner performance artist. Far-removed from today's power-chord posturing, Schub is the "Rage against the Machismo", and his shtick seems destined to become a new art form. The Fenwicks blast off and then intoxicate".

-Arvid Smith, FOLIO WEEKLY

Mon Jun 21 '10 12:05 am
The Fenwicks Declare: "Summer of Love (Part Deuce)"!
All-Hail & Aloha Fen-Heads & 'Wick-heads!

The Fenwicks are proud to announce that we've just sealed our Music

Publishing deal with New York's "LoveCat Music"!


Hence we here in Kibbutz Fenwick officially declare today to be: Not

merely the first day of Summer, but The First Day of the "Summer of Love

(Part Deuce)". What does this mean? Two things: Go make love! All done?

(Great. Now my keyboard's all sticky.) Next it means that before too/too

long you should be hearing we Fenwicks on the air somewhere! Stay tuned.

And speaking of hearing The Fenwicks, why haven't you of late? Fabulous

question Comrade!

We 'Wix are presently on a semi-extended sabbatical, albeit a working

sabbatical as it were.

Jimmie's been writing and recording on his own. Dig it:


And me? I've got a brand new West Coast Ska band called "HaSkaLA". Our

debut CD "Untethered & Undone" was released last week and you can buy it

online at:


Or from iTunes at:


Or buy it Ol' Skool style, from an actual real-live human being, at Amoeba

Music in Hollywood and/or Headline Records on Melrose in Los Angeles.

-For fun ya can download our first single "Obscene Love-Machine Supreme"

for free from Fuse.Tv here:


-HaSkaLA is also playing the Ska Stage on this Summer's Vans Warped Tour

starting this coming Friday June 25th at the Home Depot Center in L.A. and

then on to:

-Saturday June 26th at the Shoreline Amphitheatre in San Francisco

-Sunday June 26th at Seaside Park in Ventura


-Tuesday August 10th the Cricket Amphitheatre in San Diego

Tickets on sale now at:


You can find out more about "HaSkaLA" on Facebook:


And follow HaSkaLA on Twitter:



And believe it or not we 'Wix are tweeting now too! (Scary World)...




Wishing you all a Summer of love, Love, LOVE and um, other things too...


Ska'd for Life,

Schubieshake & The Life-Luvin' Freedom-Fightin' Fenwicks!


Fri May 21 '10 3:44 pm
Brand New(-ish ) Fenwicks Tunes on iTunes Now!
Schubieshake of Duh 'Wix hither! I am beyond slap-happy to announce, that as of this very second, 4 previously unreleased brand new(-ish) Fenwick tunes are available on iTunes now!

Go to:


There you will find these four new songs:

1) "Begging For The Bullet" - (The World's Only Sing-a-Long Ballad about a "Senile Avenging Jewish Werewolf", and what I kinda humbly consider lyrically the best thing I ever wrote).

2) "Devil's Den" ("Too Dumb To Die")- A danceable ditty, (in the classic Two-Tone ska style), about true love & zombie hunting.

3) "Sleep Tight"- A vicious little break-up lullaby. With a guest vocal by global Dancehall Diva, the ever exquisite Madelin Zero...

4) And finally, "Preeminent Domain"- An Anti-Eminent Domain Anthem in the Battle For Private Property Rights.

May your life be Sun-lit & Ska-filled!


Yer Schubieshake & The Fun-Luvin' Free-Luvin' Freedom Fighting Fenwicks

Mon May 03 '10 07:43 am
Your Fenwicks: "A Worldwide Skaplosion of Epic Proportions... the pinnacle of do not miss showmanship".
The Fenwicks Hit the "Radioactive State"! Dig the Podcast via the link attached. Excerpted below:

"The Fenwicks appear here with written permission of and many thanks to Steve Schub and Jim Corrieri. If you get a chance to see these guys perform in any format, take it. That said, when their musical wonder-twin powers connect in a worldwide skasplosion of epic proportions with The Fenwicks, it is the pinnacle of do not miss showmanship. Trust me on this".

(Radioactive said it, not me)...

xoxo, Schubieshake & Yer 'Wix


Sun Apr 04 '10 1:23 pm
Happy Everything! The State of Ska & The Birth of "HaSkaLA"!
Slap-Happy Easter/Passover & Vernal Equinox 'Wick-heads-

Hope this missive finds y'all smiling, springy unt sprung!

-On dat note, this interview just in from our old Brewtown Comrades/Ska-mrades, "The Invaders" on the State of Ska, and a certain Schubieshake flying their checkerboard freak-flag in the film "Somewhere In the City".



-And in other new, for any and all of ya Fen-heads out here on the West Coast...

Come bear witness! The Birth of "HaSkaLA"! My new L.A.-based Ska band! And just like a real child birth, this will be profound, glorious, life-altering, (danceable) and bloody!

Thursday April 15th 8:30pm sharp at Molly Malones (575 South Fairfax Avenue just above Wilshire Blvd. Zip is 90036)

Tickets are 8 bucks at the door.

For more info go to:


Or find us on Facebook at:


And the actual evite hither:



Ska'd for Life,

And Fenwick-ian Forever,

Yer Schubieshake

Tue Mar 23 '10 2:55 pm
"Hunter Gatherers" Gathers a "Best Ensemble" Award! And Schub (& my new band "HaSkaLA") at Molly Malone's Thursday April 15th 8:30pm!
Dig it Corazones!

"Hunter Gatherers" the pitch black comedy, I was both sodomized in last year (Act One) and then slaughtered in (Act Two), won a "Best Ensemble" Award last night at the Los Angeles Drama Critics Circle Awards:


Apparently erotic asphyxiation pays (aesthetically speaking)...

All respect to the demented genius of playwright Peter Sinn Nachtrieb, director Damaso Rodriguez, and all the krazy kats at the Furious Theatre Company!

p.s. Mark your calendars & tattoo it on your tushies: Thursday April 15th at 8:30pm sharp- the Intergalactic World Premiere of my new LA-based ska band "HaSkaLA" at Molly Malone's- 575 South Fairfax Ave. (just above Wilshire Blvd.) Los Angeles, CA 90036)...

Not only will this be our first (and only) show before this Summer's Vans Warped Tour, it's our first show anywhere, for anyone- ever!

Wanna make the stakes even higher? Okey-doke!

How's dis: Um, we don't have time to go into the studio before the Warped Tour, so we'll actually be recording the show- mixing it, mastering it and viola- our debut CD!





Unrefinedly your Schubieshake


Find "HaSkaLA" on Facebook and the Web:


Fri Mar 05 '10 09:36 am
Fenwicks on Facebook!
-Yer Fenwicks on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/thefenwicks

-Yer Schubieshake's spankin' new L.A.-based Ska band "HaSkaLA" on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/haskala

-The Intergalactic/Multidimensional/Quadrophonic/Hydroponic Premiere of "HaSkaLA" live at Molly Malone's Thursday April 15th 8:30pm sharp:


-And dig dis Ha-Heads! "HaSkaLA" on this Summer's Vans Warped Tour: http://www.vanswarpedtour.com/warpedtour/band.asp?xid=24360

Ska'd for life,


Fri Feb 19 '10 1:05 pm
This Update Brought to You By The Number "49,382" and the Letter "F"!
Ola & Shalom Corzaones! Dig dis! We just received word from Chime Interactive that in the year 2009 over 49,382 individual humanoids downloaded free music brewed by yer very own Fenwicks- over 11,000 downloads in October alone! (Not too shabby for a bunch of unsigned Underground Underdogs on temporary sabbatical, eh?) We aim to beat dat number in 2010! So come get yours at:


Or what the heck, pay for it and support your ramen-fueled Ska-rtists at:


In other neat-o news: It's official, my brand spankin new LA-based ska band "HaSkaLA" is up and posted on the Vans Warped Tour site. Take a gander:


And peruse the blantantly biased bio below!

Inexusably, Yer Schubieshake


So what is "HaSkaLA"? Valid question Comrade! Haskala means "the Enlightenment" in Hebrew, and that's just what this brand spankin' new L.A.-based ska band aims to do: illuminate your mind, set fire to your soul- and most importantly do it all while making you dance! Frontman Steven Schub summarizes the choice of band name thusly: "Let's see, ya got the sound of laughter- "Ha", the word "Ska" snuck in there, and our home city of L.A. HaSkaLA is all about all three- laughter, ska and bringing joy, mirth & madness to the City of Angels". Though HaSkaLA is merely months old, they are well on their way to accomplishing this self-imposed merry mission. In point of fact, some have already deemed HaSkaLA a sort of "ska supergroup". Lead singer and lyricist Steven Schub comes from the 10-piece "Afro-Celtic Yiddish Ska" band, The Fenwicks- a band that played the Vans Warped Tour in 2005, has 3 nationally released critically acclaimed CDs to it's credit, and has toured with ska legends The Selecter, as well as "brother band" Big D and The Kids Table. Schub's "day-job" is as a working actor in TV & Film, having starred in over 15 feature films and everything from the hit show "24" to yes, "Sesame Street". But when talking about the line-up in "HaSkaLA" that's just the beginning! Curtis "Secret Weapon" Politt (Guitar/Vocals) has been a professional vocalist and musician for over ten years, working with such musical projects as "Benchmark", "Stock Autopilot", and a brief stint in "Digital Vampyro". "Supa" Dave Mastas (Guitar) was plucked from the big band "BigAmy". "Jumpin' Jiven'" Julie Gibbs (Bass) graduated from Berklee College of Music, and has played in all sorts of assorted bands, including the No Doubt cover band "No Doi". On drums we have Gregg "El Groggster" Ginsburg: a native of Hollywood California, (standing at 6 feet nine inches tall). Gregg fuels the engine room with energy higher than his lengthy frame. On saxophone: Matthew Thompson. With a background rooted in jazz, Matt's versatility has taken him through many different genres and bands, with his most recent being the touring latin/reggae/rock band MANDORiCO. On trumpet, Danny Kay. Also an L.A. native and a fixture in the Los Angeles music scene, Danny's played in bands ranging from Mr.Ectomy to La Sonora Santanera, and ultimately with living legend legend Herbie Hancock himself. Lastly, but certainly not leastly, on the B3 keys and piano we find musician/comedian Brad Watson. Brad has played with Miranda Lee Richards, The F.O.C.K.R.S (Friends of Canter's Kibitz Room) and is a regular performer at The World Famous Comedy Store. So there you have it friends! Steeped in the best tradition of classic 2nd Wave Two-Tone ska, this family of spastics is guaranteed to make you sweat, and make you smile. HaSkaLA is here: Prepare to dance or die!

Fri Feb 12 '10 12:36 am
In Honor of "The Wolfman"? The Fenwicks "Begging for the Bullet"! In Honor of Valentine's Day? Schub's Heart Ripped-Out & Eaten by a Zombie!
Ahoy & Aloha Lovebirds & Blackbirds, Werewolves, Werewomen, Were-hermaphrodites & Were-um, whatevers!

Start Howling Comrades...In honor of today's release of the film remake of "The Wolfman", may I please present to you, arguably one of the Top Ten best songs ever written about a Senile Avenging Jewish Werewolf, The Fenwicks- "Begging for the Bullet": http://www.thefenwicks.com/BeggingfortheBullet.mp3

(Lyrics can be found below)...

-And in honor of Valentine's Day? Click to see yer lil' ol' Schubieshake's heart actually (not merely metaphorically) quite literally ripped-out, devoured and digested on YouTube! From the set of the film "Devil's Den":


p.s. Please note this here whack-job also has a brand new LA-based ska band as well! We're called "HaSkaLA" (yup, it means "The Enlightenment" in Hebrew) and we'll be playing all the Cali dates on this Summer's Vans Warped Tour (as well as at Molly Malone's in Los Angeles on Thursday April 15th at 8:30pm sharp). You can garner & glean all the dirty details on our Facebook page at:


Or at:


(which for now, also just ambulates you directly on over to our Facebook page)...

For all y'all in Love? Well bless your hearts! Honor it, preserve it, water it, and feed it- and have a passion-chocked V-Day!

For those on the mend? Hold holy your corazones & your highest hopes! Hasta la victoria, siempre!

In dubious battle, forever on the barricades,

In perpetual perpetuity & wiffwuvanwowwiepops,

Schubiedoo-wop & The Freedom Fightin' Fenwicks!

-----------And now... the lyrics to "Begging for the Bullet":

Words by Steven Schub Music by Jimmie Corrieri

Performed by The Fenwicks


I'll sing you my story, if you promise not to laugh-It's a song about a monster who's glory days are past. Once I terrorized the Polish countryside- Made grown men cry, my claws made women scream. My fangs were feared, now I'm forced to run from sheep. Yes, once I ate virgins, beauties were my prey, now when I attack, they say: "Doggie wants to play?"


Don't cry for me for I've killed too many-

Don't cry for me, monsters hate pity.

Begging for the bullet to take this old wolf down-

Begging for the bullet, the last werewolf in town.

It started in the Ghetto, no means to fight, an old Mystic Rebbe was there to shed some light. Reb said: "Nazis are coming, Boychick you're our only hope, go to the forest, get bitten by the Wolf."

The next full moon, I went and did the deed. Or should I say, the deed it done did me. At first it was great, I really must confess, an Avenging Jewish Werewolf, eating the SS. But the thing about a curse, it can not be reversed, it only gets worse, more and more perverse. And soon it wasn't just Nazis, I was eating my fellow Jews.


After the War, it was Commies I'd pursue, they taste just like Momma's chicken, but the Cold War's done now too. If I was a youngster, I might get Bin Laden, but this Old Wolf is having memory problems. Who am I? Why am I so frickin' hairy? That wolf in the mirror is so damn scary. Oh wait... That's me! Oy gevalt. Ya see?


Don't cry for me, for I've killed too many- Don't cry for me, monsters hate pity. Begging for the bullet to take this old wolf down- Begging for the bullet, the last werewolf in town. Begging for the bullet, Begging for the bullet, Begging....

Fri Feb 12 '10 12:36 am
In Honor of "The Wolfman"? The Fenwicks "Begging for the Bullet"! In Honor of Valentine's Day? Schub's Heart Ripped-Out & Eaten by a Zombie!
Ahoy & Aloha Lovebirds & Blackbirds, Werewolves, Werewomen, Were-hermaphrodites & Were-um, whatevers!

Start Howling Comrades...In honor of today's release of the film remake of "The Wolfman", may I please present to you, arguably one of the Top Ten best songs ever written about a Senile Avenging Jewish Werewolf, The Fenwicks- "Begging for the Bullet": http://www.thefenwicks.com/BeggingfortheBullet.mp3

(Lyrics can be found below)...

-And in honor of Valentine's Day? Click to see yer lil' ol' Schubieshake's heart actually (not merely metaphorically) quite literally ripped-out, devoured and digested on YouTube! From the set of the film "Devil's Den":


p.s. Please note this here whack-job also has a brand new LA-based ska band as well! We're called "HaSkaLA" (yup, it means "The Enlightenment" in Hebrew) and we'll be playing all the Cali dates on this Summer's Vans Warped Tour (as well as at Molly Malone's in Los Angeles on Thursday April 15th at 8:30pm sharp). You can garner & glean all the dirty details on our Facebook page at:


Or at:


(which for now, also just ambulates you directly on over to our Facebook page)...

For all y'all in Love? Well bless your hearts! Honor it, preserve it, water it, and feed it- and have a passion-chocked V-Day!

For those on the mend? Hold holy your corazones & your highest hopes! Hasta la victoria, siempre!

In dubious battle, forever on the barricades,

In perpetual perpetuity & wiffwuvanwowwiepops,

Schubiedoo-wop & The Freedom Fightin' Fenwicks!

-----------And now... the lyrics to "Begging for the Bullet":

Words by Steven Schub Music by Jimmie Corrieri

Performed by The Fenwicks


I'll sing you my story, if you promise not to laugh-It's a song about a monster who's glory days are past. Once I terrorized the Polish countryside- Made grown men cry, my claws made women scream. My fangs were feared, now I'm forced to run from sheep. Yes, once I ate virgins, beauties were my prey, now when I attack, they say: "Doggie wants to play?"


Don't cry for me for I've killed too many-

Don't cry for me, monsters hate pity.

Begging for the bullet to take this old wolf down-

Begging for the bullet, the last werewolf in town.

It started in the Ghetto, no means to fight, an old Mystic Rebbe was there to shed some light. Reb said: "Nazis are coming, Boychick you're our only hope, go to the forest, get bitten by the Wolf."

The next full moon, I went and did the deed. Or should I say, the deed it done did me. At first it was great, I really must confess, an Avenging Jewish Werewolf, eating the SS. But the thing about a curse, it can not be reversed, it only gets worse, more and more perverse. And soon it wasn't just Nazis, I was eating my fellow Jews.


After the War, it was Commies I'd pursue, they taste just like Momma's chicken, but the Cold War's done now too. If I was a youngster, I might get Bin Laden, but this Old Wolf is having memory problems. Who am I? Why am I so frickin' hairy? That wolf in the mirror is so damn scary. Oh wait... That's me! Oy gevalt. Ya see?


Don't cry for me, for I've killed too many- Don't cry for me, monsters hate pity. Begging for the bullet to take this old wolf down- Begging for the bullet, the last werewolf in town. Begging for the bullet, Begging for the bullet, Begging....

Mon Feb 01 '10 7:15 pm
Schub's New Ska Band "HaSkaLA" on the Ska stage of the Vans Warped Tour!
Ahoy Fen-heads & Wick-heads!

Schub hither- with some very merry musical news: Firstly, allow me to just preface this by saying The Fenwicks are alive & swell, and always will be. That said, I've been given the proverbial "green-light" by the proverbial "powers-that-be", to start a West Coast band. And so my good-people, I did! Please welcome into the World my new ska band: "HaSkaLA"!

Why "HaSkaLA" you ask? Valid question Comrade! It means "The Enlightenment" in Hebrew. And sheesh, it even has the sound of laughter in it- "Ha"- the word "Ska", and our home city "LA"- so why not "HaSkaLA"? Nu?

We aim to be all 4 of the aforementioned: enlightened, laughable, ska-diddley-icious, and LA's best (and/or most entertaining) new band- or/and some amalgamation thereof! And dig this Cavaleiros:

Today we found out we have been booked on the California leg of this Summer's Vans Warped Tour!

Thursday June 24th at the Cricket Amphitheater in San Diego, Friday June 25th at the Home Depot Center in Los Angeles, Saturday June 26th at the Shoreline Amphitheater in San Francisco, and Sunday June 27th at Seaside Park in Ventura... So Prepare to Dance or Die my Friends! HaSkaLA is here! No website yet, but we do have a Facebook page under construction- find us & friend us here now:



Schubieshake of The Fenwicks & now "HaSkaLA" to boot!

Tue Dec 08 '09 6:39 pm
Holidays Got Ya Feelin' Manic? Depressed? Fenwicks To The Rescue!
Merry Everything Fen-heads & 'Wick-heads!

Holidays got ya feelin' manic? Depressed? Fenwicks to the rescue!

From deep in our auditory vault, The Fenwicks' recently re-discovered and never before released version of Jimi Hendrix's "Manic Depression" with our founder & Godfather Lynyrd Skynyrd's very own Artimus Pyle on drums!

Dig it:


Have a Happy Hanukkah, a Chappy Chanukkah, a Ska-ppy Ska-nukkah, a Merry Christmas, a Kwazy Kwanza, a Rockin' Ramadan, a Salacious Solstice, and a Eudaimonic New Year Year!!


Schubieshake & The Deviously Festivious Fenwicks


Tue Nov 10 '09 1:54 pm
Happy B-Day Big Bird! Brought to you by The Fenwicks, the number "40" & the letter "F"!
Yup, yup! Today is Big Bird's 40th birthday! It was not so long ago (ok, maybe it was) that The Fenwicks' very own Steven Schub was being taught to read by Big Bird himself, as a Guest Star on a "very special" episode of Sesame Street.

'Tis true! In honor of the "Big B", here's the incontra-Bird-able evidence:

Clip One:


Clip Two:


Clip Three:


For the "collected works", dig:




In joy, mirth & joviality,

Schubieshake & the furry/funky/freaky Muppet-luvin' Fenwicks

Thu Nov 05 '09 10:46 am
"V" is for "Vendetta, "F" is for "Fenwick"-Happy November 5th!
Happy Guy Fawkes Day!

From our friends at the Motion Picture Institute- and in honor of the 5th of November:


"On November 5 of some not-so-distant year in England's future, the outlaw V hijacks the emergency broadcasting channel to address a nation living under brutal dictatorship. To honor Guy Fawkes--who nearly blew up the seat of government on November 5, 1605--V reminds a complacent audience that "words will always retain their power," that free speech is the greatest weapon against tyranny, and that those who trade liberty for a false security need only look in the mirror to see who is responsible for their oppression. Adapted from Alan Moore's graphic novel, V for Vendetta reminds us that when states curtail citizens' rights to protect them from the threats of disease, hunger, and terrorism—the real threat is the state itself".

And from your friends The Fenwicks- (and on that very note), I humbly submit to you, our anti-Eminent Domain anthem, "Preeminent Domain":



Preeminent Domain

Words & Music by Steven Schub Performed by The Fenwicks

Allow me to make it eminently clear- It's a free country Judge, or didn't you hear?

Facts are facts, and rights are rights

Take my land, and you take my life


So easy to give, when it ain't yours

So easy to take, what you didn't create

Nothing grows on trees but leaves, and if ya don't leave us free, that's all they'll be

All we want is to be left alone

From the Right and the Left, they invade our home


When did we fall asleep? When did we turn to sheep?

How did we get so dependent? How did we get so dumb?

Why did we let this happen? When did our Government become our master?

It's time to remember who we are

I hear you laughing, but it won't be funny

There's only so far you can push this Country

'Cause facts are still facts, and Rights are still Rights

Take our land and you take our life


It's upside down and inside out, but not for long, as you'll find out

It's upside down and inside out, but not for long as you'll find out

Wed Oct 28 '09 1:54 pm
Happy Ska-lloween from The Fenwicks!
Turn your Happy Halloween into a Skankin' Ska-lloween with The Fenwicks!

Two spooky songs from our forthcoming CD "Gods & Monsters"...

-"Devil's Den" ("Too Dumb To Die") our danceable ditty about true love & zombie-hunting:


-And "Begging for the Bullet" our haunting ballad for a Senile Avenging Jewish Werewolf:


Both looney tunes are also downloadable on The Fenwicks' Facebook:


And at The Fenwicks on MySpace:


p.s. And as a super-scary bonus below, the lyrics to "Begging for the Bullet". Feel free to sing along, ya Ghouls you!

Begging For The Bullet -

Words by Steven Schub Music by Jimmie Corrieri

Performed by The Fenwicks

I'll sing you my story, if you promise not to laugh- It's a song about a monster who's glory days are past

Once I terrorized the Polish countryside- Made grown men cry, my claws made women scream

My fangs were feared, now I'm forced to run from sheep

Yes, once I ate virgins, beauties were my prey, now when I attack, they say: "Doggie wants to play"...


Don't cry for me for I've killed too many- Don't cry for me, monsters hate pity

Begging for the bullet to take this old wolf down- Begging for the bullet, the last werewolf in town

It started in the Ghetto, no means to fight, an old mystic Rabbi was there to shed some light

Reb said: "Nazis are coming, Boychick you're our only hope, go to the forest, get bitten by the Wolf


The next full moon, I went and dig the deed. Or should I say, the deed it done did me.

At first it was great, I really must confess, an Avenging Jewish Werewolf, eating the SS

But the thing about a curse, it can not be reversed, it only gets worse, more and more perverse

And soon it wasn't just Nazis, I was eating my fellow Jews


After the War, it was Commies I'd pursue, they taste just like Momma's chicken, but the Cold War's done now too

If I was a youngster, I might get Bin Laden, but this Old Wolf is having memory problems

Who am I? Why am I so frickin' hairy? That wolf in the mirror is so damn scary

Oh wait... That's me! Oy gevalt. Ya see?


Don't cry for me, for I've killed too many- Don't cry for me, monsters hate pity

Begging for the bullet to take this old wolf down- Begging for the bullet, the last werewolf in town

Begging for the bullet, Begging for the bullet, Begging...

Mon Sep 14 '09 10:51 pm
Holy Folk! A Fenwick Plays Phil Ochs on Film!
Shalom & Aloha Comrades!

Steven Schub of The Fenwicks here, hoping this finds you smiling... Speaking of smiling- dig this! Your very own Schuby-Doo has just been cast as the late great folk singer Phil Ochs in the film "The Chicago 8" (written & directed by Pinchas Perry- writer/director of the film "When Nietzsche Wept"). This is most insane, (and almost suspiciously auspicious), as I've been listening to Phil Ochs ever since I was a wee-lad, and as far as this boy's concerned, he was one of the greatest lyricists of all time.

As evidence, I submit to you, the lyrics to his song: "When I'm Gone".

Words to live by... Read 'em below.

In joy, mirth and joviality,



When I'm Gone

Words and Music by Phil Ochs

There's no place in this world where I'll belong when I'm gone

And I won't know the right from the wrong when I'm gone

And you won't find me singin' on this song when I'm gone

So I guess I'll have to do it while I'm here

And I won't feel the flowing of the time when I'm gone

All the pleasures of love will not be mine when I'm gone

My pen won't pour out a lyric line when I'm gone

So I guess I'll have to do it while I'm here

And I won't breathe the bracing air when I'm gone

And I can't even worry 'bout my cares when I'm gone

Won't be asked to do my share when I'm gone

So I guess I'll have to do it while I'm here

And I won't be running from the rain when I'm gone

And I can't even suffer from the pain when I'm gone

Can't say who's to praise and who's to blame when I'm gone

So I guess I'll have to do it while I'm here

Won't see the golden of the sun when I'm gone

And the evenings and the mornings will be one when I'm gone

Can't be singing louder than the guns when I'm gone

So I guess I'll have to do it while I'm here

All my days won't be dances of delight when I'm gone

And the sands will be shifting from my sight when I'm gone

Can't add my name into the fight while I'm gone

So I guess I'll have to do it while I'm here

And I won't be laughing at the lies when I'm gone

And I can't question how or when or why when I'm gone

Can't live proud enough to die when I'm gone

So I guess I'll have to do it while I'm here...

Mon Jun 01 '09 12:56 am
Last Chance to See Schub Save Jews! "The Accomplices" Must Close June 14th!
Shalom & Aloha Comrades!

Schub here, and yes it's finally come to this: Our show "The Accomplices" must finally close on Sunday June 14th. "The Accomplices" runs Thursday, Fridays and Saturdays at 8pm and Sundays at 2pm at the Odyssey Theater 2055 Sepulveda Blvd. (between Olympic and Santa Monica) in Los Angeles. Tickets are $30.00 and can be purchased by clicking here:


Or calling (323) 663-1525.

My friends, it's nuts, but every single performance has been selling out completely- so no joke, if you're even thinking of coming, please grab tickets now, and come see your very own little Schubieshake, be (and do) the following:


From LA Splash's Peter A. Balaskas:

"An incredible tour-de-force exploration concerning a rarely explored facet of the Holocaust, driven by a passionate performance by Steven Schub. The acting is incredible across the board, but Schub is the driving force of the play's soul. His intensity for Peter's mission is equally matched by his vulnerability. Schub's mercurial talent draws the audience in as he narrates his tale, and his angry passion erupts against those who try to stop him. Schub's honest portrayal brings out the good qualities of a man that, for some reason or another, have been hidden or buried".



From Campus Circle's Bonnie Priever:

"Steven Schub, a Lifetime Member of The Actors Studio, captures the stage and mesmerizes the audience in his role as Peter Bergson, the courageous activist who relentlessly fights to rescue Jews from the Nazis.... “The Accomplices” is a must-see!"



From BC Critic's Robert Mackray:

"At the center of the play is Steven Schub's performance as Bergson. He is not afraid to show Bergson’s pestering, often obnoxious side along with his extreme devotion to the cause. We suffer along with him and feel his disappointments and struggles; Schub inhabits Bergson fully and deserves every accolade he gets. The production was sold out in its initial run at The Fountain Theatre, but with the aid of the Israeli Leadership Council it has been given a second life. Go see it!"



From LA Theater Examiner's Jordan Young:

"Deborah LaVine skillfully directs a fine ensemble cast, headed by Steven Schub in an intense, passionate performance as the heroic Bergson".



And from The Los Angeles Times Guide:

"The Accomplices"

"A Must See Theatrical Experience"

"This show is devastatingly wonderful. It does everything that good theatre should - entertains with great actors while illuminating a shameful part of history. I especially love that it brings up the fact that hiding from the ugly truths of war and human rights violations are continuing today. The eternal- why don't people learn from history? Special kudos to Steven Schub as Peter Bergson. He gives such an indelible performance with intelligence, compassion, steadfastness and tenderness that it moved me to tears. He is one of the best I've seen on the LA theatre scene and I can't wait to see him in another role very soon."


Wed Apr 15 '09 10:31 am
"Go Galt" with The Fenwicks!
Music for your "Tax Day Tea Party".

Our (musical) Open Love Letter to John Galt, and the song which helped start a Revolution.

"Under The Thorns" by The Fenwicks.

Available now, free for your downloading pleasure!

On MySpace:


On Facebook:


On iTunes:


Tue Mar 31 '09 6:46 pm
See Schub Save Jews- again! "The Accomplices" Re-Opens in Los Angeles April 25th!
This just in from today's "Broadway World" (see below)... xoxo, and back on

the barricades, Schubieshake


THE ACCOMPLICES Comes To The Odyssey Theater This April 25th. Runs

Thursdays-Saturdays at 8pm Sundays at 2pm until June14th.

The Fountain Theatre reprises last season's hit production for a limited run.

"Bottom line: A powerful play that will get your blood racing and brain

thinking, skillfully acted and directed. Schub is compelling as the

impassioned Bergson."

- Hollywood Reporter

For Tickets and Info: http://www.fountaintheatre.com/whatcoming.html

by BWW News Desk

This April, the critically acclaimed, multiple award-winning Fountain

Theatre brings back last season's sold-out production of The Accomplices

by former New York Times political reporter Bernard Weinraub. The true

story of firebrand Peter Bergson, who shook up the U.S. State Department

and the American Jewish establishment in his fight to rescue European Jews

from the Nazis, is back with Steven Schub heading the cast:

"Schub dominates the stage with his intense performance as Bergson" -

Cynthia Citron, Santa Monica Daily Press. "A dynamic portrayal by Schub"

- Buzzine. "Schub smolders and explodes" -RLN News.

Helmed by director Deborah LaVine ("Lavine skillfully melds a fine cast

into a gripping production" - LA Weekly) this Fountain Theatre production,

presented in association with the Israeli Leadership Council,

re-opens at the Odyssey Theatre in West L.A. for a limited guest

engagement April 25 through June 14.

One low-priced preview takes place on April 24.

What the U.S. government and American Jews did - and didn't - do to help

Jews fleeing the Nazis is the subject of Weinraub's provocative new play

based on true events. In 1940, Hillel Kook arrived in the U.S. fresh from

the underground resistance in Palestine. Changing his name to Peter

Bergson, he sought aid for the rescue of European Jews from the Nazis.

Shocked to find himself blocked by both the Roosevelt administration and

the Jewish establishment, Bergson spearheaded an extraordinary campaign of

public rallies, hard-hitting newspaper advertisements and lobbying in

Congress in his one-man fight to save millions and end the conspiracy of

silence and inaction that continues to haunt us to this day.

"For many years this remained a little-known footnote in American

history," comments Fountain Theatre artistic director Stephen Sachs. "It's

a fascinating story that casts U.S. foreign policy during World War II in

a surprising light."

A long-time reporter for The New York Times, Bernard Weinraub was a

political correspondent in Vietnam, London, New Delhi and Washington D.C.,

including the White House, before moving to Los Angeles in 1991 to cover

the film business. It was while he was based in D.C. that he was assigned

to cover a documentary about Peter Bergson called Who Shall Live and Who

Shall Die? by the young filmmaker Laurence Jarvik. The subject stayed with

him, and a dozen years later he began work on his own play. The

Accomplices went on to win a Stellar Network award, leading to its

premiere in New York by The New Group in March, 2007 and a Drama Desk

Award nomination for Best New Play. The West Coast premiere at The

Fountain played to SRO houses for an extended, ten-week run. "Weinraub

brings a seldom-dramatized chapter of history to vivid life... a

consistently lucid and fast-paced production" wrote theater critic Don

Shirley in LA Citybeat. "GO!," agreed the LA Weekly: "a gripping

production." The Hollywood Reporter called The Fountain Theatre production

of The Accomplices "A powerful play that will get your blood racing and

your brain thinking, skillfully acted and directed."

"Steven Schub plays Peter Bergson with the zeal of a man fighting for what

he believes is right" - wrote Carol Kaufmann in Stage Happenings.

Recently, there has been a resurgence of interest in Bergson's story. The

Fountain re-opening is scheduled to coincide with the observance of

Holocaust Remembrance Week. That same weekend, Pierre Sauvage's

documentary short about Bergson, Not Idly By - Peter Bergson, America and

the Holocaust, premieres as part of the Los Angeles Jewish Film Festival,

and this summer will see the release of Against the Tide, a documentary

narrated by Dustin Hoffman. In 2003, David S. Wyman and Rafael Medoff's

book, "A Race Against Death: Peter Bergson, America and the Holocaust"

included previously unpublished letters, including a scathing indictment

of the Roosevelt administration's inaction by a Treasury Department


The mission of the Israeli Leadership Council is to fortify and enhance a

productive and continuous relationship between Israeli-Americans and the

State of Israel through community empowerment, activism and philanthropy.

This production is sponsored by Debbie and Naty Saidoff.

The Accomplices opens on April 25, with performances Thursdays, Fridays

and Saturdays at 8 pm and Sundays at 2 pm through June 14. One preview

performance is scheduled on Friday, April 24 at 8 pm. Tickets are $30.00,

except the preview which is $15.00. The Odyssey Theatre is located at 2055

S. Sepulveda Blvd. in West Los Angeles. For reservations and information,

call (323) 663-1525 or go to www.FountainTheatre.com

Mon Feb 23 '09 10:43 am
very, Very, VERY Last Chance to See Yer Schub "Astonish"!
Hipsters! Flipsters! Finger-poppin' Daddies & Sophisticated Mommas!

Schub here one very last time!

Just a final, friendly reminder: My show "Hunter Gatherers" was extended by one weekend, and now closes this coming Saturday February 28th.

Today's "LAist" just wrote I give: an "astonishingly authentic standout performance". See:


So alls I'm sayin' is... If ya wanna witness your very own Schubieshake "triumph" (as per Backstage), and be all "exquisite" (as per the Pasadena Star News), this is your very last chance to come to the show the Los Angeles Times called "bitingly hilarious" and LA CityBeat deemed "blisteringly funny"!

That is: "Hunter Gatherers" at the Pasadena Playhouse's Carrie Hamilton Theater.

Hunter Gatherers" plays 3 more times, and then- Vamoose! This Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 8pm.

Tickets are usually $30.00 but I was able to finagle a "two-for-one" ticket price for you- my nearest & dearest!

Simply click on:http://furioustheatre.org

And at the check-out page, enter the promo code: "Fenwick666" for "two-for-one" tickets.

Or call 1-800-595-4TIX (though ya can't get the"two-for-ones" by phone)....

The Location is:

The Carrie Hamilton Theatre (upstairs at the Pasadena Playhouse)

39 South El Molino Avenue

Pasadena, CA 91101

Warning One: This show ain't one for kiddies! 'Tis chock full o' sex, violence and other very, Very, VERY bad things...

Warning Two: Traffic to Pasadena can be brutal, please allocate sufficient time (and valium) for traffic.




Sat Feb 14 '09 08:17 am
Fenwicks on Facebook & Schub's Heart Ripped Out!
-Your Fenwicks are now on Facebook- with imperial boat-loads of music,

video, photos & more! Dig it:


-In honor of Valentine's Day, click to see Schub's heart ripped out (quite

literally) and eaten on YouTube. From the set of the film "Devil's Den":


Aw, what the heck, while we're at it, here's the song, (to go with the

video). Our ode to Love & Zombie Hunting, "Devil's Den" ("Too Dumb To

Die"). Happy Valentine's Day Zombies!:


-And for whatever nefarious reason, some peeps seemed unable to open the

link to our song "Free Venezuela". All apologies! Here's a simple direct

link to the song itself:


(Please Note: This is shall we say, an "unauthorized" cover version of The

Special AKA's 1984 ska classic "Free Nelson Mandela" with the lyrics

tweaked by a certain Fenwick, on behalf of all those chaffing under


To life, and liberty,

Schubieshake & Duh Freedom-Wuvin' Fenwicks

Mon Feb 09 '09 9:18 pm
The Fenwicks "Free Venezuela": Re-Relevant All Over Again!
Shalom & Aloha my Liberty-Luvin' Comrades & Compadres!

Steven Schub of The Fenwicks here. So, as some of you may (or may not) remember, it was just last year, that we 'Wix recorded a cover version of The Special AKA's 1984 ska classic "Free Nelson Mandela" with the lyrics newly re-modified and re-directed at Venezuela's very own Hugo Chavez. With the recent onslaught of anti-Semitic attacks in Caracas, what better time to sing-a-long?

The Fenwicks "Free Venezuela"- dig it here:


For 2 live in-concert video clips of "Free Venezuela" from our "Fenwicks For Freedom" Tour sponsored by the Human Rights Foundation click:




To learn more about the recent attacks, and how to take action, please peruse the brief memo (see below) from the Simon Wiesenthal Center.

And to learn more about the fight for Individual Rights in Venezuela, and throughout the Americas:


XOXO and thank you for humoring...

In dubious battle, on the barricades,

Yer Schubieshake & The Freedom-Fighting Fenwicks



Call the Venezuelan Embassy in DC


There is a well-orchestrated campaign on TV, radio, print and Internet media owned by the Venezuelan government, openly questioning Israel's right to exist, even including publication of such anti-Semitic materials as The Protocols of the Elders of Zion. A group of pro-government journalists is urging the population to boycott businesses owned by Jews in Venezuela. On January 31 a synagogue in Caracas was vandalized by a group of 15 armed men. Graffiti left at the scene included the phrases "Damn the Jews," "Jews out of here" and "Israel assassins." Venezuelan Jews are living in a constant state of fear and anxiety. Most frightening is a 'plan of action' published in a pro-government digital newspaper, Aporrea.org, giving direction against Venezuela's Jewish community which includes:

- publicly denouncing by name, the members of Jewish groups in Venezuela, names of their companies and businesses in order to boycott them

-calling for the dissolution of the State of Israel

- avoiding products, stores, supermarkets, and restaurants where Kosher food is sold, and which either belongs to, or has links with 'Zionist Jews'

- questioning the existence of Jewish educational institutions

- shouting anti-Israel slogans at Jews on the street

- inviting anti-Zionist Jews living in Venezuela to publicly express their disassociation from 'Zionist war crimes' and the existence of "artificial" State of Israel.

- calling for the nationalization of companies, and the confiscation of properties of those Jews who support the "Zionist State of Israel", and the donating of this property to the Palestinians.

The Venezuelan Jewish community dates to the 17th century, and flourished during the 20th century. As noted by David Harris, the executive director of the American Jewish Committee:

"What is equally striking in talking with Venezuela's Jews, to the extent that generalizations are ever possible, is an obvious pride in being Venezuelan. Not only do they continue to appreciate the refuge the country provided the Jews- having come in search of safety and opportunity - but they also recognize the country's postwar record of tolerance and relative absence of anti-Semitism, as well as its support of the 1947 UN resolution calling for the establishment of a Jewish state."

CALL THE CONSULATE AT 202-342-2214 AND TELL THEM "STOP INCITING ANTI-SEMITISM" These horrendous attacks are just the latest and most horrifying incident in a building campaign against Venezuela’s Jews - a campaign fueled by President Hugo Chavez’s demonization of Israel, scapegoating of Jews and his embrace of the regime in Iran.Today, the situation for Venezuelan Jews is dire. We need you to act now by adding your voice to the Wiesenthal Center’s protest to the Organization of American States.

Click On This To Sign the Petition to Jose Miguel Insulza, Secretary General of the Organization of American States


Fri Jan 30 '09 12:31 am
Schub "Triumphs" (as a Nebbish) in a "Savagely Funny Shocker"! Now At The Pasadena Playhouse!
Shalom Y'all! Schub here!

So, my show "Hunter Gatherers" opened last week at the Pasadena Playhouse, and here's what Backstage's Les Spindle had to say:

"Peter Sinn Nachtrieb's savagely funny comedy is a shocker... sidesplitting, yet thought-provoking, electrifying... Schub triumphs as a tragicomic nebbish struggling to rebel"...

Today's Los Angeles Times says we're a "razor-sharp, bitingly hilarious black comedy of metaphysical dimensions"! (Whatever that is...)

Okay, so Backstage & The LA Times said it, not me, but I do think this show is friggin' insane, hilarious and truly demented. And if you are on my email list (and/or reading this post), you probably are too- so come on down!

"Hunter Gatherers" plays every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday at 8pm and every Sunday at 7:30pm until February 21st. (except for this Sunday because of that Football Game thingy)...

Tickets are usually $30.00 but I was able to finagle a "two-for-one" ticket price for you, my Inner-Circle!

Simply click on: http://furioustheatre.org/

And at the check-out page, enter the promo code: "Fenwick666" for "two-for-one" tickets.

Or call 1-800-595-4TIX (though I don't think you can get the "two-for-ones" by phone)....

The Location is:

The Carrie Hamilton Theatre (upstairs at the Pasadena Playhouse)

39 South El Molino Avenue

Pasadena, CA 91101

Warning One: This show ain't one for the kiddies! 'Tis chock full o' sex, violence and other very, Very, VERY bad things...

Warning Two: Traffic to Pasadena can be brutal, please allocate sufficient time (and valium) for traffic (or consider attending on a Saturday or Sunday when it ain't so bad)...


Nebbishiously yours,



p.s. The Backstage review by Les Spindle (my new best friend) below:


"Hunter Gatherers"

January 28, 2009

Reviewed by Les Spindle

When a whimpering lamb is ritualistically silenced as a prelude to a dinner party, it's clear the gathering isn't going to be your garden-variety schmooze-and-booze fest. Peter Sinn Nachtrieb's savagely funny comedy is a shocker, but the amazing thing about this San Francisco–bred work is how the playwright elicits a cockeyed sort of empathy for the flipped-out characters who inhabit this unnerving dramatic universe, which combines the verbal savagery of vintage Edward Albee with the visceral brutality of Sarah Kane. In director Dámaso Rodriguez's sidesplitting yet thought-provoking L.A premiere, the distinctive voice of a trailblazing playwright strongly resonates.

Nachtrieb explores the thin line between civilized behavior and animalistic demeanor that exists in humans, giving us a harrowing glimpse at the results of people crossing this boundary when they’re backed into an emotional corner. Neanderthal male Richard (Doug Newell) not only believes freshly slaughtered animal flesh is required to make the anniversary party for his friends a success; he has additional surprises on the agenda -- including the determination to "spread his seed" among the guests. This makes him a good match for the self-centered and duplicitous Wendy (Vonessa Martin), who arrives with her mild-mannered geek of a husband, Tom (Steven Schub). Tom's kindred spirit is Richard's suppressed wife, Pam (Sara Hennessy), whose defense mechanism against the cruelty of Richard and Wendy is to pretend it doesn't exist. Acts of desperation lead to electrifying developments and an amazing denouement.

The tight ensemble tackles the difficult material with intelligence and skill. The actors demonstrate terrific physical dexterity in fight scenes, masterfully choreographed by Brian Danner. Newell pulls out all stops to convey Richard's sociopathic leanings in a performance of impeccable insight. Hennessy's shrinking-violet housewife is a wonderfully detailed combination of nervous tics and subtle facial expressions denoting Pam's repressed despair. Martin nails the arrogance and selfishness behind Wendy's fake niceties. Schub triumphs as a tragicomic nebbish struggling to rebel against bullies.

Design elements are likewise first-rate. This marvelous production is a fitting kickoff to Furious Theatre's graduation from Actors Equity's 99-Seat Plan to a Letter of Agreement arrangement, now offering substantially increased pay for its deserving actors.

Presented by Furious Theatre Company at the Carrie Hamilton Theatre, 39 S. El Molino Ave., Pasadena. Jan. 24–Feb. 21. Thu.–Sat., 8 p.m.; Sun., 7:30 p.m. (800) 595-4849 or Furious Theatre Company.

Mon Dec 08 '08 10:02 pm
Schub "Hunts" at the Pasadena Playhouse, and The Fenwicks Wish You Happy SKA-lidays!
Shalom & Aloha Comrades & Compadres!

Steven Schub here, wishing you the merriest of Christmases, the

happiest of Ska-nukkahs, the rockinest of Ramadans, the swingingest of

Solstices, and the kickassedest of Kwanzaas- from me and all The

Festive Fenwicks!

Speaking of festive: I am slap-happy silly and proud to announce that I

will be starring in the Los Angeles premiere of the American Theater

Critics Association 2007 Best New Play Award winner Peter Sinn

Nachtrieb's "Hunter Gatherers" at the historic Pasadena Playhouse. The

show opens on Saturday January 24th 2009 and this thing promises to be

by far the most twisted, and insane production I've ever been a part.

Details to follow in early '09...

And now speaking of twisted and insane, why not spice up your holidays

with some high-octane auditory egg nog- ie. our "Afro-Celtic Yiddish


Yup! The Fenwicks are now available on iTunes!

Just click on dis: http://www.itunes.com/thefenwicks

In fact a manic, spastic World O' 'Wix awaits you- in & on your Web:

Our Site: http://www.thefenwicks.com

On YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/thefenwicks

On MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/thefenwicks

Schub’s Site: http://www.stevenschub.com

And SchubTube on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/stevenschub

But most importantly, and in closing: Happy/happy & Joy/joy/joy to you and

all you love!


Schubie-Doobie-Doo-Wop & Duh Phantasmagorical Fenwicks!

Wed Aug 13 '08 11:44 pm
Yer Schubieshake Pontificates (Oy vey, not again!): On Kook/Bergson, Ayn Rand & Zev Jabotinsky...
The Jewish Journal

August 15, 2008

TV ‘terrorist’ plays Jewish hero on stage

By Orit Arfa


I was on my sofa in Jerusalem reading the opening credits of my favorite TV show, "24,' looking for Jewish names to figure out exactly how many Jews "control" Hollywood. Lo and behold, I see my friend's name: Steven Schub.

I initially met Schub through a website concerned with the work of novelist-philosopher Ayn Rand. (A quick refresher, she wrote The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged, novels that glorify Individualism and Reason.) We met for coffee in Israel when he was there visiting his sister and have stayed in touch since.

On '24' Schub played an Islamic terrorist, Sabir. With his fellow terrorists, he vaporized Valencia in a nuclear attack. He's probably best-known for his work in the film 'Caught' with Edwards James Olmos and guest star appearances on NYPD Blue, and, yes, Sesame Street. His day job is lead-singer for The Fenwicks, a 10-piece "Afro-Celtic Yiddish Ska" band, but that's a whole 'nother story.

Now he's starring as a Jewish hero in the play 'The Accomplices' at the Fountain Theater. Peter Bergson, born Hillel Kook (nephew of the famous Rabbi Kook), came to the U.S. from Eastern Europe to save Jews from Hitler's clutches only to be met by indifference, and sometimes hostility, from key figures of the Jewish community and the Roosevelt administration. Schub's admiration for Bergson's ideas and actions has lent to an inspiring and powerful performance.

Schub said over the phone (without the show's Eastern-European accent), "I definitely have always responded to people who live what they believed, and Peter Bergson was a guy who did. He was a shining example of what one man can do-- how one individual can change history."

Schub researched the role by reading Bergon's writings and interviewing his daughter, a political science professor at Ben Gurion University. He discovered that Bergson's views actually bear many similarities to Rand, a great admirer of the Founding Fathers.

"He was a Jeffersonian," Schub said, speaking not as an expert on Bergson but as an actor who dutifully researched his character. Bergson/Kook believed that all people living in Israel--Jews, Muslims, Christians, Atheists-- should have equal rights (which for the most part they do) and he abhorred the idea of tying religious identity to national identity, believing in separation of religion and state. He served as a member of the first Knesset, but his insistence on having a Constitution similar to America's eventually led to a rift between him and right-wing leader Menachem Begin.

Having started out as a disciple of Vladmir Jabotinsky, founder of the Irgun (the militant Jewish army in pre-State days), he soon evolved from a Jewish Zionist to a Classical Liberal (not to be confused with today's liberalism.)-believing Jewish identity needed to be reexamined, and favoring the school of thought that believed Jews in the Land of Israel needed to be reinvented as "Hebrews."

But in his day, like many Irgunists, he was written off as a fascist. Schub: "As a consistent defender of absolute Individual Rights, this was of course an absurd, grotesque accusation- especially as his whole life was dedicated to fighting for life, liberty and freedom. In the culture of the time however, anyone who was not a socialist or outright communist was often tagged with that epithet."

"He didn't fall into any Left-Right alternative. He was, or became, essentially a radical for Individualism, in same way Ayn Rand or Jabotinsky was."

What convinced Bergson/Kook most of the need to escape from Collectivist thinking were his own negative encounters with Jewish leaders as he tried to save his brethren, dramatized very well in the play. Members of the Jewish establishment tried to silence him and even deport him when he started protesting too loudly to get America to do more to help save the Jews of Europe- by bombing Auschwitz for example, or allowing more refugees in. Except for screenwriter Ben Hecht, the Jews who supposedly "controlled" Hollywood back then didn't use their influence to help the Jewish plight. However legendary acting teacher Stella Adler, actors Marlon Brando, John Garfield, Paul Muni, Harpo Marx, and even Frank Sinatra did become Bergson allies.

"Instead of wasting their time fighting Bergson, Jewish leaders could have mobilized to create a tidal wave of pressure. The non-Jews were often more than glad to jump on board." Despite it all, eventually Bergson's efforts led to the creation of the War Refugee Board which is credited with saving the lives of over 200,000 Jews and 20,000 non-Jews.

My kudos to Bergson, whom I was glad to discover through this play, and to my friend Schub for doing such a heroic job with the role.

He sure made up for blasting Valencia.

Tue Jul 22 '08 1:55 pm
Yer Schub is "Compelling"- (so says today's "Hollywood Reporter" anyway)!

Theater Review: The Accomplices

Bottom Line: A powerful play that will get your blood racing and brain

thinking, skillfully acted and directed.

By Jay Reiner

Jul 21, 2008

Venue: Fountain Theatre, Los Angeles (Through Aug. 24)

Even if you're Jewish you probably haven't heard of Peter Bergson, a man

whose service to the Jews during the Holocaust rivals that of Oskar

Schindler or Raoul Wallenberg.

Bergson (born Hillel Kook), a committed Zionist, came to the U.S. in 1940

to help raise a Jewish army in the struggle against Hitler. As news of the

Holocaust leaked out, he changed his mission to saving the remaining Jews

of Europe. This meant persuading the Roosevelt administration of the

urgency of acting immediately in a number of areas, particularly in

assisting refugees.

The objective proved elusive, though ultimately Bergson is credited with

helping save the lives of at least 200,000 Jews. The story is fascinating

because it sheds light on one of the darkest chapters in American history,

and this includes the reaction of the American Jewish establishment, led

by Rabbi Stephen Wise.

In "The Accomplices," Bernard Weinraub, a former political correspondent

at the New York Times, tells the provocative story in a balanced but

no-holds-barred manner that lets the uncomfortable facts speak for

themselves. In Bergson (Steven Schub), he also has an inherently dramatic

character because the man was anything but politic in the way he conducted

himself. He was abrasive, headstrong and arrogant, part of the reason the

Jewish establishment tried its best to silence him and even have him

deported. Not only were they showing their loyalty to FDR (James Harper),

they feared Bergson would alienate the president and the American people

as well.

But Bergson's main obstacle was Breckinridge Long (Brian Carpenter), a

highly placed member of the State Department whose upper-class

anti-Semitism and control over administration refugee policy cost the

lives of many Jews. The play points out that Roosevelt was indifferent to

the plight of the Jews and only took positive action when finally forced

to by a small rebellion in his administration led by Treasury Secretary

Henry Morganthau (Dennis Gersten).

Director Deborah LaVine's cast does a splendid job with this thorny

material. Schub is compelling as the impassioned Bergson, a man easier to

respect than to like. Harper captures Roosevelt's patrician cadences and

steely core perfectly. William Dennis Hurley is moving and convincing as

Bergson's immigrant colleague Samuel Merwin, a Romanian Jew who lost his

family to the Nazis. Others who appear with distinction are Kirsten

Kollender, Gregory G. Giles, Donne McRae and Cheryl Dooley.

In some ways the play unfolds like a modern version of "Antigone," who,

following the dictates of conscience, had to fight the power of the state

to the bitter end. Only Bergson had to fight his battle on two fronts:

with the state and with his own people. Perhaps the second conflict

personally cost him more.

Cast: Steven Schub, James Harper, Morlan Higgins, William Dennis Hurley,

Brian Carpenter, Dennis Gersten, Kirsten Kollender, Donne McRae, Gregory

G. Giles, Cheryl Dooley, Stephan Marshall. Playwright: Bernard Weinraub.

Director: Deborah LaVine.

Wed Jul 16 '08 1:47 pm
See Schub Saves Jews! "The Accomplices" Opens This Saturday July 19th in Los Angeles. (Closes August 24th).
THE TRUE STORY OF ONE MAN'S FIGHT TO SAVE THE JEWS JULY 19- AUGUST 24 Buy Tickets Online: https://www.fountaintheatre.com/perform.html Nominated for the 2007 New York Drama Desk Award for Best New Play Starring Steven Schub as Peter Bergson (aka Hillel Kook) The FBI spied on him. The State Department wanted him deported. Jewish leaders tried to stop him. Yet despite this intense and sometimes frenzied opposition, firebrand activist Hillel Kook (aka Peter Bergson) succeeded in shattering the wall of silence that surrounded news about Hitler's annihilation of the Jews. Veteran New York Times political reporter Bernard Weinraub writes a blistering account of one man's fight to save millions, and the conspiracy of silence and inaction that continues to haunt us to this day. A West Coast Premiere - Starring Steven Schub as Hillel Kook (aka Peter Bergson) Directed by Deborah LaVine Produced by Simon Levy and Deborah Lawlor Opens July 19 - Closes August 24 Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays at 8PM Sundays at 2PM The Fountain Theatre - 5060 Fountain Avenue (between Western and Vermont) Los Angeles, CA 90029 Box Office: 323-663-1525 Group Sales: 323-663-1365 Buy Tickets Online: https://www.fountaintheatre.com/perform.html
Mon Jun 09 '08 8:08 pm
A Fenwick Makes Playbill! ("Serving Theater Since 1884")...

(Playgirl maybe next time)...

Wed May 28 '08 8:38 pm
Schub. Zionist. Onstage & Off.
Shalom Y'all!

Your freedom-wuvin' Fenwick, Schubieshake hither. Hope this email finds you smiling! So dig dis: after 140 years of playing Crack-pots, Crack-heads, Killers and Kooks, I finally have the chance to play a certifiable Hero. How's this for Fenwick-ian felicity? Just 48 hours ago I'm in Jerusalem at my twin nephews twin Bar-Mitzvahs, when I find out via email that I've been offered the role of "Peter Bergson" (aka Hillel Kook) in the West Coast Premiere of the play "The Accomplices" at the Fountain Theater (see details below). "The Accomplices" was nominated for the 2007 New York Drama Desk Award for Best New Play, and it tells the story of "Peter Bergson", the real-life hero of the Jewish Underground who brought the world's attention to the Holocaust. What's even more serendipitous and surreal, is that whilst still in Israel, I was able to track down this guy's widow and daughter and spent the day at their house in Tel-Aviv yesterday- right before hopping on a plane and jumping into rehearsal today.

Can't quite make sense of it all myself.

Jet-laggedly yours,

On the barricades, and in dubious battle,




Rehearsals: May 27 - July 2, 2008

Previews: July 3 - July 11, 2008

Opens: July 12 - August 24, 2008

Additional Personnel & Production Info: Producer, Simon Levy

Author, Bernard Weinraub

Director, Deborah LaVine

Production Company, The Fountain Theatre

Box Office: (323) 663-1525 Low Priced Group Sales (323) 663-1365 http://www.fountaintheatre.com

West Coast Premiere. Nominated for the 2007 New York Drama Desk Award for Best New Play. The true story of Hillel Kook (aka Peter Bergson) who, during World War II, spearheaded an extraordinary campaign of public rallies, hard-hitting newspaper advertisements, and lobbying in Congress to get America to save the Jews. Veteran New York Times reporter Bernard Weinraub writes a blistering account of the fight to save millions and the conspiracy of silence and inaction in the U.S. State Department.

The director, Deborah LaVine, is best known for her productions of A Shayna Maidel and Kindertransport, and is considered one of Los Angeles’ finest directors.


(mid 30s) – LEAD ROLE – male - firebrand Zionist activist; charismatic, tough, attractive, he arrives from Palestine, by way of Europe, to convince America to save the Jews.

Mon Mar 24 '08 5:46 pm
Fenwicks Now LoveCats!
Shalom Aleichem & Aloha Comrades & Compadres!

In slap-happy news, it appears your freaky/furry/freedom-wuvin’/family-sized/farm-fresh/friendly neighborhood Fenwicks will be signing a publishing deal with New York’s LoveCat Publishing! What does that mean exactly? Keep your ears to the ground... Fenwicks never die! (They just get prematurely senile)....

In dubious battle,

On the barricades,


Schubie-Doobie-Doo-Wop & Yer Fierce & Fearless Fenwicks


-p.s. The Manic, Spastic World of The Fenwicks- In (& On) Your Web:

Our Site: http://www.thefenwicks.com

The Fenwicks on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/thefenwicks

The Fenwicks on MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/thefenwicks

The Fenwicks on iTunes:

"Truth & Memory": http://phobos.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewAlbum?id=125702198&s=143441

"eudaimonia": http://phobos.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewAlbum?id=4273249&s=143441

Schub’s Site: http://www.stevenschub.com

Yer Schub on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/stevenschub

Wed Feb 06 '08 4:20 pm
Fresh Fenwicks Music! Video! Photos! Press! Funky, freaky, furry & FREE!
From our 2007 Human Rights Foundation "Fenwicks For Freedom" Tour with Big D and The Kids Table:

-Fresh Fenwick Video & Music. New uncensored audio and visuals, hither:


-Fresh Fenwick Photos. 40 of 'em!:


(Special thanks to the great Yeram Rachel Reyes!)

-And finally, fresh Fenwick Press! We didn't say, they did. (Silly, feeble-minded "They". Oh how we love you)....

"The story of this band is legend... America's only Afro-Celtic Yiddish Ska band is like Oingo Boingo on steroids... shifting seamlessly from circus music to booty shaking third wave ska at it's best. With an insane, hysterical, vaudevillian stage show, deranged lyrics and a frenzied assault on everything sacred, The Fenwicks will not disappoint".

-Skratch Magazine

"Bold and powerful. Blew my mind. I have never heard anything like this before".

-Southern Ska Magazine

"How can you not like this band? A band that swings and rocks at the same time.... A lead singer, who is at heart a showman... the best live band I have heard".

-Silly Little Trouser Monkey Magazine

"What is this?! The Fenwicks are not a normal band. Blending punk, ska, pop and klezmer, they sound like something you'd hear at a mutant cross-cultural wedding. They are a band with a message: enjoy one's life! The songs ask you to live with integrity, love with sincerity, and act to make your life better. The Fenwicks promote joy both in theory and in practice- they sing and perform with the joy they preach".

-G. Murray Thomas

The Independent

"Diverse and electrifying. These guys make you want to cavort with wild spasms of joy, ruthlessly kicking your legs up with reckless abandon. Their infectious grooves leave you begging for more. Spin this disc at your next big party, and it will not soon be forgotten"

- Glass Eye Magazine

-p.s. This just in! The Los Angeles Theater Company I, yer very own Schubieshake, am a humbly proud member of, & our production of "In Arabia, We'd All Be Kings"- which I spent half of 2007 as the crack-head "Skank" in, has just been nominated by the LA Drama Critics Circle for multiple nominations- including Best Production of 2007! Man-o-Manishevitz! What the ?!?!

For more info on us Elephants, dig:




Thu Jan 10 '08 09:03 am
Fenwicks Eat Zombies For Breakfast! & 2 New Fenwick YouTubes!
A (Belated) Slap-Happy New Year to all Fen-heads/'Wick-heads & Freedom-'Wuvers World-Wide!

-Here's a heavenly & horrific heads-up! Your favorite, freaky, furry Fenwick, your very own friendly neighborhood Schub-erMensch, has been cast as the lead Zombie Hunter- "Buddy Budjinksi" in writer/directors Don Adams & Harry James Picardi's latest mega-horror/comedy/romance-epic "Dozers". Hence I will be off-the-grid, out-of-commission, beyond-the-pale, above-the-fray, and for all intents and purposes, essentially unreachable until Monday February 4th. (We shoot here & in Wisconsin. Brrrr. Mommy, I'm cold!)..... Subsequently- for all Fenwick related inquiries until then, please email my better 1/2, Jimmie Corrieri at:


-Now as a kinda post-Christmas/post-Solstice bonus, (as we've been so delinquent in updating our website- bad Fenwicks!)- please enjoy, if you will, a brand spankin' new, recently discovered live clip from our just wrapped Human Rights Foundation "Fenwicks For Freedom" tour! Our cover version of The Special AKA's 1984 ska classic "Free Nelson Mandela" (with the lyrics newly re-modified, tweaked and updated for 2008). Shot at the Knitting Factory NYC and at Fuel in Jacksonville Florida. Nuthin' even remotely fancy, but it kinda captures the fun. Enjoy it here, and only here:


Bonus video: A video demo for our song "No One Is Coming", apparently now destined to be on the "Dozers" soundtrack. A very merry, musical case for Secular Humanism:


-Finally, as some of you may know, our guitar player Jimmie Corrieri has a baby brother, Daniel. In addition to being just an all-round great guy (and recently engaged), the man has become an amazing chef! He now has his very own cooking website- Culinary Seductions! http://www.culinaryseductions.com/

Here's how Daniel himself describes it:

"CulinarySeductions.com is an online magazine and community based on the idea that food inspires passion. The site entertains and instructs on how to create sensational dishes, as well as the perfect atmosphere, bound to win over that special someone."

So dig it! Just in time for Valentine's Day, no? Yup!


-So... My bestest to you all Comrades! May the new year bring us all, nothing but everything!

Manically and spastically,

Yer Schubieshake!

Mon Dec 10 '07 11:21 pm
Happy Ska-nukkah from The Fenwicks!
3 New Songs and 33 New Photos- Guaranteed to Spin Your Dreidel!

Posted Now On Our MySpace Page:


Merry Christmas, Chappy Chanukkah, Rockin' Ramadan, Kwazy Kwanza and a Salacious Solstice to You And All Your Own!

xxx and ooo,

Yer Festive and Festivus Fenwicks

Wed Nov 14 '07 09:23 am
Just How Evil is This Fenwick?
What the kids today will do for a free Fenwicks CD:


What this here Fenwick will do to his own keyboard player, Jon Marshal Smith, and his iBook- (live onstage at the Knitting Factory NYC):




(and beware)...

Schubieshake & Duh 'Wix

Mon Nov 12 '07 12:49 pm
Live Fenwick Video & Kooky Kuhrazy Press!
Shalom, Ola & Aloha Comrades!

So us 'Wix made it home (semi-) alive! Punch-drunk, sleep-deprived, cross-eyed and delirious, but super slap-happy! Truly mad-cap shows from NYC to Miami and hence- welp, all sorts of assorted sordid stories to share- in due time. For now, however dig on 'dis! A chunk of live video some 'Wick-headed kid in Miami took on his cell-phone camera of a bit of our cover song of The Specials' "Free Nelson Mandela" (now "Free Venezuela") and pretty hilarious article/interview with a certain schmuck you know and (maybe) love about our Human Rights Tour with Big D and The Kids Table!


Manically & Maniacally,

Schubieshake & Yer Freedom-Wuvin' Fenwicks!

YouTube Clip:



From Entertaining U Magazine:



ska that unites jews and arabs

interview with the fenwicks

by jon bosworth jaxvillain@yahoo.com

WHO: The Fenwicks with Big D and the Kids Table

WHERE: Fuel in 5 Points

WHEN: Thursday, November 1st

Back in the late 80s Steve Schub was taking a year off of his studies at NYU

and playing in a punk band called Jew2 when he was “discovered” by Skynyrd drummer

Artimus Pyle.

“Eventually the band name was changed to Traif, which doesn’t mean anything

unless you speak Yiddish. But it means un-kosher. You can imagine playing in Jerusalem

Israel in a band called Traif. We offended everyone. We united Arabs, Jews and Christians.

We are owed a peace prize, I think, because we united that country for the first

time in 5,000 years because everyone hated our band. We brought everyone together.”

He would go on stage in an Israeli army uniform and an Arab headdress, or

a burqa with Mickey Mouse gloves. He was 21 years old and one of the competing bands

was called China Black. Chris Pyle was the drummer for that band and Artimus was

judging the battle of the bands. They hit it off, but Steve went back to New York,

finished his degree and played as The Fenwicks, which was just an acoustic duo consisting

of Schub and his songwriting partner Jimmie Corrieri at the time. He was working

at the Omni Park Central Hotel when the Lynyrd Skynyrd tour bus pulled in. They

had just made a video with Bennett Miller, the director of Capote (Steve and Jimmie

were also roommates with Phillip Seymour Hoffman), and he handed the video to Artimus.

Two weeks later Artimus had quit Skynyrd and he flew The Fenwicks down to Jacksonville

to put a band together and record an album. Their first gig was at Metro park opening

for Foreigner and Billy Squier in front of 15,000 people.

“Which was especially ironic because we used to play ‘Double Vision’ as a

joke at coffeehouses in Greenwich Village.”

According to Steve, in 48 hours The Fenwicks went from an acoustic duo to

a “17-piece afro-Celtic Yiddish ska band with three full drum sets.”

“I think of the Fenwicks now as a lifelong metaphysical performance art project.”

Steve’s family has a long history of Yiddish theater and he’s a fan of schtick,

but he also takes pride in the depth of their lyrics.

“The deepest most profound message that anyone can make is that life should

be fun. The giddiness and wackiness, especially in this day and age when everything

is nihilistic and post-modern and sarcastic…I think that is the most profound statement

we could make. From the theater of the absurd, it’s all one thing. The stage schtick,

the banter between the songs, the costumes, the regalia, the hyperactive music,

it is all part and parcel of the same thing. It is a vaudevillian, burlesque philosophical


But the balance between depth and frivolity is one that The Fenwicks take


“The real battle on this planet is between reason and unreason. Between the

rational and the irrational.”

Which is why their sponsor on this short tour is The Human Rights Foundation

(humanrightsfoundation.org), which is an organization that “has a classical understanding

of human rights, which is that every person, as long as they’re not violating someone

else’s human rights, should be left alone.” Steve also offers up their gratitude

to Big D and the Kids Table, the Boston ska band that Steve says is “the best ska

band still skankin’.”

So is their music all just about Ayn Randian philosophies and the evils of

Hugo Chavez’s regime? Hardly!

“We have a song about an avenging, senile Jewish werewolf, we have a song

about eminent domain abuse, we have a song about disemboweling the undead and decapitating


There will be costumes and “full battle regalia,” so he recommends that you

wear something either waterproof or flammable and be prepared to “sweat and giggle.”

“The actual quote we couldn’t use in the press kit because it’s too grotesque,

but I think it’s more accurate. I think it’s ‘If Madness had been violently molested

by the Marx Brothers, The Fenwicks would be the naughty musical afterbirth.’”

There are up to 17 Fenwicks at any given time “depending on the weather and

the barometric pressure.” Jon Marshall Smith from the Mosquitos is the newest member

to the Fenwicks family, he joined them just before their 2005 Warped Tour appearances.

He also produced their last two records. Because they live in five different time

zones, it is difficult and expensive for them to tour, so this may be your only

chance to see them before Haley’s Comet circles earth again, although Steve hopes

that he and I will be conducting a similar interview when he’s 90. He also claims

to be “literally a thousand years old.”

“We have a horn section now. Before we were posing as a ska band, but now

we got our certificate in the mail. We are officially sanctioned now that we have

horns as opposed to just me playing kazoo out of my sphincter.”

Go to thefenwicks.com for free stuff and to learn more about the band. Go

to Fuel Coffeehouse on Thursday, November 1st, and make sure to get there early

since they are going on at 7 pm sharp and their set will likely be done before it’s

even dark outside.

Mon Oct 22 '07 6:41 pm
"Fenwicks For Freedom" Tour Begins! Sunday in NYC, Florida to Follow! (Plus 4 Important Last Minute Thangs)...
Cry Havoc! Cry Freedom! Cry Fenwick!

The "Fenwicks For Freedom" Tour officially begins this coming Sunday evening in New York City, then on to Virginia, through North Carolina and on down to Florida. (See below for dates, times and venues)...

Please be advised, take note, and be forewarned. 4 final key and critical, salient and non-negotiable, points of fact:

1) Early Showtimes: These are indeed all "All Ages" shows. Meaning what? Meaning they start unbelievably early. And we go on first- the first of three opening acts.

2) Short Set List: As the first of three opening acts, we are relegated to a relatively short set-list. (Approximately one half-hour, depending on the barometric pressure and such). Meaning what? Meaning come late, and there is the very real possibility that you'll miss us completely. And worse than that, we'd miss you- and then we'd be sad. Let's not be sad!

3) Show Will Sell-Out. Please Buy Your Tickets In Advance: The band we are opening for "Big D and The Kids Table" is the single best ska-punk band still skanking and punking. Meaning what? Meaning they have a rabid fan base in their own right, and there is the very real possibility these shows will sell-out. Please purchase your tickets in advance, here:


4) No Guest List: All apologies, but as merely one of 3 opening acts on this tour, we have little leverage, and zero pull. Meaning what? Meaning there is NO Guest List, there are NO "Backstage Passes", and there is NO "V.I.P. List" (whatever that means)... So what CAN we offer you? Just pontoons of passion, kayaks of conviction, and a set-list sure to set your soul on fire! (And a guarantee to make ya giggle and sweat.)

'Nuff said! Onwards, upwards 'Wick-Heads! Excelsior!


From an Undisclosed Location in a Remote Himalayan Stronghold,

Your unprecedentedly demented Schub-er Mensch, and The Noumenally and Phenomenally, Freedom-wuvin' Fenwicks!


p.s. Dates, Cities, Venues are as Follows:

New York City

Sunday October 28th

The Knitting Factory

74 Leonard Street

New York City, New York 10013

Phone: (212) 219-3132

Doors Open: 6pm Actual Showtime: 6:30 pm Sharp!


Virginia Beach, Virginia

Tuesday October 30th

Please Note: This is a Venue Change!

The Jewish Mother

3108 Pacific Avenue

Virginia Beach, Virginia 23451

Phone: (757) 422-6373

Doors Open: 7pm Actual Showtime: 7:30 pm Sharp!


Charlotte, North Carolina

Wednesday October 31st- Our Halloween/Ska-lloween Fiesta Supreme

The Casbah @Tremont Music Hall

400 West Tremont Avenue

Charlotte, North Carolina 28203

Phone: (704) 343-9494

Doors Open: 6:30pm Actual Showtime: 7:30 pm Sharp!


Jacksonville, Florida

Thursday November 1st

Fuel Coffee House

1037 Park Street

Jacksonville, Florida 32204

Phone: (904) 425-3835

Doors Open: 6:30pm Actual Showtime: 7:00 pm Sharp!


Miami, Florida

Friday November 2nd

Studio A

60 NE 11th Street

Downtown Miami, Florida 33132

Phone: (305) 358-7625

Doors Open: 6pm Actual Showtime: 6:30 pm Sharp!


To purchase tickets and for all other gig info go to: http://www.bigdandthekidstable.com/pages/tours.php and/or: http://www.thefenwicks.com/tour.shtml

-p.p.s. To read all about our benefactors & Patron Saints- the Human Rights Foundation, and the vital work they do promoting and defending Individual Rights in the Americas, please go to:


-p.p.p.s. On your very own Fenwicks Hitting a "Jewish Mother". This just in to The Virginia Pilot:


-p.p.p.p.s. The Fenwicks Infiltrate Saddam's (former) Palace. Literally. Irrefutable, undoctored, Weapons Inspector-Proof, photographic evidence here:


Mon Oct 15 '07 6:42 pm
On Your Very Own Fenwicks Hitting a "Jewish Mother" in Virginia Beach!
This Just in From The Virginian-Pilot:





October 15th, 2007- (Virginia Beach, VA)--The Fenwicks, a notoriously political Third Wave ska band, has joined forces with New York-based Human Rights Foundation (HRF) to draw attention to the political persecution currently affecting Latin America. The band is reuniting as one of the opening acts on Boston based ska band Big D and the Kids Table "Steady Riot" Fall Tour. This will be the 10-piece "Afro-Celtic Yiddish Ska" band's first East Coast shows since the Vans Warped Tour in 2005. The Fenwicks will perform on Tuesday October 30th at The Jewish Mother 3108 Pacific Ave. Virginia Beach, Virginia 23451. Doors Open at 7PM. Showtime is 7:30PM. All Ages. Tickets are $12.00 and can purchased online at www.inticketing.com or by calling (757) 422-6373.

Once one of the East Coast's most beloved and most popular live acts, critics have described The Fenwicks as a "manic cross between Madness and The Marx Brothers". Yet it was the band's outspoken, openly philosophical lyrics on it's critically acclaimed CDs Member of No Tribe, eudaimonia, and Truth & Memory that garnered attention among Human Rights advocates.“It is inspiring that a group of artists is willing to donate so much of their time and energy to educate and highlight the forgotten victims of political persecution in Latin America. We support and applaud their efforts, and are most excited about The Fenwicks' ability to reach out to hundreds young people.” said Thor Halvorssen, president of HRF.

Now widely regarded as one of the instigators and progenitors of "3rd Wave" ska, The Fenwicks were originally formed when Lynyrd Skynyrd's drummer Artimus Pyle discovered frontman Steven Schub singing for a punk band called "Jew2" in Jerusalem Israel. Mr. Pyle decided to fly Schub and his songwriting partner, guitarist Jimmie Corrieri to Jacksonville Florida, and within 72 hours (and with a mere 3 rehearsals) The Fenwicks played their now legendary first show as a 10-piece "Afro-Celtic Yiddish Ska" band, opening for Foreigner and Billy Squier in front of 15,000 very confused, classic rock fans. With their hilarious, nearly vaudevillian stage show, and their infectious mix of ska, klezmer, funk and punk, a Fenwicks Show became a "right-of-passage" for college students up and down the Eastern Seaboard. Famous for the dance-party atmosphere and unpredictable stage antics, ten years of constant touring earned The Fenwicks the fanatical fan-base that has stuck with the group through it's various hiatuses caused by Schub's burgeoning film career.

Schub is a Lifetime Member of the Actors Studio and has starred and Guest Starred in over 20 films and TV shows including, NYPD Blue, Sesame Street, and the Sony Pictures Classics critically acclaimed film Caught directed by Robert M. Young in which Schub played Edward James Olmos and Maria Conchita Alonso's homicidal comedian son (a performance Entertainment Weekly called "an electrifying debut"). But it was Schub's role as a Recurring Guest Star Jihadi terrorist who helps vaporize a chunk of California, on last year's Season Premiere of the hit show 24, that led to the current alliance between The Fenwicks and the Human Rights Foundation. Schub explains: "I read about the work HRF was doing, most especially on behalf of political prisoners being held by the Chavez government in Venezuela—prisoners like Francisco Uson who is in jail simply for exercising his freedom of speech. I took a chance and sent an email to Thor Halvorssen, who was a fan of the TV show 24, and well, happily for us, he's also now a fan of The Fenwicks--because we are deeply committed to doing whatever we can to bring attention to the issue of individual rights and the work of HRF. We are honored and thrilled.”

It is not the first time The Fenwicks have lent their support to a political and/or philosophical cause. In 2003 The Fenwicks performed at the Ayn Rand Institute's Student Philosophy Conference on the campus of USC, they played at Town Hall on Broadway in New York City, alongside Jon Stewart for the Toyota Comedy Festival's Gerry Red Wilson Benefit, and their anti-Eminent Domain song "Preeminent Domain", (written in response to the Supreme Court's controversial Kelo v. New London decision) has become something of an anthem for the Property Rights movement nation-wide. But politics aside, Schub is quick to point out: "The Fenwicks are first and foremost a ska band, and so our most important job is quite simply making people dance, giggle and sweat".

Finally, The Fenwicks involvement with the Big D and The Kids Table "Steady Riot" tour, also flows from a kind of "auspicious coincidence". The Fenwicks met the band while on the 2005 Vans Warped Tour, a slot they landed after a random meeting between Schub and Warped Tour founder Kevin Lyman at a Los Angeles Music Conference. "Big D" was by far Schub's favorite band on the tour. "Look, there's very few bands that are as freaky, as spastic, and as committed to ska as we are, and Big D is one of 'em. We love everything about those cats. And best of all, I think I can safely say, Big D and The Fenwicks share the same basic view of life. That it should be an adventure. Believe me, this tour will be one".

Sun Sep 30 '07 04:05 am
"Fenwicks For Freedom"! One Month From Today! Human Rights Foundation Presents: The Fenwicks from NYC to Miami on Big D and The Kids Table's "Steady Riot" Fall Tour!
-From this day forward, let the word go forth, to friend and foe alike! Mark it on your calendars and tattoo it on your tushies! One month from today- the little 10-piece "Afro-Celtic Yiddish Ska" band that can not, Will not, WON'T not die- your very own ferocious, fanatical, phantasmagorical Fenwicks return to the East Coast for the first time since the 2005 Vans Warped Tour! For over 20 years we 'Wix have been bringing it, and you Wick-heads have been humoring it- so why stop now? This time it's for Freedom! Quite literally. Thanks to the support and blessings of the Human Rights Foundation- the world's leading think tank dedicated to the defense of Individual Rights in the Americas, we 'Wix have the distinct honor of being the opening act on Big D and The Kids Table's "Steady Riot" Ska Fall tour- (along with the bands: Whole Wheat Bread, The AKA's, and of course Big D himself).

Dates, Cities, Venues are as Follows:

New York City

Sunday October 28th

The Knitting Factory

74 Leonard Street

New York City, New York 10013

Doors Open: 6pm Showtime: 6:30 pm


Virginia Beach, Virginia

Tuesday October 30th

Please Note: This is a Venue Change!

The Jewish Mother

3108 Pacific Avenue

Virginia Beach, Virginia 23451

Doors Open: 7pm Showtime: 7:30 pm


Charlotte, North Carolina

Wednesday October 31st- Our Halloween/Ska-lloween Fiesta Supreme

The Casbah @Tremont Music Hall

400 West Tremont Avenue

Charlotte, North Carolina 28203

Doors Open: 6:30pm Showtime: 7:30 pm


Jacksonville, Florida

Thursday November 1st

Fuel Coffee House

1037 Park Street

Jacksonville, Florida 32204

Doors Open: 6:30pm Showtime: 7:00 pm


Miami, Florida

Friday November 2nd

Studio A

60 NE 11th Street

Downtown Miami, Florida 33132

Doors Open: 6pm Showtime: 6:30 pm


-Please Also Note:

All Shows are All Ages. Hence the early Showtimes. We are the first of 4 bands each night. So get there on time, or we may be sparks on the horizon by the time you do....

To purchase tickets and for all other gig info go to: http://www.bigdandthekidstable.com/pages/tours.php and/or: http://www.thefenwicks.com/tour.shtml

Shine on you Kuh-razy Diamonds! We'll be squeezin' ya soon!

And remember: When it comes to Life, Love, Liberty and Ska? No compromise! No surrender!

Wiff Wuvanwowwiepops,

Schubieshake & Duh 'Wix!


p.s. Um, for those of you who've never been to a Fenwick fiesta, and may perhaps be, shall we say, a little shy/nervous and/or possibly unprepared? Here's a few new reviews to let ya know what you can expect:

"The story of this band is legend. America's only Afro-Celtic Yiddish Ska band is like Oingo Boingo on steroids. Shifting seamlessly from circus music to booty shaking third wave ska at it's best. With an insane, hysterical, vaudevillian stage show, deranged lyrics and a frenzied assault on everything sacred, The Fenwicks will not disappoint".

-Skratch Magazine

"Bold and powerful. Blew my mind. I have never ever heard anything like this before".

-Southern Ska Magazine

"How can you not like this band? A band that swings and rocks at the same time, a lead singer, who is at heart a showman- the best live band I have heard".

-Silly Little Trouser Monkey Magazine

"What is this?! The Fenwicks are not a normal band. Blending punk, ska, pop and klezmer, they sound like something you'd hear at a mutant cross-cultural wedding. They are a band with a message: enjoy one's life! The songs ask you to live with integrity, love with sincerity, and act to make your life better. The Fenwicks promote joy both in theory and in practice- they sing and perform with the joy

they preach".

-G. Murray Thomas, The Independent

"Diverse and electrifying. These guys make you want to cavort with wild spasms of joy, ruthlessly kicking your legs up with reckless abandon. Their infectious grooves leave you begging for more. Spin this disc at your next big party, and it will not soon be forgotten"

-Glass Eye Magazine

-p.p.s. To read all about our benefactors & Patron Saints- the Human Rights Foundation, and the vital work they do promoting and defending Individual Rights in the Americas, please go to:


Thu Aug 23 '07 7:16 pm
Fenwicks Reunite For Human Rights! Return to NYC, Florida (and various joints between)!
Shalom & Aloha Fen-Heads and 'Wick-Heads, Comrades and Compadres!

The news you've been waiting for, we've been waiting for, and assorted State Troopers have been waiting for! For the first time in over two years, your very own freaky, furry, freedom-luvin' Fenwicks will be hitting the road and returning to hamlets, and shtetyls up and down the Eastern Seaboard. Thanks to a tour-support grant from the Human Rights Foundation, and the love and support of the single best ska band alive and skanking- Boston's own "Big D and The Kids Table", The Fenwicks will be one of the four acts on Big D's "Steady Riot" Fall tour.

Confirmed dates are as follows:

-Sunday October 28



-Tuesday October 30



-Wednesday October 31 Our Halloween/Ska-lloween Show!



-Thursday November 1



-Friday November 2



Tickets for the "Steady Riot" Tour are on sale now (or will be soon) and can purchased from Big D's Show Page:


Venue info also can be found on our own Tour Page:


-And now my friends, please humor me, as I engage in some well warranted plugging.... Justice and good taste requires that you check out our aforementioned musical brethren, our Boston-baked benefactors, "Big D and The Kids Table" and their utterly monstrous and entirely mind-roasting new CD- "Strictly Rude". They are indeed! Truly one of the only bands left, keeping the best of the blue beat, rock-steady Studio One/Two Tone/Third Wave sound relevant and revolutionary...

They will make you smile and they will make you sweat. Dig 'em here:


-And now speaking of Justice. There is one think tank doing truly heroic work in defense of Individual Rights throughout the Americas, and that my friends is the New York based Human Rights Foundation. Read about the vital work they are engaged in, protecting Liberty and Human Rights in the Americas here:


-Finally, for those who've never experienced a Fenwick show, (or just might need a re-fresher course)... Experience us now, simply ambulate on over to our "Multimedia" page....

Wuvanwowwiepops to y'all... and see ya in the pit very, Very, VERY soon....


Ska'd for Life,

Schubieshake & Duh 'Wix

Wed Aug 08 '07 4:49 pm
Yer Schub & Yer 'Wix in this week's "Weekly Standard"...
Ola Amigos!

In this week's edition of the national news magazine "The Weekly Standard", there's a story on the "Motion Picture Institute/Human Rights Foundation", the Individual Rights focused think-tank that's sponsoring us Fenwicks on our fall mini-tour...

Here's duh wittle chunk dat's about me & us 'Wix!




"Art, if it's well done, can have far more of an impact," says Steve Schub, an actor and singer, in between bites of his chili dog outside of Carney's, a hot dog stand along the Sunset Strip. "If you can have one movie that speaks, like The Lives of Others--I mean, you can read as much as you want about what life in a Communist country would be like, but that movie is so incredible. . . . I wish that was an American film." Schub is another person who has been drawn into Halvorssen's web. "He's sort of [like] John Galt," Schub says of Halvorssen, referring to the Ayn Rand character from Atlas Shrugged. "I think he's doing a pretty good job of getting us to out ourselves [politically], to come out and work together." Schub is an example of the diversity of ideologies Halvorssen is hoping to reach. His Ayn Rand allusion is no coincidence: He described himself as a "radical Objectivist" ("conservatives can be as much of a threat to free speech as liberals can") to go along with Dave Kalstein ("a neoconservative") and Chandler Tuttle ("a libertarian"). Halvorssen eschews labeling himself ideologically, insisting instead he is only "a civil liberties and civil rights advocate. . . . I'm focused on free speech, I'm focused on issues of individual rights, I'm focused on issues of poverty." When Schub learned of Halvorssen's efforts to promote individual rights, he took a chance and sent him an email. The two struck up a conversation, and the Human Rights Foundation will sponsor Schub's "Afro-Celtic Yiddish Ska" band, The Fenwicks, on a mini-tour this fall.

In addition to being a radical Objectivist, the 24 vet (he played "Sabir" in the latest season) also happens to be the only actor who would speak to me on the record. He insists that there is no blacklist against those who don't conform to the left consensus, though he says that "it is just assumed that you are on the left on some level." It seems to annoy Schub that actors think anyone should care about their bringing "awareness" to an issue. "Why would I necessarily humor their idea on global warming, as opposed to [the ideas of] a plumber or a welder?" He thinks it can detract from the audience's appreciation of an actor's work if they know what he thinks about every little issue. "I think as an actor you want people . . . to know as little about you as possible. . . . With actors I love, I don't want to know what their agenda is in life because the whole idea is that you're supposed to seduce people into suspending their disbelief, just see the character." Schub is no slouch, technically; he's a member of the Actors Studio, the elite organization founded by Elia Kazan where professional actors go to work on their craft. And he's certainly committed to social change, though not in the same way that, say, George Clooney is. "I think that real change has to happen on a philosophical-cultural level, and that's where I think [the MPI's] focus is."

Mon Jun 04 '07 7:11 pm
Marlon Brando, James Dean, Robert DeNiro, Al Pacino, Dustin Hoffman and Who?!?!?
Yup, dat's right Comrades!!!!

After umpteen imperial light years of hoping/dreaming/praying & scheming, as of today: Steven Benjamin Schub is now officially a Lifetime Member of the Actors Studio.

(God help the Actors Studio)...



Wed Apr 18 '07 10:31 pm
New Fenwick Music! Schub on "24" Online! And the Very Last Chance To See Schub's "Skank"!
Shalom Aleichem & Aloha Comrades and Compadres, Fen-heads & 'Wick-heads, Saints & Sinners!

Schubieshake hither, here to tellz ya jus dis! :

4 Brand New Fenwick Songs Are Up and Available, for your listening/downloading pleasure, on our "Multimedia" page! -Including the newly re-mixed and re-mastered "Devil's Den" ("Too Dumb to Die"): Our danceable ditty about true love and Zombie-hunting...

-"Begging for the Bullet": Honestly and objectively, the single greatest song ever written, (or at the very least, the single greatest song ever written about a "Senile Avenging Jewish Werewolf")...

-"Preeminent Domain": Our Anti-Eminent Domain anthem, in the battle for Property Rights ...

-And "Sleep Tight": A vicious little break-up lullaby, with a glorious guest vocal by global Dance-Hall Diva, the divine Madelin Zero....

Give a listen Bubbeleh!

And in terms of things thespian? What's up at www.stevenschub.com? 3 Brand new clips! Did ya miss me vaporize Valencia on "24"? Well, just for you, the best of my Jihadist shtick has been consolidated into 3 minutes of manic martyrdom. Also new? Scenes from my Zombie flick "Devil's Den," and a brand new, new & improved version of my notoriously deviant, diabolical and transgressive, One Minute Reel: "Schubieshake in 60 seconds."

Ambulate on over to:


-Lastly but not leastly, for all uh youze living in Hell-A. This coming weekend is indeed your very last chance to see me as everyone's favorite, fun-lovin', Crack-head, "Skank" in the Elephant Theater Company's production of "In Arabia We'd All Be Kings". After 3 long months, and three short extensions, our show, absolutely, positively must finally close! The final three performances will be this coming Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights, April 19th, 20th, and 21st. Each show will be sure to sell-out, so pretty please, get your tickets in advance.

Showtime is 8PM. Tickets are $20.00 and can be purchased by calling (323)960-4410. Tickets can also be purchased online at:


(Use promo code "008" for 1/2 off, and "007" for $5.00 off when reserving). A limited number of 1/2 price tickets for every show are also available here:


"In Arabia We'd All Be Kings" is at The Elephant Theater, 6320 Santa Monica Blvd. (one block west of Vine) Hollywood, CA 90038.

Here's hoping to make you squirm,


Yer friendly neighborhood Schubieshake!

p.s. This review just in from the "Park LaBrea News":

"Schub is terrific; it is hard to keep your eyes off him.... the ensemble is flawless... heartbreaking.... perfect visually and atmospherically... right on target... this is theater at its best!" ...

(Blush, blush).

To read the full review go to:


See Page 11.

Thu Mar 22 '07 10:17 am
Your Schub on KPFK Radio Today at 12 Noon.
Shalom & Aloha Comrades!

Your very own friendly neighborhood Schubieshake will be interviewed today, Thursday March 22nd (along with director David Fofi and actress Jade Dornfeld) on KPFK Radio 90.7 FM in Los Angeles (http://www.kpfk.org) at 12 Noon Pacific Time, on Julio Martinez's "Arts in Review" show, talking about...- yup! Dat's right!- our production of "In Arabia We'd All Be Kings"!

Should be good fun. Hypothetically, (if one wanted to), one could listen live by moseying on over to:


(Again, strictly hypothetically).

Theoretically yours,


Shake of Duh 'Wix

Mon Mar 19 '07 7:58 pm
Schub is "Electrifying" (Puhleez!) & "Horrifying" (well that we knew), & The Show is Extended- Yet Again!
Well my friends, now even I think they've gone too far! This just in from Los Angeles Theater Critic Jose Ruiz on our production of "In Arabia We'd All Be Kings":

"Steven Schub is electrifying as the strung out junkie. Schub explores the innermost entrails of a man with an “almost there” past, and an “hour to hour” future, with sensitivity and understanding, bringing a horrifying realism to the role"- Jose Ruiz.

(To read the full-review hit: http://www.reviewplays.com/inArabiaWeKings.htm )

-Unt dis from the "PopLicks" Website:

"Magnificent performances. Go discover Steven Schub, who plays a Mick Jagger-impersonating speed junkie named Skank, and Jade Dornfeld, who plays his hooking addict girlfriend Chickie, before they become famous".


-And finally from the folks at "Variety":

"Impressively wrought, powerful and perfectly cast..."


-Clearly Comrades, with reviews like dat, dis here show CAN not/WILL not/SHALL not close! And so, "In Arabia We'd All Be Kings" will take this coming weekend off, move to a new space, (right next door), and Re-Open on Friday March 30th to run on Fridays and Saturdays only, through April 21st . Showtime is 8PM. Tickets are $20.00 and can be purchased by calling (323)960-4410. Tickets can also be purchased online at:


(Use promo code "008" for 1/2 off, and "007" for $5.00 off when reserving). A limited number of 1/2 price tickets for every show are also available here:


But please make sure to get your tickets in advance as this thing's been selling out every friggin' night! (Kuh-razy)...

"In Arabia We'd All Be Kings" is at The Elephant Theater, 6320 Santa Monica Blvd. (one block west of Vine) Hollywood, CA 90038.

That's it. I'm out.

"Horrifyingly, electrifyingly" yours,

Schubieshake of Duh ferocious, fanatical, fantasmagorical Fenwicks!

-p.s. You have my word, when all this is over, I'll get back to being a good little Fenwick again...

Fri Feb 02 '07 02:06 am
Schub's Show "Critic's Choice"!!!
From this morning's Los Angeles Times Review of "In Arabia We'd All Be Kings":

"Director David Fofi and an exceptional cast take us on a profane, tender tour of the hustle and flow of New York's Hell's Kitchen during the late 1990s, on the cusp of gentrification at the hands of Mayor Giuliani and Walt Disney. This co-production by the Elephant and VS. theater companies marks the long overdue L.A. premiere of the play that put writer Stephen Adly Guirgis on the map".

 — Charlotte Stoudt

Los Angeles Times

"Critic's Choice"

To read the full review, go to:


-So c'mon all you L.A. Fen-heads & 'Wick-heads! See your favorite furry Fenwick "Skank" it up, as "Skank" in "In Arabia We'd All Be Kings"!

A limited number of 1/2 price tickets for every show are available here:


"In Arabia We'd All Be Kings" runs every Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 8PM through March 3rd at The Elephant Theater, 6322 Santa Monica Blvd. (one block west of Vine) Hollywood, CA 90038. Tickets are $20.00 and can also be purchased at: http://www.plays411.com/arabia (use promo code "008" for 1/2 off, and "007" for $5.00 off when reserving)

or call (323)960-4410

More nice things said:

LA Weekly says:

"Go!.... Director David Fofi plays the personal conflicts like a pinball wizard."

-Steven Mikulan

LA Weekly

M. Jarrett Christensen of the Tolucan Times writes:

"The pacing is exquisite as comedy is blended with tragedy without missing a beat, like a precise rhythm instrument. All the performances were absolutely excellent... This is theatre supreme that thrusts a brazen realism that pulls the audience in with the subtly of a sledgehammer. The effect? A rare and stunning production that excels in spectacular fashion. Praise director David Fofi for letting Stephen Adly Guirgis’ writing breathe. It is as if you are watching a documentary, and will feel the effects of change on our poisoned outcasts. This is theatre at its finest".

 -- M. Jarrett Christensen

Tolucan Times

"A fascinating tapestry of characters struggling to survive on the fringes of lower Manhattans makes for an exceptional comedy/drama. This intelligently written play by Stephen Adly Guirgis generates both laughter and sorrow.  You can definitely recommend it to your friends."

--Mitchell  Ehrlich


"Oy vey, what have I done?! The boy is meshugganah!"

-My Mommy

Tue Jan 09 '07 8:44 pm
Schub on "24"! Schub on Crack! Fenwicks on the March (in March)...
-This coming Sunday January 14th & Monday January 15th, come bear witness, as your very own Schubieshake does some very bad things, as a very bad man, on the Season Premiere of "24"- (Episodes 1-4). 8 p.m. -10 p.m. Eastern and Pacific on FOX, 7 p.m. Central. Yup, ain't nothing like a Freethinking Fenwick, a Secular Humanist/Objectivist/Atheist/Zionist playing a Militant Islamist Jihadist. We can just file this one under: "Bite Me Bin Laden", and "Ha-Ha" Hamas! It's an eensy-weensy, teeny-weeny role, but, um, how shall I say this? It's "highly explosive", (in a thermo-nuclear kinda way)....

-Speaking of teeny-weenies- you can watch me play one, live onstage! Opening Friday January 26th, the Los Angeles Premiere, of Stephen Adly Guirgis' critically acclaimed play, "In Arabia We'd All Be Kings" directed by David Fofi for The Elephant Theatre Company. This play is a brutal, heart-breaking look at life in a Hell's Kitchen dive-bar, circa around 1992. 'Member those days? Ah, yes, I can still smell it like it was yesterday! (I guess I really should do laundry...) I play a guy named "Skank", and yes he is, thank you very much! Strictly coincidentally, and quite auspiciously, the original debut production of this play was produced, and directed, by our ol' Fenwick Comrade Mr. Philip Seymour Hoffman, for his LAByrinth Theater Company in NYC, and was named "One of the Ten Best Plays of 1999" by "TimeOut" New York. This production will run Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays at 8PM through March 4th, at The Elephant Theater 6322 Santa Monica Blvd. (one block west of Vine) Hollywood, CA 90038 . Tickets are $20.00 and available at:

http://www.plays411.com/arabia or call (323) 960-4410.

-And speaking of March! That's the next scheduled session for us Fenwicks, to continue the recording of our next CD, the long awaited (by us anyway) "More Is More"! We actually have 4 looney tunes completed, and, well, my fingers lock-up, and I start convulsing when I even try to type about it, or talk about it. That's how friggin' excited we are about this. Now here's the surprise... Just so you don't think I'm biased, delusional and babbling, 3 of these merry melodies we are ready to share with you, right NOW! Dat's right! As treasured and cherished members of our email list, we 'Wix will email you 3 MP3s for free, right now! Just respond to this post with a, "Pretty Please With Sugar On Top, Be Your Best Friend" (write to: shake@thefenwicks.com) , and I'll respond with the music. Be the first Fen-head, to hear: "Begging For The Bullet"- (what has to be the greatest song ever written about a "Senile Avenging Jewish Werewolf"). Be the first 'Wick-head on your block, to wallow to "Sleep Tight" (our vicious little break-up lullaby, with a guest vocal by global Dancehall Diva, the exquisite Madelin Zero), and be the very first on Earth, to hear the new recording of our Anti-Eminent Domain ditty "Preeminent Domain". All yours for the low, low price of: Nothing!!! Now how's that for a belated Christmas/Chanukah/Ramadan/Kwanza/Festivas/Solstice present? Do we love you or what?

With unadulterated exuberance,

Schubieshake & your freethinking, fun-luvin', ever-fungible Fenwicks.

p.s. This is the last time I'll be using the phrase "speaking of" in this posting, I promise, but speaking of "unadulterated exuberance", for all those in Los Angeles, here's a heads-up. This coming Saturday January 13th, at 7:30 PM, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA), will be screening the Academy Award nominated documentary "Ayn Rand: A Sense of Life". Directed by our compadre, the great Michael Paxton, this documentary, about my favorite writer/philosopher Ayn Rand, (author of "The Fountainhead" and "Atlas Shrugged") is both inspired, and inspiring. I can't recommend it highly enough. Tickets are $9.00. LACMA is located at 5905 Wilshire Boulevard (one block east of Fairfax), LA, CA 90036.

(323)857-6000 (General Information), http://www.lacma.org

Mon Oct 16 '06 9:57 pm
YouTube Now "SchubTube"! & The Hollywood Film Festival Eats My Heart Out- (Literally.)
O' my Fen-heads! Oy my 'Wick-heads!

The revolution has just begun! The very sum of my, and The Fenwicks', entire creative worth, is up, online and on YouTube now! Everything, and I mean, all of it, one click away!

Fenwick Stuff Here: http://www.youtube.com/thefenwicks

Schub stuff here: http://www.youtube.com/stevenschub

What do I mean by everything? Every single Fenwick music video and television appearance- including: The video which started it all, our very first music video, for the song, "Another Deadly Mother", directed by the boy who would grow up to be: "THE MAN"- Academy Award Nominee, Bennett Miller ("Capote"). This is the very video which convinced legendary Lynyrd Skynyrd drummer Artimus Pyle to fly Jim and your Schubieshake down to Jacksonville, and start this whole outrageous adventure. Plus two live videos, shot by the great Robert M. Young, (director of Paul Simon's "One Trick Pony", and the films "Short Eyes", "Dominick & Eugene" and "Caught"), and our historic histrionic appearances on FOX News with Artimus Pyle, and the NBC Morning Show plugging the Vans Warped Tour at 6AM!

All right here: http://www.youtube.com/thefenwicks

And what you ask, in terms of Schubieshtick? 18 TV, and movie clips, including, Big Bird teaching this freaky Fenwick how to read on "Sesame Street", Dennis Franz and Ricky Schroder teaching my how to lie on "NYPD Blue", Edward James Olmos and Maria Conchita Alonso teaching me how to grovel in "Caught", and me teaching Timothy Olyphant how to be a monkey, a maniac, and a Meth-head, in "No Vacancy".

All right here: http://www.youtube.com/stevenschub

So lock the back door, take your shoes off, put your feet up, make a pot of coffee, pour yourself a stiff drink, pull the shades, draw the curtains, say your prayers and prepare to plotz!

Immutably, with wuvanwowwiepops,

Schubieshake and your manic, spastic, liberty-lovin' Fenwicks....


Dear Google-

Mazel Tov on your "YouTube" purchase! Sorry about the $1.65 billion and all, but guess what? You own ME now! And um, this boy (and this band) are non-refundable. (Ha, ha!)

xoxo, SS and Duh 'Wix....

-P.P.S. Hey, anyone in L.A. wanna see Schub's heart, quite literally ripped out, and eaten by "the Queen of The Ghouls"?... (You know you do, admit it.) The extremely whacky/daffy/zany ghoul flick "Devil's Den", will have it's World Premiere, this coming Sunday night, October 22nd, (one screening only)- at 9PM, here in Hollywood, at the Arclight Cinemas, as part of the Hollywood Film Festival. (Please note: Come with a sense of humor and a large air-sickness bag. You've been warned...)

To purchase tickets, cut and paste this:


Mon Oct 02 '06 9:52 pm
The Fenwicks Fight Big Brother... and Win!
Shalom and Aloha Fen-heads & Wick-heads!

So kall me kwazy! (Ga head, I know you do anyway). And dat's fine. But get this: 'Member this past summer, when us Fenwicks were asked to play at a tiny little benefit concert, on behalf of a little old luggage store in Hollywood, which was being forced to sell (or be condemned by the City) so that Starwood could build a hotel on the land? And 'member how us Fenwicks wrote a silly little "Anti-Eminent Domain" ditty called "Preeminent Domain", and then played said song for about 50 seemingly delusional defenders of Property Rights standing in the rain? Well, um, guess who won? WE DID!!!

From last Thursday's Los Angeles Times:


Take that Big Brother! So maybe we can't get on MTV- but we can change the world- (and we will), one luggage store at a time!

Delusionally yours,

Forever on the barricades, for Reason, Individual Rights and Ska,

Schubieshake and Your Freedom-Wuvin' Fenwicks!

p.s. To hear our musical molotov:


p.p.s. For an excellent Op-Ed, explaining the dangers of Eminent Domain Abuse:


p.p.p.s. And finally, for info on two organizations dedicated to protecting your Property Rights:

The Institute For Justice: http://www.ij.org/

and Free Star Media: http://www.freestarmedia.com/

Sat Sep 09 '06 09:57 am
Schub's "Sex" Performance? "Intense & Highly Comical".
Here's what the critics are saying about my "Sex & Work" work: (and I suppose "they" would know, yes?)...

From this past Wednesday September 6th's "Daily Variety":

"Schub delivers an intensely committed performance as Rico, the sex-crazed robber baron... Schub exudes an energetic, highly comical stream of greed and lust."

Click to read the full review:


From this past Thursday's "Backstage West":

"Especially fine, Schub bring(s) energy, playfulness, and a believable camaraderie..."

Click to read to full review:


Witness my streams of "greed and lust" (if ya wanna)...

Every Wednesday and Thursday (except next Thursday) until September 28th at the Lillian Theater in Hollywood, CA.

1076 Lillian Way (one block west of Vine- just below Santa Monica Boulevard) in Hollywood, CA 90038. Tickets are $15.00 (discounts for SAG/AFTRA/AEA & Seniors) and you can make reservations by calling (866) 811-4111. Or online at TheaterMania.

Simply go to:


With wuvanwowwiepops,

Yer friendly neighborhood Schubieshake of yer freedom-luvin' Fenwicks.

Fri Aug 18 '06 12:08 am
A Fenwick On "24", Schub Gets "Sex & Work", and The Fenwicks Get Crackin'...
Shalom and Aloha Comrades and Compadres!

Schub here. So you want surreality? We got surreality! You want cosmic irony? How's this for cosmic irony? Given what's going on in the world- there I was, not three weeks ago- on the phone with the "Volunteers for Israel" program, ready to pop on a plane- when another call came through- veritably simultaneously... The TV show "24" wanted this here Fenwick, to play a Jihadi terrorist on the first few episodes of the upcoming season. Well, make way Bin Laden! Move over Nasrallah! Stand down Ahmadinah-whack-job! Say hello to the World's first Secular Humanist/Objectivist/Atheist/Zionist Jihadist! I started shooting (film, not bullets) two weeks ago, and from what I understand these episodes will start airing in January of 2007. You'll have to forgive me in advance, as I do some very, Very, VERY not nice things...

-In additionally ironic news, I'm starring in a brand new play, written and directed by Rick Pagano called "Sex & Work" (ironic, because, well, as all of you know- all too well- I know nothing about either!) It's a bawdy, rollicking, global romp in which I play "Rico Stamides"- toxic waste salesman by day/wanna-be playboy by night...

"Sex & Work" opens next Thursday night August 24th at The Lillian Theater, 1076 Lillian Way (one block west of Vine- just below Santa Monica Boulevard) in Hollywood, CA 90038. Tickets are $15.00 (discounts for SAG/AFTRA/AEA & Seniors) and you can make reservations by calling (866) 811-4111. Or online at TheaterMania.

Simply go to:


"Sex & Work" will run only on Wednesday and Thursday nights, from August 24th through September 28th. Showtime: 8PM.

Just for fun, here's the summary of "Sex & Work" as posted on TheaterMania:

"Sex & Work": "Rico is a self-centered but charismatic schemer with an audacious attitude, a lusty libido, and an overwhelming need to get rich quick and to get laid as quickly (and frequently) as he can. Following the death of his estranged mother, Rico decides to live a life of dreams fulfilled, and he wants to take his best friend Lee along for the ride. When Rico comes up with the perfect job -- brokering the disposal of toxic waste -- he drags the more pragmatic Lee on a wild global adventure that stretches from Nigeria to Russia to the Iraqi desert and more. Together, the buddies go in search of power, success, and beautiful women..."

-And now finally in Fenwick News! I'm sorry to say, no, we did not play The Vans Warped Tour this summer. Our respective schedules made it impossible. But! I'm happy to say we are in active pre-production on our 4th CD entitled "More Is More". Jimmie and I have written and composed 15 or so assorted, sordid ditties, on topics ranging from senile Jewish werewolves to Mushy Tushy Babies, defending Western Civilization- freedom and liberty, to the role of the mind in human life.... Um, needless to say, said disc will rock oh so very, very hard, (in an "Afro-Celtic Yiddish Ska" sort of way)..... We can only hope to have this baby done by next summer- but with all us 'Wix in exile all across the globe, simply assembling this Anti-Tribe takes some dubious doing...

To quote my hero Porky:

"Dat's all Folks"...

In joy, mirth and joviality,

Schubieshake and Duh 'Wix

p.s. As for the Middle East, let's all fight for a day, when they'll no longer be a need to fight. A day, and a world, without blind hatred and brute irrationality. In terms personal perspective on the current crisis, and it's origins, (for anyone interested)- I strongly recommend the following books:

"From Time Immemorial" by Joan Peters.

"Myths & Facts" by Mitchell G. Bard.

And the great, and inspiring, historical novel about the founding of the Modern State of Israel "Exodus" by Leon Uris.

Lastly the Webpage: www.israelismoral.com also compiles many excellent Op-Eds....

xoxo, SS

Thu May 18 '06 5:20 pm
The Fenwicks On iTunes! (Can You Say: "Harbinger Of The Apocalypse"?)
(Mr. Jobs- You stand warned! Lock up your back-door, and run for your life! The Second Renaissance has just begun!)

Well 'Wick-heads-

It had to happen sooner or later.... The Fenwicks are finally up on iTunes! Both of our sonically sinful CDs: "eudaimonia" and "Truth & Memory: Live and Unleashed at Arlene Grocery NYC"... Simply click on this:


Or, just go to iTunes, enter "The Fenwicks" or "Fenwicks" into the Search box, and your search is over!


In other news: Your very own little Schubieshake will be playing "Ralph- The Angel of Death" in The Blank Theater Company's Fourteenth Annual Young Playwright Festival's production of "Noel" written by 16-year old Lisa Meyers. The show runs one weekend only, Thursday, Friday and Saturday (June 1-3) at 8PM and Sunday June 4th at 2PM and 7PM at The Egyptian Arena Theater 1631 North Las Palmas Ave. (South of Hollywood Blvd.) Hollywood, CA. Tickets are $15.00 and can be purchased at http://www.theblank.com or by phone at:

(323) 661-9827.


And finally on June 6th the haunting and harrowing World War 2 film "Straight Into Darkness" will be released on DVD. The film was directed by the great Jeff C. Burr (the mad-man who directed me in the films "Spoiler" and "Devil's Den"). I ain't in this flick, but it is a darkly poetic film, about young handicapped partisans fighting the Nazis, and as such, it is well worth a gander... Bring a rifle and a hankie!

-With Wuvanwowwiepops,

Schubieshake and The Fierce and Fearless, Flying Fenwick Flea-Circus!


Fri Apr 07 '06 6:36 pm
Car Dead/Schub Alive, and Jimmie Plays Jersey City Tomorrow Night...
Shalom and Aloha from LA to NYC!

-In Happy News, (well, for me anyway): I am still alive. In Sad News: my '66 Ford Mustang is not. Crushed and totaled in wreck on Tuesday night. Both myself, and the 19-year old (who flew through her Stop sign and slammed into me), are alive and well somehow- and that's most important thing. However, if any of you Fen-heads and/or 'Wick-heads in the LA area happen to know of any kool, semi-reliable vehicles for sale, please lemme know! (Free foot massage as finder's fee...)

-In Jimmie news: Jim's "other band", (the one he cheats on me with)- the great "Blame It On Lisa" will play tomorrow night- Saturday April 8th at 10PM in Jersey City, New Jersey, at the bar "Simple"- 174 Cole Street (Zip is: 07302)... Go, and shout out a request for a Fenwick song- (just to get a rise out of him), it's fun! (I love when his ears turn red), then buy him a shot, apologize on my behalf, and give him a hug.... "Lisa" rocks proverbially hard!....


Walking in L.A.


Thu Mar 23 '06 11:21 pm
"V" May Be For "Vendetta", but "F" is for "Fenwicks"! (and Freedom)!
"V" may be for "Vendetta", but "F" is for Freedom! (and The Fenwicks)!

-Hey all you West Coast Fen-heads & 'Wick-heads, join a Fenwick on the barricades, at two events defending freedom with a Capital "F"! The first? This Saturday March 25th. I have been nudged, by the nation's leading defender of property rights- Mr. Logan Darrow himself, to play The Fenwicks' Anti-Eminent Domain ditty, "Preeminent Domain", live- at a rally on behalf of The Bernard Luggage Company in Hollywood, California. A family owned business since Lord knows when, they (along with 30 other businesses) are being forced to sell- (or be condemned by the City), so that the Starwood Hotel Chain can build a "W" Hotel. They are all under imminent Eminent threat. Some day, you may be too. So come out and show your support. C'mon! Anyone remember Property Rights? Anyone? Anyone?? Hello??? (I know You do Silly, I was trying to get the Supreme Court's attention!) Please don't get me wrong, us 'Wix are all for "development", the issue is simply one of Property Rights- that individuals should not be forced to sell their property against their will, just so the Government can take in more tax revenue. That is the issue, plain and simple. (Plus, OK, I confess- all us ex-Bellboys have a permanent soft-spot when it come to luggage...)

-Oh, and um... Wanna know what makes this really scary? All the other Fenwicks are on the East Coast (the ones who actually know how to play instruments and stuff), so I'm gonna have to try and pull this off, all on my own. And if that doesn't make the Government back down, nothing will! (Then again, there is an unverifiable rumor that the old bass player from my Jerusalem punk band- "Traif" (aka "Jew2"), Charles Brettner, might pop down to lend a hand...)

-Said Rally will be from 1:00-4:00 p.m., this Saturday March 25th, at the Sunshine Parking Lot, at 1636 Vine Street in Hollywood, CA 90028, (near Hollywood and Vine, next to "Star Hair and Nails"). I should be humiliating myself, (musically speaking), playing just that one song, sometime between 3 and 4 p.m. Assuming "The Man" don't stop me first...

For additional info, and all sorts of assorted intellectual ammo about Eminent Domain Abuse, check out the following links:

The Institute for Justice:


And Logan Darrow's site (where you can also buy a copy of The Fenwicks' song "Preeminent Domain", and support the Cause, all for low, low price of only 2 Clams!):


-Event #2. The Fight for Freedom of Speech. Join me on Tuesday April 11th at 7PM, on the USC Campus, where I'll be attending (not speaking, just attending) a Panel Discussion on the Danish Cartoons and The World's Reaction.

Details here:


-Now leaving the realm of the political, let's talk "Existential" Freedom, shall we? Our best Boychick, Bennett Miller's excellent documentary "The Cruise" about Madman/Philosopher/Tour Guide- Timothy "Speed" Levitch, is finally being released on DVD thanks to Lionsgate. (I guess being nominated for an Academy Award really wakes up the Suits...) Anyway, for all you East Coast Fen-heads, in honor of this unholy holy event, "The Cruise" will be shown on the Big Screen, at the Angelika Film Center, this Friday and Saturday at Midnight. Benny-Burger, the Barbarian himself, Mr. Bennett Miller, will be in attendance at both screenings, so go give him a hug, and a big sloppy wet one, and after he slaps you, tell him it's from The Fenwicks...

-Lastly, rarely do I plug publications. But here's an exception that proves the rule. Check out the brand new Journal on Culture, Science Politics, and Art- from a consistently, Secular, pro-Reason, pro-Freedom, pro-Individualist perspective: "The Objective Standard".

Dig it here:


In dubious battle,

Schubieshake and Duh 'Wix....

Mon Mar 13 '06 12:14 am
Artimus Venomous! Artimus Victorious!! Artimus Glorious!!!
Ladies and Gentlemen (and all those in between)!

I am proud to say, that tonight, Monday March 13th 2006, at The Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York City, The Fenwicks' Founding Father, Patron Saint, and Spiritual Godfather- The King, The Backbeat and The Heartbeat of Southern Rock N' Roll, The Ever-Lovin' Livin' Legend Himself- Mr. Artimus Pyle, (and his band Lynyrd Skynyrd), will officially be inducted into "The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame". No friends, there probably won't be barking, but knowing Artie, you can rest assured, that this "Hallowed Hall" ain't never gonna be the same again!

For 17 years Artimus slammed the skins, and beat the drums, for the Greatest American Rock Band of All Time- Lynyrd Skynyrd. ("Freebird", "Sweet Home Alabama", "Gimme Three Steps", "What's Your Name", "Simple Man", the list just goes on and on...). And with lead singer Ronnie Van Zant gone, there is no one alive who better embodies the message and the music of Lynyrd Skynyrd than Artimus Pyle. All of us here in Kibbutz Fenwick send our love, respect, and imperial boatloads of Mazel Tovs out to Artimus. If you love us, you love this man- for without him, there would be no "us". (I mean this quite literally. For those unfamiliar with the all-too-strange but true tale, of how this Southern Rock God, discovered this here spaz singing for a punk band called "Jew2" in Jerusalem Israel, and then re-discovered me years later working as a bell-boy in New York City, flew Jim Corrieri and I to Jacksonville, and created The Fenwicks in 72 hours, well you wouldn't believe me if I told you, so simply shlep on over to our "Bio" page to read The Good Word.

-And if ya'll want auditory evidence, as in, hear a super-duper rare recording of Artimus Pyle playing drums with your very own Fenwicks, on a truly twisted cover version of Jimi Hendrix's "Manic Depression" pop over to our "Multimedia" page, (ya gotta scroll down a bit, once ya get there, the MP3 can be found just under "Truth & Memory").

-For all Artimus Pyle related info, (including news on his upcoming solo record: "Artimus Venomous"), hit his website:


In closing, to quote our "Southern Rock Rabbi" Mr. Pyle: "What a world, what a world, what a world!"

-In joy, mirth, and joviality,

Schubieshake and The Flabbergasting Freedom-wuvin' Fenwicks....

p.s. Oh, and um, one final note:

As the oh, so surreal events of the last few weeks will surely testify: It apparently pays to be a Fenwick fan! What do I mean by such hubris unt arrogance? Well, see here: It's an ancient, age-old adage, a time-tested chestnut of Show-Biz Wiz-Dumb, a Hollyweird Axiom, if you will: "If you're on The Fenwicks' email list, you are destined for greatness!"

(See Phil, Bennett and Artimus for details...) It should be noted however, that if you are actually IN The Fenwicks... well, you'll apparently starve for life and dance in oblivion. But that's a whole 'nother story- for me, my 6-foot invisible bunny rabbit, and my team of therapists... Seriously though, just jesting, not kvetching. Life's been good to us 'Wix. We dig our subterranean existence as underground underdogs, I swear! But anywho, if for whatever reason you wanna challenge fate, defy the Gods, and be removed from our email list, simply click on the following link, enter your info and hit "Unsubscribe"...

(But you can kiss your Oscar chances goodbye....)


Shalom Y'All!

xoxo, Shake

Sun Feb 26 '06 10:27 pm
Holy "Capote"! Phil Might Actually Just Do It!
Shalom and Aloha Fen-heads, 'Wick-heads & Oscar Watchers!

Well, it looks like our boy Philip Seymour Hoffman may not only be, certifiably the greatest actor in human history, it looks like he might also be, just as insane as, well.... yours truly! It was on The Late Show with David Letterman this past Wednesday night- Mr. Hoffman went on-the-air, and unapologetically, unabashedly, unmistakably- Named Names! Mine specifically, to be fully frank, exposing our 19 year-old plan, for Oscar Insurrection- (doggie-style so to speak...).

No, I'm not hallucinating. (Not this time, anyway...) Click on the link, below to see and hear the surreal-ness for yourself...

(You'll need Real Video if you don't have it, which you can easily download from Letterman's page, it's worth the effort trust me...)


Two brief disclaimers: For the record, I honestly have let poor Phil (and Bennett) off the hook. After all, we made the pact when we were 19-year old "Method Madmen", members of the "S.L.A." (The Stanislavski Liberation Army), and basically for all intents and purposes- beyond batty. Um, that said, if Phil (and/or Bennett) does indeed Bark, I will indeed "Oink" and/or "Moo" when my day comes.... Also, (and far more importantly)- this:

It feels like literally just yesterday, that Phil and I were in our Weinstein dorm-room at NYU, staring at the cracked ceiling and dreaming.... (When we weren't putting cigars out in each other's arms to "get into character", and fist-fighting over: Strasberg vs. Adler vs. Meisner vs. Lewis vs. Chekov vs. Kissinger vs. Holyfield vs. Yankees vs. Mets...)

Anyway... um, where was I? Oh yeah.... seriously now, there are truly no words for how proud Jimmie and I are of Bennett and Phil, and it is a beautiful thing to see dreams actually coming true. As incredible and surreal as it all seems, at the same time (and this is my main point) it somehow feels perfectly logical and predictable. Enormous talent, and enormous effort have been recognized. Simple justice! The world makes sense! Stay alive long enough and anything is possible....

Long live the Bullstoi Theater Ensemble! Long live "Capote"! Whatever happens, Phil and Bennett have made a film which will be watched forever.


Schubieshake and The Fenwickian Flyin' Flea Circus

-p.s. Ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff,Ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff Ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff,Ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff Ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff,Ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff,ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff,Ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff Ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff,Ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff,ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff,Ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff Ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff,,ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff....Ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff,Ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff Ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff,Ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff Ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff,Ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff,ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff,Ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff Ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff,Ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff,ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff,Ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff Ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff,,ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff....

Tue Jan 31 '06 9:12 pm
The Fenwicks Wanna Know: Will There Or Won't There Be Barking At The Academy Awards? (Plus Schubieshake Kills Superman, and Jimmie Daddy Redux!)
Shalom Aleichem and Aloha Fen-heads, 'Wick-heads, Comrades and Ska-mrades!

So every once in a trillion light years, the world makes sense. Today (or yesterday- depending on when you read this) the Academy Award Nominations were announced and lo and behold, the perfectly perfect film "Capote" was nominated for just about everything!! Ah, sweet justice, we love ya! Maaaaajor Mazel Tovs to our boys Phil Hoffman, Bennett Miller and Dan Futterman!!!! Now, humor me people, humor me, as we waltz down my memory lane. Flash back to the mid-to-late Eighties. Midnight. A basement in a dormitory at NYU. Me, Jimmie, Philip Seymour Hoffman, and Bennett Miller are supposed to be rehearsing one of Eugene O'Neill's Sea Plays for our extremely ill-fated theater company The Bullstoi Theatre Ensemble. Instead we've shaved our heads and downed a few bottles of 151 Bacardi... (Who remembers... I think it had something to do with um, "research"... ) Anyway point is... A very solemn and sacred blood-oath was taken by each of us on that holy night. Whichever one of us was first to win an Academy Award, their entire speech would have to consist of nothing but barking... Yup, just "Ruff, ruff, ruff..." For a full 90 seconds... No, "I'd like to thank the members of the Academy"... "or my agent"... "or Larry Moss", "or the Baby Seals"... just pure barking..... (When you're 18 it all sounds very Dada-esque and hilarious...)... Well... I guess none of us really thought it could actually happen..... or that anyone would remember... but ya know... Some of us did, and some of us do!! .... Some of us have memories like a steel-friggin'-bear-trap! And blood oaths are blood oaths after all!. Bennett? Phil? I know you're out there... Well.... How about it boys? Can I get a "Ruff, ruff?!!"

As for the rest of you... please, if you haven't seen it already, go see "Capote"... I swear- It's the simply best movie ever made.

(And to see The Fenwicks' video "Another Deadly Mother", that the aforementioned Academy Award Nominated (God I love saying that...) director Bennett Miller directed for your very own Fenwicks, back when he was our manager and resident Svengali, and to hear Academy Award Nominated uber-actor Philip Seymour Hoffman sing with us 'Wix,

simply mosey on over to our "Mulitmedia Page".

In other film news:

-Schubieshake has killed Superman!!! (One of 'em anyway...) Don't cry- it's only a movie... Yup, it's yet another Zombie flick. The Undead has apparently become a way of life for me. This flick's called "Dead & Deader" and in it I play a Cambodian Relief Worker who gets bitten by a Zombie, kills the hero, (played by "Lois & Clark"s Dean Cain), and then I get to eat my own face... It's art people. Art. (With a silent "F" in front...) And so, "the Curse of Superman" continues...

In Truly Metaphysical News!

Jimmie Corrieri is a Dad Again!!! A proud father of a brand new bouncing baby boy: "Abraham Aloysius Corrieri"- brother of Jacamo Amadeo Corrieiri... More Mazel Tovs all around!!! ...

Also, Jim's "other band"- (the one he cheats on me with), "Blame It On Lisa", has just finished mastering their first full length album and they are playing this coming Friday, February 3 at Arlene Grocery in NYC at 8:00PM. If you're in NYC, go, go, go- as they truly rock oh so very, very hard.

-In "Eminent Domain" News: The Fenwicks' protest song "Preeminent Domain" can now be purchased online, to help support the fight against Eminent Domain Abuse and protect Property Rights. To quote the Freestar Media Website on which the song is sold: "The Greatest Story is the Battle Between Freedom and Force"... We like to think "Preeminent Domain" is: "The Greatest Song About the Battle Between Freedom and Force"...

Surf here to support said cause:


-Finally, if you'd like to download our CD, "Truth & Memory: Live and Unleashed at Arlene Grocery NYC"... well, now you can... for just $9.99, only at "Download Punk".

Head hither:


On the barricades, and in dubious battle,

for Truth, Justice, Life, Love, Liberty and Ska,

Schubieshake and The Flabbergasting Fenwicks....

p.s. Dear Bennett and Phil-

Okay, okay. You're off the hook. I understand. We are all grown men now. "Mature" and "rational". I mean, who ever really thought the day would actually come, right? Seriously, guys if you really don't feel comfortable barking, I won't hold you to it.....

Looks like it's gonna be up to me then, huh? So be it.

Um, how often do Zombie flicks get nominated?

Thu Dec 15 '05 9:03 pm
Schub Eaten Alive! (and The Fenwicks just sing about it...) Golden Globe Nominee Sings With The Fenwicks! Hall of Famer Rocks with Duh 'Wix! And Big Bird Hangs With a 'Wick!
Shalom and Aloha Fen-heads, 'Wick-heads, Saints and Sinners!

Well, good news/bad news!

-The Bad News? The Queen of the Ghouls has literally ripped my heart from my chest and eaten it before my very own eyes! The Good News? It's only a movie. One I'm starring in with Devon Sawa, Kelly Hu, Karen Maxwell and Dawn Olivieri. It's called "Devil's Den", and it's a sweet little love story about flesh-eating ghouls, directed by the great Jeff Burr. Even better, The Fenwicks have composed the title song for the flick. We call it: "Devil's Den (Too Dumb to Die)" and you can hear it now by popping on over to our Multimedia page....

-Wanna hear even more new Fenwick music? How about our ditty about the Supreme Court's supremely misguided decision on "Eminent Domain"?

Hear your very own "Objectivist Bob Dylan" sing "Preeminent Domain", again just head over to Multimedia...

-Speaking of me... (Sorry, but someone has to...) Wanna see this whack-job act across from the puppet they call "the Brando of Muppets", Mr. Big Bird himself? Dat's right- hanging with "The Bird" (he lets me call him "The Bird") on the "Sesame Street"... Come bear witness on our newly revamped and revised "Schub in Film" page, with clips of this freak on "Wanted", "E-Ring", "Caught", "NYPD Blue" and much too much more...

-Our "Golden Globe" Boy!:

So okay.... Major Mazel Tovs must now go out to our hero and Comrade, (and mine and Jim's old NYU roomie), Mr. Philip Seymour Hoffman. The man has been nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Actor for his work as Capote, in "Capote"- directed by our other "brother from another Mother", (and first manager) Mr. Bennett Miller!! Duuuuuuuuude!!! So pssst... Hey, um, wanna hear Mr. Philip Seymour Hoffman singing with us monkey-boys, back in the debauched late 80s? Well you can! You guessed it: It's on our ever lovin' "Multimedia Page". And it ain't pretty...

-Now, people, we all know, that far and away, the best movie of the year is Bennett Miller's directorial debut "Capote", true? Of course true! But ya wanna see what Mr. Miller was doing before the world finally recognized his genius? Come see the video that started it all- Bennett Miller's video for our song "Another Deadly Mother". We were all 22, broke and insane... Bennett Miller convinced us to let him shoot a video, and the thing friggin' changed the course of our lives. Literally.... This is video I handed to Lynyrd Skynyrd's Artimus Pyle while I was still shlepping luggage at the Omni Park Central Hotel in NYC... Artimus watches Bennett's video, flies Jim and me to Jacksonville, and the next thing ya know we're opening for "Foreigner" and Billy Squier in Metro Park... See this destiny changing video! Where?! On our "Multimedia" page!

-Our "Hall of Famer": And now speaking of Artimus Pyle, (our founder and permanent Patron Saint), the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has finally done it's job and done justice! Lynyrd Skynyrd will be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in March!! Major Mazel Tovs must now go out to Artie!!!! (Betya a member of Skynyrd has never been wished Mazel Tov before...) Artie, this is loooong overdue!!! So wanna hear hear this man, one of rock's most legendary drummers, play drums with your friendly neighborhood Fenwicks? Well, you can! It's oh so easy... How? Where??? Our "Multimedia Page"!!!! Subject yourself to our truly demented cover of Jimi Hendrix's "Manic Depression", with Mr. Pyle himself banging the bangables!

-Wanna see some pics from our "Hurricane Whatshermname" Benefit Concert? (FEMA even showed, in full bio-hazardic regalia!)... Ambulate on over to our Photo Gallery before the Feds make us take 'em down!

-Oh, um, just in time for the holidays! Our 2nd CD "eudaimonia" is now almost officially sold out! From what I understand, there are exactly 54 copies left on planet Earth (there may be some on Mars...)

Here's what reviewer G. Murray Thomas of "The Independent" had to say about this (as-of-now) limited disc:

"What is this? Yiddish ska? From the opening cries of "L'chayim" over a hyper reggae beat, it is obvious that The Fenwicks are not a normal band. Blending punk, ska, pop and klezmer, they sound like something you'd hear at a mutant cross-cultural wedding. Despite their stylistic schizophrenia, The Fenwicks are a band with a message. "Eudaimonia", the title of the album, is defined (in the liner notes) as "1. The moral purpose of life: one's own happiness. 2. A state of fundamental enduring joy, which proceeds from the achievement of one's values." This theme is referred to again and again in the lyrics, in many guises. The message is to enjoy one's life, but not through a hedonistic pursuit of pleasures, but through honesty and integrity in love and joy. Again and again the songs ask you to live with integrity, love with sincerity, and act to make your life better. For the most part, this is not an album of deadly seriousness. The Fenwicks sing and perform with the joy they promote. The music is full of surprises and tasty touches, and the lyrics brim with little jokes and asides. The Fenwicks promote joy both in theory and in practice"....

So, if ya don't got it, get it now, before it slips into the abyss! Buy The Fenwicks "eudaimonia" for 10 bucks, by heading here:


-Finally friends, this spaz is off to visit Mommy and sister in Israel for the Holidays starting on December 20th. So allow me to wish you all, on behalf of all the freedom-luvin' Fenwicks worldwide, a Merry Christmas, a Chappy Chanukah, a Rockin' Ramadan, a Kwazy Kwanza, and a Salaciously Sinful Solstice! I'll be back on January 5th, 2006... So if ya need anything before then, bug Jimmie at: jimc@empireentertainment.com

(He'll love it....)

With love and affection,

Totu Tuus, Schubieshake

-And in loving memory of the incredible Caryn Shalita, an amazing woman, and a great friend to The Fenwicks. She will be forever missed and never, ever forgotten....


Wed Oct 12 '05 11:38 pm
The Fenwicks Sing for the Supreme Court (metaphorically anyway...)
Shalom and Aloha all you freedom-luvin' Fenwick fans!

Wanna be the very first to hear the brand new Fenwicks song: "Preeminent Domain"? The Fenwicks musical/lyrical answer to the Supreme Court's twisted decision on "Eminent Domain"?...

Simply cut and paste this into your browser ('cause it ain't even up on our site yet!):


Please note: this is what we here in Camp Fenwick call a "Ruff-ruff/Scratch" demo, recorded in one truly rowdy take, in the living room of our bass player Ed Richardson's house in Jacksonville- ie. no horns, and no drums yet.... still embryonic, yet still effective methinks! Apparently 'tis my destiny to be the "Objectivist Bob Dylan"...


So what the heck is this Schub-guy yammering on about now? As most of you are probably all too-well-aware, during it's previous session our Supreme Court decided (in the Kelo vs. New London case) that if, say a city council, wants to force you to sell your home, because oh, I don't know, a strip mall may generate more tax revenue- well, according to the Court's slim-majority opinion (and twisted interpretation of the 5th Amendment and it's Eminent Domain clause)- bye-bye Property Rights... bye-bye home. Well, to quote my intellectual hero Ayn Rand: "Without property rights, no other rights are possible. Since man has to sustain his life by his own effort, the man who has no right to the product of his effort has no means to sustain his life. The man who produces while others dispose of his product is a slave". Well, we ain't slaves, and this won't stand- true? True. What to do? Sing along for starters. Loud! Louder!! Loudly enough for your Congressmen to hear.... Under the 14th amendment (which allows for Congress to protect the rights of citizens against abuses by state governments), Congress could pass new civil rights legislation protecting property rights. (Depending on how loudly you sing...)

Seriously though, for an excellent Op-Ed on what was at stake in the Court's decision go hither:



P.S. Credit must absolutely be given where credit is due. Special thanks goes to our friend Logan Darrow. You may have seen him all over the news of late. He's the man, who in a fit of liberty-loving genius decided to give one of the Justices a taste of their own very bad medicine. Logan has filed with the town of Weare, New Hampshire to build a "Lost Liberty" hotel on land owned by Justice Souter himself. (Ha, ha!)

Run here for details:


It was Mr. Darrow himself who challenged us 'Wix to concoct a ditty about Eminent Domain- and me likes challenges!

P.P.S. Coming soon to thefenwicks.com - Photos from our "Hurricane Whatshername" Benefit in Jacksonville that raised over $3,500.00 and made a lot of kids dance, (on a Skool Night yet)! And all sort of assorted and sordid Fenwick propaganda and paraphernaila...

Fri Oct 07 '05 12:03 am
Fenwicks in Florida, "Capote" in Theaters...
Ola Angelpies! Schub of Duh 'Wix hither!

-Two thangs:

Firstly and primarily: This coming Monday October 10th, your very own freedom-lovin' Fenwicks return to Florida for one night only! Live at The Freebird in Jacksonville- (dats Jumpin', Jive-in', "Jah-Ska-ville" to you Rude-boy!)..... 200 North First Street Jax Beach, FL 32250. Phone: (904)246-2473. Doors open at 7pm. Tickets are $10.00, available at the door, and all proceeds will go to America's Second Harvest Food-banks for the victims of Hurricane Whats-her-name. This is an all ages show, so bring the babies (and Granny too!)... Come dressed to skank, and prepared to dance....

Secondly, I have to plug it one final time. For those in New York and L.A. (and the rest of the country soon...) Please, as a favor to yourselves: Go see the film "Capote". Now that I've seen it, I can honestly say it is astonishing, devastating. Our ol' college roomie, Philip Seymour Hoffman gives one of the best film performances I've ever seen in my life. Yes it's true, okay, I'm biased. Yes, to us this is almost a family film... Yes, the director Bennett Miller was actually The Fenwicks' first manager. Yes, he's essentially been a brother to this band for decades- he directed our "Another Deadly Mother" video (the video used in the film "Caught," and the very same video which convinced Lynyrd Skynyrd's Artimus Pyle to fly Jim and I to Jacksonville to put this whole band together to begin with! So without Bennett, there wouldn't even be a "full-band" Fenwicks!). He's shot all the photos for our CDs "Member of No Tribe" & "eudaimonia" and done about a billion other righteous things for this band... But all that aside- the simple fact is, (and for once all the critics are getting it exactly right), this is truly "an astonishing film debut"... We've known these cats for 20 years, and I am still completely blown to pieces... 100 years from now, people will be going back to this film... it is heart-breaking, brutal and beautiful... For clips and previews, check out the "Capote" website:


'Nuff said.

Wuvanwowwiepops, in joy, mirth and joviality,

Schubieshake and the fierce unt fearless Fenwicks

-p.s. Hey, um does anyone happen to have a VHS or DVD copy of our TV appearance on the WTLV Morning show in Jacksonville on Tuesday August 2nd? We'd pay top dollar for a copy... Seriously, I wash a mean dish... foot-massage? Clean your bird-cage? Anyone? Anyone?

Tue Sep 20 '05 12:21 am
Fenwicks Ubiquitous! (and their friends too!)
Toga! Toga!! TOGA!!!

...... Where were we?... Ah yes... A Fenwick Update from your Schubieshake:

-Tomorrow Night A Fenwick On NBC: Yup, Me, Mr. Schub will be making a brief cameo appearance on the Pilot Episode of NBC's "E-Ring", tomorrow night Wednesday September 21st (9PM East and West Coast, 8PM Central). How brief? Don't blink. Assuming they didn't cut me out completely, you'll get to see me yell at Benjamin Bratt over the phone for a minute or two in the very, very beginning... Hey, don't make fun, it helped pay for the Warped Tour (and the post-Warped tour therapy...)

-A Fenwick Plays NYC With His "Other" Band: Jim's side-project, the rock and roll band "Blame It On Lisa" will be performing Saturday, October 1, 2005 at 9:00PM at Arlene Grocery, 95 Stanton Street at Ludlow in NYC. The door is $7, but everyone will receive a free, 3 song CD single featuring songs from their forthcoming debut full length album. And no, I'm not jealous of Jim's other woman, I mean band... What makes you think I'm jealous?!!.... (That little slut!)... Kidding! (or am I? No, I am! Or am I??????....) Seriously, if yer in NYC, go see 'em, they're friggin' great. For more information please email Jimmie at: jimc@empireentertainment.com

-Fenwicks Do What We Can: In addition to the benefit us 'Wix are playing on Monday October 10th at The Freebird Cafe in Jacksonville, Florida (all proceeds going to America's Second Harvest, http://www.secondharvest.org/)... Our online distributor CDBaby has worked it out so that any and all profits from the online sales of our CDs "Truth & Memory" and "eudaimonia" in the months of September and October will go to the American Red Cross. So be a mensch whilst diggin' duh Ska!

Click http://www.cdbaby.com/fenwicks for "eudaimonia". And http://www.cdbaby.com/fenwicks2 for "Truth & Memory"....

-To all Fen-Heads & 'Wick-heads in L.A.: This coming Wednesday and Thursday night, September 21st and 22nd, a true friend of the Fenwicks, and a great director to boot, Jack Perez is screening his superb feature film "La Cucaracha" starring Eric Roberts, as part of a double-bill with "The Pope of Greenwich Village" at the New Beverly Cinema (7165 Beverly Blvd. One block west of LaBrea) at 7:45 PM. Tickets are $7.00. The LA Weekly called "La Cucaracha", "Stylish, sly and witty!", Film Threat said it's "Wickedly Funny", and I say you'll dig it! So dig it... Thursday night Mr. Eric Roberts himself I'm told will be coming down... So: Let's take his thumb Charley!

-And finally to all them Fen-heads and 'Wick-heads in both L.A. and NYC: On September 30th, two true Comrades of ours have a movie hitting theaters in LA and NYC, initially, and then the rest of the country. These two guys have been me and Jimmie's friends, roommates, soul-bruthas and patron saints since freshman year at NYU. Now they went and made a movie together, and from what we hear it's amazing. Sony Classics is releasing the Truman Capote bio-pic "Capote" starring our old roomie Philip Seymour Hoffman and directed by our boy Bennett Miller, (The "Bennie Burger" to my "Schubieshake" in fact...). Bennett is the guy who directed both our "Another Deadly Mother" video, and the great documentary "The Cruise".... They both have told me that "Capote" is the best thing they've ever done, and it's the work they are proudest of... I haven't seen it yet, but it has to be incredible. They ripped their respective hearts out for this thing. For a preview click this: http://www.sonyclassics.com/capote/

....And, um, If ya wanna see what these boys were up to way back when, before they were national treasures... ie. hear Phil "singing" with us, and view Bennett's video "Another Deadly Mother", just come visit our "Multimedia" page: http://www.thefenwicks.com/music.shtml

.......That's all for now... Could you really take anymore?


Totu Tuus,

Schubieshake and the fierce and fearless, freedom lovin' Fenwicks....

Wed Sep 07 '05 9:00 pm
Fenwicks Back to Florida! Website Revamped! Warped Conquered!
Shalom and Ska-lom, Comrades and Ska-mrades!

-'Tis true, 'tis true! We Wicked 'Wix are headed back to Florida, to play a benefit concert for the victims of the Hurricane. To his global credit, our very own drummer Ken Nasta has taken it upon himself to organize: "Music Aid: A Benefit Concert for the Victims of Hurricane Katrina". Monday October 10th at The Freebird Cafe in Jacksonville Beach. (200 North First Street Jax, FL 32250) Tickets are $10.00, it's an all ages show, doors open at 7PM, and all proceeds will go to those in need. Ken raised $15,000 for the Red Cross with the "Musicians Against Terrorism" show we played after 9/11 and we're hoping to match that this time.... Other benevolent and bad-axx bands on the bill include: Mystic Dino, Mr. Beam, Wescobb Band and Scholar's Word... Word.

-And now onto something completely different: Ya know, when I've tried to explain to people what exactly transpired on this Summer's Vans Warped Tour, I can see they think I've lost it... My claims are too bizarre ("A Front Page, Above the Fold, Cover Story in The Florida Times-Union? Sure, Steve whatever you say!") , too exaggerated ( "A 6 AM appearance on JAX's NBC Morning Show? Yeah, right whatever..." ), too implausible ("Hundreds of kids choosing to see you guys instead of The Offspring? No, no, we believe you Schub, really, we swear....pffft!")... Well, my friends the evidence is in, and finally up on our site! And boy will you be baffled! Fetch yourself a cup of joe, a shot of Jack and wear a bib!

-To view over 40 new photos, documenting the dementia, (including Jim with his idol Liza Minnelli, for real!) Click on over to our Photo Gallery (very special thanks to Jon Fletcher, The Florida Times-Union's stellar photo journalist, for all the rehearsal shots of 15 Fenwicks shvitzing in Ken's living room).......

-To peruse all the purple press we garnered, including the aforementioned Florida Times Cover Story (and here, a very, very special thanks to future Pulitzer prize winner, and official Fenwick biographer, FL Times journalist Jeff Vrabel), come visit our Reviews page...........

-And lastly, but not leastly, two brand new videos: The Morning Show clip I spoke of moments ago, and (Jim might kill me for this...) but a brand new video of the brand new Fenwick song, "No One Is Coming", an acoustic, first run-through, shot at a writing session in our bass player Ed Richardson's living room. The first song Jim's ever let me play guitar on (you'll see why...) and the first song I've ever written both the words and music to, (you'll hear why...). To see/hear, simply hop on over to our Multimedia page (and here too, a very, very, very special thanks, this one goes out to the newest Fenwick, our new keyboard player Jon Marshal Smith, for shooting and editing this vid in seconds flat)

............I think I've said enough don't you? Hello? Is anyone still there? Hello, hello?? .......Mommy?

xoxo, Solipsistically, Schubieshake

Mon Aug 22 '05 2:43 pm
A Fenwick, Dead Yet Again...
So for those you may have missed my televised demise, I've been told the TNT Channel is killing me all over again. Tonight (Monday August 22nd) at 10PM East and West Coast, 9PM Central- on the show "Wanted".... Please note, I'm pretty much on the show for only the first 15 minutes, miss that and you'll miss me....

Purgatorially, Steven Schub

p.s. As for the afterlife? Pretty much feels like just another day in L.A....

Mon Aug 15 '05 5:48 pm
A Fenwick on Your TV This Coming Sunday Night- August 21st! (Some dare call it: "Schub Tube")
Shalom and Aloha Fen-heads & 'Wick-heads, Comrades & Ska-mrades, Rose-petals & Angelpies!

This just in: Your favorite freaky Fenwick, your very own Schubieshake, Steven Schub- Guest Stars this coming Sunday night, August 21st on TNT's new cop show "Wanted", 10PM East and West Coast, 9PM Central (but check your local listings please...). Yup, I'm playing yet another in a loooong line of whackos and psychos, but this one's special: How? Uh, well... he's named "Hickenlooper" and he's a Meth-head who crashes Mustangs into cop cars. (Yeah, yeah, "type-casting", whatever-whatever....laugh it up people!)

-P.S. Please note: Yes, the date was changed, originally this was supposed to air on August 28th, but things got spun around... I suppose they could get spun again, so if you don't see me doing bad things on your TV this Sunday, then they changed it yet again...

-And P.P.S. Coming Soon: A Warped Tour Run-down Entitled: "The Band that Roared: A Guide to the Perplexed". Or "How A Tiny Little 17 Piece Afro-Celtic Yiddish Ska band, with no tour support, no record label, no radio play, and no MTV, Literally Conquered the Vans Warped Tour- went head to head with The Offspring, Dropkick Murphys, My Chemical Romance and 80 other bands, and pulled off what Warped Tour Founder Kevin Lyman said no other band had accomplished in 11 years of Warped History!!!" A true story with photos, video and music. Coming Soon to a Website near you!

Mon Aug 01 '05 4:49 pm
Hurricane Fenwick Hits Florida! And "Tippy Top Secret Surprise" Show Monday August 8th....
Here ye, here ye! 'Dis Just In: Tropical Storm Schubieshake has been upgraded to a Category 3.14 Ska-ricane.... As ye all know (all- too- well by now, I'm sure), this Thursday August 4th begins your very own looong lost reunited, re-ignited, new and improved family- sized, farm-fresh Fenwicks "Reunion Homecoming" Tour on the Florida Leg of The Vans Warped Tour.

-Thursday August 4th- Jacksonville at The Jacksonville Fairgrounds.

-Friday August 5th- St. Petersburg at Vinoy Park.

-Saturday August 6th- Pompano Beach at the Pompano Beach Amphitheater.

-And Sunday August 7th- Orlando at Tinker Field.

All shows on the "Hot Topic Kevin Says" Stage, Showtimes Announced at the Venue on the day of the show. Gates open at 11 AM. Tickets available through http://www.ticketmaster.com or at the door.

- But now, my friends, here's somethin' I'll bet ye didn't know! Next Monday night, August 8th, we'll be playing a "Tippy-Top Secret", Super Surprise Show for all you Jacksonville 'Wick-heads: at The Fly's Tie Irish Pub 177 East Sailfish Drive in Atlantic Beach FL 32233 phone: (904) 246-4293 $5.00- 21 and Over. Showtime 9PM.... This here gig will feature a special appearance by none other than our spiritual Godfather/Founding Father, a certain ex-drummer for a tiny little band called, um... Lynyrd Skynyrd (perhaps you've heard of them?) Let's just say, his name starts with an "Artimus," and ends with a "Pyle", and it rhymes with Martimus Shmyle....

-For those up early, (or up all night), catch this Meshugganah on Jacksonville's local NBC/ABC affiliate First Coast News tomorrow (Tuesday) between 6 and 7 AM- Channel 12 and 25 local, Channel 5 and 11 Cable , and the full band Wednesday morning on Channel 4 WJXT-TV Jacksonville on "The Morning Show" between 8 and 9 AM...

-Also look for a front page story in The Florida Times Union this Thursday Aug. 4th....

Still breathing, your boy Schubieshake

Tue Jul 05 '05 3:58 pm
Fenwicks in Florida! Schub on Tube! And my B-day Bash for all y'all in L.A....
Floridian Fen-heads! It’s official and set in proverbial stone! The full Fenwicks, (Version 17.0: horns, steel drums, pyrotechnics, jugglers, mimes, Rabbis, ragamuffins, dental hygienists and all) will reunite and return to Florida for 4 “Reunion Homecoming” Gigs on the Florida leg of this Summer’s Vans Warped Tour (on the “Hot Topic Kevin Says” Stage)! The dates are as follows:

Thursday August 4th- Jacksonville at The Jacksonville Fairgrounds Gates open 11AM
Friday August 5th- Tampa, at Vinoy Park in Downtown St. Petersburg Gates open at Noon
Saturday August 6th- Pompano Beach at the Pompano Beach Amphitheater Gates at 11AM
and Sunday August 7th- Orlando at Tinker Field Gates open 11AM

Our exact set time is not told to us until the day of the show.... So come on down early.... Stress and sweat with us... And um, please start spreading the word, as it’s been imperial light years since we’ve played some of these townships and we'll be needing all the love and logistical support ye can muster.... For tickets go to www.warpedtour.com or www.ticketmaster.com and for addresses and all other info see out Tour Page at http://www.thefenwicks.com/tour.shtml (Please note the dates for the Orlando and Pompano shows were flipped, and these are now the correct ones, I promise and I swear...)

Other Fenwick tid-bits? -We are now apart of the MySpace Nation, if you are too, come say “Shalom” at http://www.myspace.com/thefenwicks ...If you ain’t, you should be, it’s fun...
-You can now purchase and download all of our third album “Truth & Memory” from a great new site DownloadPunk- Simply go to http://www.downloadpunk.com and enter our name....
-And against my better judgement (and all sense of human dignity), all sorts of assorted, sordid brand new truly emasculating and disturbing photos from our last Hollywood gig are up and posted at: http://www.thefenwicks.com/gallery/ Giggle at your leisure....

In News Schubian: Your very own Schubieshake will be Guest Starring on TNT’s new Cop Drama “Wanted” on Sunday August 28th. 10PM East Coast and West, 9PM Central (but check your local listings)... Yes, I’m again playing a psychopath... But this one is different, this one is named Hickenlooper and he crashes Mustangs into cop cars... Also me be making a brief cameo in the Pilot episode of NBC’s new fall show “The E Ring” with Dennis Hopper, exact air date presently unknown....

-Now all u LA Residents: if you’ve actually made it this far in my email, you are my new best friend, and you’re invited to my birthday party. Literally.This Thursday Night July 7th10PM at “Daddy’s Pub” 1610 North Vine Street Hollywood CA 90028 at Selma Come to raise a glass, and toast an aging Shake.... Hope to see the rest of you shvitzin’ in the pit, and skankin’ with a smile in Florida in August! With freighterfuls of wuvanwowwiepops, Ska’d for life, Schubieshake and duh Friggin’ Fenwicks

Thu Mar 17 '05 9:57 pm
Fenwicks in L.A. This Sunday! "Warped" Dates Confirmed! "God" Reviewed!
~This coming Sunday night, March 20th! 8:30 PM Sharp! At Molly Malone's (575 South Fairfax Avenue at 6th St., in Hollywood 90036)! Your fierce, your fearless, your very own mother-luvin' freedom-luvin' Fenwicks!!!! (Acoustic duo version, plus a very special guest). Tickets are $8.00 and available at the door. (Come prepared, there will be an optional after-party, it will involve a swimming pool, it will go on all-night, and you are all

invited... Dress flammably...)

~The Fenwicks (full band version) have been officially confirmed as a featured act on the Florida leg of this Summer's Vans Warped Tour (with The Offspring, Dropkick Murphy's, The Transplants, Thrice, Fall Out Boy and Something Corporate). Here's the dates & the venues so far:

8/4 Jacksonville, FL

Jacksonville Fairgrounds

8/5 Tampa, FL

Vinoy Park

8/6 Pompano Beach, FL

Pompano Beach Amphitheatre

8/7 Orlando, FL

Tinker Field


~LA Weekly has reviewed and recommended the play, "God of Vengeance" in which I play "Shloyme", a crazed sub-moronic pimp. Here's a bit of what they have to say:

"The play has a deliberately unsettling dynamic that walks a fine line between tragedy and titillation, and it's to director Eva Minemar's credit that the production doesn't shy away from the possibility of such moments, often being both things at once..... this is a story that revels in raw contrasts and a certain amount of melodrama to make

its point. Recommended". So, um, if ya wants to be unsettled and titillated, (in a tragic sort of way), come on down!

The show runs Fridays, Saturdays at 8PM, Sundays at 3PM through April 10th at the COLSAC Theater 6902 Santa Monica Blvd in Hollywood 90038. Call (323) 960-7829 for tickets or go to http://www.Plays411.com/vengeance. Use the code "008" and tickets are ten clams.

Manically and maniacally yours,

Schubieshake and Duh Fenwicks....

Fri Mar 04 '05 2:18 pm
Schub 1/2 Price & Fenwicks Fast Approaching....
Man-o-man- ashevitz! Schub's new play opens tonight in Los Angeles. And thanks to the truly mensch-like benevolence of it's producer, all Fen-heads and 'Wick-heads get in for 1/2 price! The play is Sholem Asch's classic Yiddish drama "God of Vengeance" and it runs Friday and Saturdays at 8PM and Sundays at 3PM through April 10th at the COLSAC Theater 6902 Santa Monica Blvd. (a couple blocks East of LaBrea) in Hollywood CA 90038. Call (323) 960-7829 or go to

http://www.Plays411.com/vengeance . Use the secret code: "008" when calling or buying online, and I believe tickets are $10.00 instead of $20.00... Fair warning: The play takes place in a brothel, viewer discretion is advised....

-And just a friendly reminder, The Acoustic Duo version of The Fenwicks returns to Los Angeles for one night only: Sunday March 20th 8:30PM sharp at Molly Malone's 575 South Fairfax Ave. (at 6th Street) 90036 (323) 935-1577..... Yes, there will be an after-party.... yes, you should bring a bathing suit and yes, you should appoint a designated driver (and legal heir).....

Inexcusably, your Schubieshake....

Tue Feb 15 '05 9:25 pm
Fenwicks Play L.A., Fenwicks on Warped Tour, Fenwicks on iTunes & Schub's Play..
Shalom Aleichem and Aloha Comrades!

~Mark you calendars and tattoo your tushies: On Sunday March 20th at 8:30 PM Sharp The Fenwicks: Version 2.0 (acoustic duo) will play Molly Malone's 575 South Fairfax Avenue (at 6th Street) in Los Angeles, CA 90036. Tickets are $8.00. First duo show in ages, first L.A. show in light years....

~This just in: The Fenwicks will be playing the Florida leg of The Vans Warped Tour this summer (Miami, Tampa, Orlando, and Jacksonville).... Yes, we're on the local stage, not the main one, but still! It'll be Fenwicks Version 17.0 (horns, steel drums, pyrotechnics, jugglers, mimes, Rabbis, ragamuffins, dental hygienists and all...) You're all invited to join the band. So start packing and start practicing... It's sometime in August, details to follow....

~The Fenwicks 2nd album 'eudaimonia' is now available in it's entirety on iTunes.... There are a few teeny tiny "legal" issues preventing us from putting up our first and third albums on iTunes at the moment, but you can download those too, for free, from the "Multimedia'" page on this very website. ~Lastly, your very own Schubieshake is in another play. The California Premiere of the classic Yiddish play "God of Vengeance" written by Sholem Asch, translated and adapted by Stephen Fife. One of the most controversial play's ever written, "God of Vengeance" is about a Jewish brothelkeeper who makes a deal with God to protect his daughter. No, I don't play the brothelkeeper, and no, I don't play the daughter (thank you very much!) But I do play "Shloyme", an unhinged diabolical pimp. Finally! Cast as a nice Jewish boy! (Alright, alright already.... so one out of three ain't bad). The play opens Friday March 4th and runs on Friday and Saturday nights at 8PM and Sundays at 3PM at the COLSAC Theater 6902 Santa Monica Blvd. (just east of LaBrea) in Hollywood. Tickets are $20.00. For reservations call (323) 960-7829 or go to:


With wuvanwowwiepops, SS and The 'Wicks

Wed Nov 17 '04 8:14 pm
Schub's Play Discounted this Weekend, "No Vacancy" in Stores Now...
Shalom and Aloha Comrades and Compadres!

Just an ultra-quick update. For all those in the L.A. area: my play "Charlie the Sex

Addict" is offering a special discounted price for friends of the cast (and to me, that

means y'all!), but the discount is for this weekend only. Say the phrase "Friend of the Cast" when you arrive at the Box Office and tickets are only ten bucks.... Once again, the show runs on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays at 8PM, and Sundays at 3PM through December 5th at The Cast Theater 804 North El Centro in Hollywood. Basically one block North of Melrose, one block East of Vine (which for some unknown reason they call 'Rossmore' over there). Call 800-965-4827 for tickets or just show up a little early. Now about the play.Warning: It's funny, but crazy- and um, er, uh, extreme, so prepare thyself- existentially speaking....

(For what it's worth, this week's LA Weekly review of the play said this:

"The acting is as refined as the blend of farce and poignancy in Larsen's


~Secondly, one last additional head's up: The movie "No Vacancy" starring Miss

Christina Ricci, Mr. Robert Wagner and your very own Sir Schubieshake, is indeed finally

in video stores now. I've seen it with my own peepers! Check under New Releases, or

order via Amazon and/or Netflix... it'll make you giggle... Just below is a cut and paste blurb from the first review up on Amazon:

Reviewer: Moveelover - "Great comedy -- some outrageously funny scenes.This is the funniest movie I have seen in a long time. Great cast, great performances. It's an ensemble piece that cuts back and forth between the stories. All the storylines are funny and touching and romantic on their own, but the movie really works when they all start coming together. Ricci and Olyphant are great together -- very sexy (as is Patricia Velasquez :)). Robert Wagner is hilarious in his cameo. Have to say a particular hats off to Steven Schub who is absolutely out of his mind -- in a good way-- in a couple of scenes. Funny dialogue. A great romp. Will leave you in a great mood."


~Well, well, well, on that auspicious note.... Miss you all, and hope to see you somewhere out on the road in 2005... Merry everything! In joy, mirth and joviality, Schubieshake and The Freedom Lovin' Fenwicks....

Sun Oct 31 '04 1:30 pm
Schub & Ricci on DVD, Fenwicks in Baghdad, Schub a 'Sex Addict', Jim Plays NYC
Shalom and Aloha Comrades and Compadres!

It's been ages, and us Fenwicks have missed you. Here's our latest....

~On Tuesday November 16th, Lions Gate Films will finally release the film "No Vacancy" on DVD. "No Vacancy" is a kooky little ensemble comedy, produced by Ron Shelton (director of "Bull Durham", "Tin Cup", "Hollywood Homicide" etc) and stars Christina Ricci, Timothy Olyphant, Lolita Davidowich, Robert Wagner and this here furry Fenwick, Me! In it, I play "Alex the Meth-head" and while the film ain't high art by any stretch of the imagination, it will make you giggle. I abduct Miss Ricci's boyfriend in the film, that is until Mr. Wagner shows up, and slaps me silly. "No Vacancy" contains what I consider to be the single best thing I've ever been allowed to do on film.... And once you see it, you'll see what I mean. "No Vacancy" should be in the New Releases section of your local video store on Tuesday November 16th, or you can pre-order it from Amazon.com

~And now for the totally surreal (and yet somehow totally logical): It's still a little hard for me to wrap my head around this one... What's the most insane place on planet Earth you think a Fenwick CD might be found??? The Vatican? The White House? How about Saddam Hussein's Presidential Palace... No, I'm not nuts... (Ok, I take that back, but still, it's friggin' true!) About a month ago I received an email from a U.S. Navy Journalist stationed in Baghdad, one Joseph Kane. Apparently, Mr. Kane is a huge Fenwick fan and has been for years. At his request, I sent out a big boxload of Fenwick CDs and assorted Fenwick paraphernalia which is now permanently on file in the "Hussein (Ex-) Presidential Palace", which has been turned into a library for our G.I.'s.... To see a photo Mr. Kane chilling in Saddam's palace wearing a Fenwicks "Member of No Tribe" T-shirt, and read about or potential U.S.O. gig in Baghdad, simply go to:


(under his Oct. 31st entry)

My head spins and yet it all makes a certain kind of sense....

~ In other news, I have been cast in a new play here in L.A. It's a comedy called "Charlie the Sex Addict", and it is what it sounds like, funny and extreme. The play opens on Thursday November 11th and runs on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays at 8pm and on Sundays at 3pm and 7pm through Sunday December 5th at The Cast Theatre 804 N. El Centro in Hollywood, CA. Tickets are $20-30 with limited $10.00 tickets on the day of the show. You can call 800 965-4827 or go to http://www.ticketweb.com

Warning: The show contains nudity and sexual situations, so really no kids...

As for my better half, Mr. Corrieri:

Jimmie has been in the studio working on new material with his band “Shamus”. They will be performing at Kenny’s Castaways in NYC on December 9. 2004. So definitely check your "Village Voice" for details....

Until then, we wish you all our bestest, and hope to have a brand new Fenwick CD out (entitled "More is More") and mini-tour at some point in 2005.....

Unilaterally yours,

Schubieshake and The Fenwicks

Tue Jun 01 '04 02:08 am
Wanna See Schub Slapped? Just Say "Profiterole".
~It's true, it's true. The play "This Is Not What I Ordered" is up and running. Women are slapping me, throwing drinks in my face, it's all so very.... um, lifelike. And now through a special arrangement with our benevolent producer Jeryll Adler, y'all can see the show for a mere ten bucks (as opposed to the standard twenty). There's two ways:

Way One: For this upcoming weekend (Friday June 4th-Sunday June 6th), just whisper the secret password "profiterole" at the box office when you purchase your tickets and viola... ten bucks.... For reservations call (323) 655-TKTS.

Way Two: Buy your tickets online. Go to: http://www.theatrela.org/ Once on the homepage go to the bar at the left of the page, just under the "Login" icon, you"ll see a little red box that says "LAStageTix", click it. If you scroll down the page you will see the listing for our show. The online discount applies throughout the run.

"This Is Not What I Ordered" closes on Sunday June 27th, though I strongly suggest coming this weekend before the cast changes- (I'm in it for the run, but others are coming and going....) Hope to make you giggle soon... xoxo, Schubieshake


The What: "This Is Not What I Ordered"... 5 little one acts. "5 dates. 5 bars. 5 chances to find your heart or fail miserably."

The When: Fridays 8pm, Saturdays 7pm & 9:30pm and Sundays at 7pm through Sunday June 27th.

The Where: The Zephyr Theater 7456 Melrose Avenue (between Fairfax and LaBrea), Los Angeles, CA.

The How Much: Ten bucks with the secret password, or by purchasing tix online.

The Where to Park: On the street, or in the parking lot on Gardner just off Melrose, one block west of the theater.

The Why: Silly fun.

Sun May 02 '04 9:12 pm
Fenwicks News.....

...Yup, dat's right.... available now, for your downloading pleasure, two brand new Fenwick videos, "Truth & Memory" and "You, Me and Heresy". Shot live at Hollywood's legendary Club Lingerie by Robert M. Young (director of Paul Simon's "One Trick Pony", "Dominick & Eugene" and "Caught"), Fidel Gruber and John Goodner, and directed by the aforementioned Mr. Fidel Gruber, these vids capture all the sweaty shenanigans and are up and online now.... Skank on over to our Multimedia page, click and enjoy....

~So where are your Fenwicks, and why haven't you heard from them? Well, we are all over the damn place: psychologically, geographically, metaphorically and quite literally, with a whole host of side projects keeping us safely occupied and off the streets until destiny and desperation brings us together again.....

~Steven Schub (um,er,uh, Me) has been cast in world premiere production of Stephen Fife's new play, "This Is Not What I Ordered". The play begins previews on Friday May 21st and opens on Friday May 28th at The Zephyr Theater in Los Angeles. The play is a romantic comedy about "5 dates in 5 bars. 5 chances to find your heart or fail miserably". It is directed by Shelagh Carter and produced by Pacific Stages and Jeryll Adler, in Association with Circle West. The Zephyr Theater is at 7456 Melrose Avenue (between Fairfax and LaBrea). Showtimes are Fridays at 8PM Saturdays at 7:00 and 9PM and Sundays at 7PM. Tickets are $20.00 and can be purchased in advance by calling (323) 655-TKTS. The show closes on Sunday June 27th.

~As for Jimmie? Jim's got a new baby(!) and a new band.... he's either in Hawaii or Germany at the moment, I'm not sure.... but here's verbatim, what emailed me:

"Jimmie is traveling to Hawaii and Germany in May with his wife and 7 month old son, Jacomo Amadeo, but when he returns he will debut his new side project at the C-Note in NYC on May 27 at 10PM. The 4 piece band is fronted by beautiful and bold Lisa Kasimow with veteran NYC players James Dower and Justin Peters. The music is loud and melodic, think Mazzy Star meets Led Zeppelin. They haven't decided on a name yet, so feel free to submit names to plough@ploughproductions.com and look for new tracks posted on Jimmie's website

http://www.ploughproductions.com on June 1


~And speaking of family, for those of you who don't know it, my big sister, Karen (Schub) Mitchell has an amazing voice and sings for an incredible band, the San Francisco based "Diggsville". Diggsvile's debut CD "Songs From Nowhere" was released just last week and can be bought from CDBaby for 10 bucks by going to: www.CDbaby.com/diggsville

I can't say enough great things about this trip-hoppy disc, so I'll just quote my own darn self from my review on the Diggsville CDBaby page:

"This is without question, the sexiest, spookiest, most seductively sinful disc of the decade.... I honestly can not stop playing it. Jazzy, funky, danceable, almost edible beats.... And that voice! America's undiscovered auditory treasure... The songs themselves: atmospheric, almost cinematic, they take you far, far away... Fantastic musicianship and superb production. If these are "Songs from Nowhere", please Lord, send me there!"

~In closing, three last bits of news Fenwickian: 1)We hope to be touring again, at least briefly in the fall. We have submitted to play at the "Leaf Festival" in Ashville, North Carolina, via our friend and patron saint Mr. Artimus Pyle and his lovely wife Carrie. Things look good and if all goes as planned we are shooting for a full-on mini-East Coast tour... (Jacksonville and NYC included no doubt).....

2) The Fenwicks Go To Cannes: (Our music anyway...) Director Damon Stout has chosen to use 6 Fenwick songs on the soundtrack to his new film "Bulldog" which is on it's way to the Cannes Film Festival...

~And lastly, in Secondary School News: The Hawaii Preparatory Academy has requested our permission to use Fenwick music in their film and video projects.... Of course our answer was an unequivocal Abso-friggin-aloha-lutely!

We wish those kids the best and take no legal responsibility......

Aloha and Ka Makani to you all,

....xoxo, in dubious battle, Schubieshake and your missing you Fenwicks

Wed Feb 04 '04 10:51 am
Gone Fishin'.....
On hiatus, on sabbatical, and off the grid.....until further notice....

(but we'll be back...)

Mon Aug 04 '03 12:30 am
Tomorrow: Schub "CAUGHT" on DVD (The Fenwicks too...)
"Schub steals the show in a film marked by stellar performances..."

-Paul Malcom, LA WEEKLY

Once in a lifetime, if you are very lucky, you are blessed to be a part of something

truly tremendous. In 1996, I got very, very lucky. Tomorrow, Tuesday August 5th,

Columbia Tri-Star will finally release the Sony Classics film "Caught" on DVD. Directed

by Robert M. Young ("Dominick & Eugene", "Short Eyes", "One Trick Pony", "Triumph of

the Spirit") and written by the great Edward Pomerantz, "Caught" stars Edward James

Olmos, Maria Conchita Alonso, Arie Verveen and well, um... me. It is by far the single

greatest thing I've ever been a part of as an actor, and it's the work I'm most proud of.

"Caught" premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in 1996, was released theatrically by

Sony Pictures Classics and has since gone on to become something of an underground

late-night cult classic. Godfrey Cheshire of the New York Press called it "a gritty

masterpiece... embodying an excellence that is beyond calculation". Rex Reed said:

"Avoid 'Caught' at your own peril. It is the best movie on the marquees, and one of the

most riveting, suspenseful and hypnotic films of 1996... it will leave you stunned and

trembling". (For those of you with insomnia, it ran almost non-stop on Bravo and the

Independent Film Channel for a good three years.)

I don't want to give the plot away, but let's just say I play Edward James Olmos and

Maria Conchita Alonso's unstable, homicidal comedian son, who just so happens to sing

for a struggling indie band called The Fenwicks. It's a dark but beautiful film. Brutal,

honest and raw. I'm not one to shill and plug (for anything other than The Fenwicks that

is), but this film means the world to me, and to all of us who were blessed to be a part

of it. Robert M. Young is a hero as a man, a genius as a filmmaker, and in my and many's

opinion, he is not only the true progenitor of independent film-making in this country,

but one of America's best directors. He ripped his heart out to get "Caught" made and it


In brief, I basically implore you: Spread the word and tell the world. Rent "Caught".

See "Caught". Buy "Caught". You'll love it, Mr. Young deserves it, the film deserves it,

and the world needs it. You can order "Caught' now from Amazon.com.

Or find it at your local video store, either under the "Sundance/Indie", "Drama", or "New

Releases" section. If they don't carry it, bite their noses... Then apologize and perhaps

request that they order it....

~A Summer of Love, Joy, Mirth & Joviality to all of you...

On the barricades, in dubious battle, your very own Schubieshake...

p.s. Us Fenwicks are indeed on sabbatical through the fall. But stay tuned for big news,

including our digital debut on iTunes, Buymusic, and Launch.com....

Fri Jun 06 '03 5:27 pm
Gone Fishin'.....
Dear Reader~ Please note: Us Fenwicks are pretty much on hiatus, off-the-grid, and on "Ska"-batical as it were, through the fall... We will be back in action sometime then. Enjoy your summer, make some memories and feel oh so entirely free to use our Afro-Celtic Yiddish Ska as the soundtrack to your antics.... See you in September, xoxo, Schubieshake

p.s. if you'd like to be updated when we return, please make sure to sign-up on our e-list...

Thu Apr 03 '03 01:52 am
With "Shtick and Awe": The Fenwicks Shall Liberate You. This Saturday Night.
This Saturday April 5th. At The Miles Memorial Playhouse in Santa Monica, California.

1130 Lincoln Blvd. (1/2 block North of Wilshire)

The Fenwicks (Acoustic Duo version) will headline: "Acoustics at Miles." The City of

Santa Monica's first annual singer/songwriter music festival...

Doors open at 7 PM. Music starts at 8 PM. The Fenwicks at 9 PM-ish.

Additional performances by:

Les July

Amy Raasch

Gar Robertson

Devin Wallace

and DJ Jedi

Tickets are $10.00 for adults. $5.00 children 14 and under.

Reservations recommended (310) 458-8634

Mon Mar 24 '03 7:55 pm
Who Loves Your Fenwicks?
Who loves your Fenwicks?? The City of Santa Monica, that's who! Yup, this just in: The newly appointed Cultural Commissar for the City of Santa Monica, the great Justin Yoffe, has asked us 'Wicks to make a very rare acoustic duo West Coast appearance.... And who are we to deny a Municipality?

Henceforth, let it be known:

Saturday April 5th (one week from this Saturday)

The Fenwicks will headline the first ever "Acoustics at Miles- A Celebration of Styles" Series.

At: "The Miles Memorial Playhouse" in Santa Monica (1130 Lincoln Blvd. 1/2 block North of Wilshire).

Doors open at 7 PM Music starts at 8 PM.

Tickets are $10.00 for adults $5.00 for those 14 and under. Call 310-458-8634 for reservations.

Additional Performances by: Devin Wallace, Amy Raasch, Les July, and Gar Robertson.

No alcohol but there will be refreshments and snacks. (And lord knows, a party somewhere after...)


~And from this month's "Skratch Magazine" (America's most widely read free music monthly):

"3rd Wave Ska At It's Best- The Fenwicks "Truth & Memory"

This 17-song live album from America's only Afro-Celtic Yiddish Ska band is like Oingo Boingo on steroids. The story of this band's formation is legend: Drummer Artimus Pyle of Lynyrd Skynyrd sees lead vocalist Steven Schub singing for a punk band called "Jew2" in Jerusalem Israel, three years later Artimus runs into Schub working as a bellboy in New York City. He watches a video of Schub's new acoustic duo, quits Skynyrd and brings Schub and guitarist Jimmie Corrieri to Jacksonville Florida where they form The Fenwicks. The ever morphing line-up eventually includes as many as 17 musicians... It doesn't hurt that Schub is a vocal twin of Wall of Voodoo's Stan Ridgeway. The frantic live tunes on this album are a great sampling of third-wave ska at it's best. "Truth & Memory" was initially available only as a free download on the band's website until demand dictated that it had to be released as an album.... Most of the inter-song banter is funny, if not hilarious and the breakneck pace of the songs forces you to move your feet. Few bands can incorporate a kazoo into their music as effectively as The Fenwicks, and fewer still can shift as seamlessly from circus music to booty-shaking ska. This CD is great stuff... ~Reviewed by Dug.

Now here's a little known fact. Men named Dug don't lie. True. I swear. Buy it and see.... http://cdbaby.com/fenwicks2

xoxo, making your booty shake in perpetuity,

~ Schubieshake and your friendly neighborhood, fierce and fearless, freedom lovin', farm fresh, family sized, freaky-assed Fenwicks

Sun Feb 02 '03 8:36 pm
Philip Seymour Hoffman Sings With The Fenwicks!
The year was: Late nineteeneightysomething. The location was: the basement of NYU's Weinstein Dormitory. Our mental state was: young and inebriated...very. Our hero, America's greatest living actor, (and at the time mine and Jim's roommate), burst in on an early Fenwicks rehearsal of the song "Can You Tell Me". The result was a mess. Waltz on over to our Multimedia page and enjoy, as Jim Corrieri introduces this recently re-discovered auditory aberration. (For the record, that's me and Jim conducting and "singing", Phil yelling and "rapping", and all of us hyperventilating...) And yes, Phil himself, has quite humbly sanctioned this disturbing release..... Then for desert head over to our Photo Gallery and ingest 12 brand new ridiculous photos shot at our "L.A. CD Release Fiesta Supreme"- including money shots of a certain grown man, in a bright orange bio-hazard costume, singing the love theme to "Flashdance", for no apparent reason...

And coming soon to thefenwicks.com..... 3 all-new live concert videos by Fidel Gruber and a dance re-mix of "Truth & Memory" produced by MegaScorpion....

P.S. Wanna know what is the world making of your Fenwicks these days? Read updated excerpts on our Guestbook, including this brand new review from G. Murray Thomas of "The Independent Review":

"What is this? Yiddish ska? From the opening cries of "L'chayim" over a hyper reggae beat, it is obvious that The Fenwicks are not a normal band. Blending punk, ska, pop and klezmer, they sound like something you'd hear at a mutant cross-cultural wedding. The result is at once puzzling and obnoxiously catchy. Despite their stylistic schizophrenia, The Fenwicks are a band with a message. "Eudaimonia", the title of the album, is defined (in the liner notes) as "1. The moral purpose of life: one's own happiness. 2. A state of fundamental enduring joy, which proceeds from the achievement of one's values." This theme is referred to again and again in the lyrics, in many guises. The message is to enjoy one's life, but not through a hedonistic pursuit of pleasures, but through honesty and integrity in love and joy. Again and again the songs ask you to live with integrity, love with sincerity, and act to make your life better. For the most part, this is not an album of deadly seriousness. The Fenwicks sing and perform with the joy they promote. The music is full of surprises and tasty touches, and the lyrics brim with little jokes and asides. The Fenwicks promote joy both in theory and in practice. "

Tue Dec 10 '02 9:43 pm
What's New? What Ain't! One Shtick Ponies Start Making Sense!
D'jya miss us? We're back! We did it! 4 CD Release Fiestas in 3 weeks on 2 Coasts in 2 Weeks, including a sold-out show at the CMJ Music Marathon in NYC and an L.A. show shot and filmed by a three person camera crew led by our hero, Indie-film legend Robert M. Young, director of "Dominick & Eugene", "Caught" and Paul Simon's "One Trick Pony"...(Major thanks also go to directors John Goodner and Fidel Gruber). So what's new? Where to begin. It's been a proverbial whirlwind of indecipherable anarchy, and boy is my tounge tired! Let's start right where we are.... Here. This site. Well, whaddya think? Totally re-vamped and utterly refurbished. It's been "Mod"-ified. Get it? If you do, give kudos to our web-man, Michael Moreira. So where was we? Oh, yeah... It all started in Jacksonville Florida. We landed on Friday October 25th, and that was perfect, because the gig wasn't until Friday October 25th. See we Fenwicks like to challenge ourselves. The last time we came to Jacksonville for a record release party, we only had two days to rehearse. So this time we gave ourselves. No days..... Exactly. That's right. Nada. What the hell... It's only Rock N'Roll (or "Afro-Celtic Yiddish Ska".... whatever you get the point. Basically we were lookin' at an extended sound check to relearn three hours of music. Did we pull it off? With enough Vivarin and Ritalin anythings possible.... We opened with a ska version of the theme to "Flashdance(What a Feeling)" and it just got more retarded from there....

Fun was had, sweat was sweated. St. Augustine was the next night (always home) and then it was off to Gotham City for the CMJ Music Marathon. I made two vows to myself before the convention began. One: The Fenwicks were going to be everywhere. And two: The Fenwicks were going to be everywhere. Ubiquitous and omnipresent. Sure we didn't have a multi-national corporate machine behind us like say, the Foo Fighters, but we did have what they didn't have- my big mouth! And well.... Veni Vedi Vici Baby! Basically I withdrew all my savings, went to Kinko's and made some fliers. Then I littered. All of Manhattan. From Spanish Harlem to Battery Park. Then I focused on where the convention was actually being held- the Hilton. Especially on the bathrooms. Every urinal had our faces in it. Don't laugh. This was saavy marketing. (and a little gross). It led to many things. Many things almost Pavlovian in nature. Like dogs who salivate when they hear a bell, to this day many A&R executives still wee when they hear our name. But seriously people. It worked. I swear. For instance our new best friend "Much Music" VJ Steve Smith went to the bathroom and came out a 'Wick-head--- he saw our name everywhere and decided he simply had to interview us on his show. By their own admission, that interview became the highlight of Much Music's CMJ coverage. It is pure Marxism of the highest order (Groucho that is). See it for yourself now, on our Fen-links page. My propaganda war continued paying dividends. Big time dividends. I had this secret technique: before all the record executives' panel discussions I'd sneak in and place Fenwick fliers on their seats.... most were outraged. Many were intrigued. Eventually CMJ staffers asked ME to sit on a panel, where the label executives asked ME why they are so, um..."misguided". Now that was wierd. The CMJ show itself was the best ever. My flourescent orange bio-hazard costume arrived in the mail just in time and I was able to take the stage in full battle regalia (photos forthcoming). The next day, off to L.A. The Club Lingerie show was a 2 hour dance party, hard to say who had more fun, us or them. As I mentioned the show was filmed in it's entirety and now two very different projects are in the works. Fidel Gruber is editing a music video for the song "Truth & Memory" and Robert Young and I are talking about the possibility of a full-length documentary on the freaky history of this ska-funk-folk punk amalgamation. More on that in a minute... In terms of radio play? Well, we've been adding stations on our own week by week strictly through word of mouth (and well, an amazing review in the December 2nd issue of the CMJ New Music Report helped). To find links to all the stations now playing us, from WLIR on Long Island in New York to SP Radio One in Orange County, California please visit our Fen-links page... And now in closing, a question. So there's Paul Simon's film "One Trick Pony", and then of course there's one of the greatest concert films of all time, The Talking Heads' "Stop Making Sense"....

So in terms of this Fenwick documentary... whaddya think? "The Fenwicks: One Shtick Pony"? or simply "START Making Sense"?....

Thu Nov 14 '02 9:13 pm
Available Today! Available Now! The Fenwicks:"Truth & Memory".Unleashed at last!
~Get it this second, and get it good! On sale now, and for the first

time ever- The Fenwicks' Brand New Live CD, "Truth & Memory: Live and

Unleashed at Arlene Grocery NYC".

~To buy it now, simply click this: http://www.cdbaby.com/fenwicks2 or click the CDBaby icon on our site....

~$10.00 gets you 17 tracks of Afro-Celtic Yiddish Ska Guaranteed to Make

You Sweat, Giggle and Groove...

~Our first release in over two years, "Truth & Memory" was recorded live at

Arlene Grocery on June 12th and features the live debut of our horn-section

Horn-Dogs, plus 4 new looney tunes unavailable anywhere else, including

"Truth & Memory", "My Mushy Tushy Baby" and "Blah Blah Blah".


On the fence? Ask yourself this simple question: Do you own one CD which

will make you silly each and every time you play it? Exactly.... So put the

"SKA" in your SKA-nukkah, and the "X" in your X-mas! Because there ain't

nothin' more transgressive than spreading happiness!


Oh and P.S. When we say "gauranteed" we mean it- literally! Here's my

Fenwickian challenge: If after 3 listens this disc doesn't earn it's rank

among your top five all-time desert island discs, I Steven Schub, will

personally write you a check for your $10.00. Now what other lead singer

promises you that, huh? Mick? Bono? J-Lo? 'Nuff said.... Sweat and smile,

Happy ska-lidays,

Schubieshake and your fierce and fearless, farm-fresh Fenwicks



"Truth & Memory" is also available at this very moment in these 3 stores, in these 3 States:

~In Los Angeles at: Amoeba Music 6400 Sunset Blvd. at Cahuenga in

Hollywood. In the Ska section under "F". (323)245-6400.

~In New York City at: KIM's 6 St. Mark's Place (bet. 2nd and 3rd Ave.) In

the Indie Rock section under "F". (212)505-0311

~And in St. Augustine, Florida at: Beachside CD 18 A. Street St. Augustine

Beach Florida. (904)471-7570.

Wed Nov 06 '02 11:26 pm
This Sunday Night: The FULL Fenwicks Play L.A....
Afro-Celtic Yiddish Ska Guaranteed to Make You Sweat?

This Sunday Night. 7:30PM.

The Fenwicks put the "la la's" back in LA LA Land.

For the very first time ever, the ENTIRE Fenwick conglomerate, all 8

whack-jobs, horns, steel drums etc et al come West to liberate


The Where: Club Lingerie 6507 Sunset Blvd. at Wilcox in Hollywood (323)


The When: This Sunday night November 10th at 7:30PM

The How Much: Eight bucks.

The Why: Because there is nothing more transgressive than spreading


~Wanna see some disturbing new live pics? Dig our very own Divagoth's

fanpage and click

this: http://www.divagoth.com/Fenwicks/

And coming soon to http://www.thefenwicks.com ... a new look and a new

everything... with a CMJ wrap-up, (including how Schub mauled a Much


VJ and made a magnificent mess)......

p.s. yes, dear, our Guestbook is back-up and running.

p.p.s. for those who missed it, Rick Grant's utterly objective, (and might I

add deeply moving) review of us goofballs, can be found hither:


Mon Oct 21 '02 9:58 pm
Warning: Fenwick Tour Dates Fast Approaching! Prepare to Sweat, Giggle & Groove.
Hipsters! Flipsters! Finger-poppin' Daddies and Sophisticated Mommas!

Shout it from the friggin' rooftops! The Fenwicks' "Truth & Memory: Live

and Unleashed Tour" begins NOW! With FOUR Live CD Release Fiestas

in THREE States on TWO Coasts in TWO weeks! It all starts this coming

Friday Night...

~Friday October 25th in Jacksonville Florida at THE FREEBIRD (200

North First Street) 10PM Sharp. Tickets are $6.00 for 21 & Over, $8.00 for

Under 21. (904) 246-2474.

~Saturday October 26th in St. Augustine Florida at RIPTIDES (321 A1A

Beach Blvd.) 9PM. Tickets are $5.00. 21 & Over. (904) 471-8566.

~Then on Saturday November 2nd, The CMJ Music Marathon proudly

presents: The Return of The Fenwicks to ARLENE GROCERY in New York City (95 Stanton

Street- between Ludlow and Orchard) 11PM Sharp. Tickets are $5.00.

Ages 21 & Over. (212) 358-1633.

~And this just in: On Sunday November 10th, for the first time EVER the

ENTIRE Fenwick band, horn-section and all, will play L.A.! It's an early

show, 7:30PM Sharp, but the after-party will go on all night long. It all starts

at the legendary CLUB LINGERIE (6507 Sunset Blvd. at Wilcox... across

the street and 1/2 a block west of Amoeba Music). Tickets are $8.00. (323)

466-3416. Hooray for SKA-llywood!

~Now speaking of Amoeba Music (L.A.'s finest record store...). There is

only one place on planet earth that RIGHT NOW, today, at this very

moment you can buy our brand new CD "Truth & Memory", and that is at

AMOEBA MUSIC. 2 copies wait for you, in the SKA section, under "F" I

believe. John, Amoeba's sales manager, tells me that if we sell out those

two copies by tomorrow, he'll start playing the disc in-store... Amoeba

Music is at 6400 Sunset Blvd. near Cahuenga in Hollywood.


~As for the rest of Planet Earth? You can grab "Truth & Memory" either at

our live shows or, starting November 15th at http://www.CDBaby.com or

from this very web-site.

Two last tid-bits: We Fenwicks will also be making a rare,

cock-a-maimmie, acoustic duo in-store appearance on Saturday October

26th in St. Augustine Beach at Florida's finest record store: BEACHSIDE

CD (18 A Street- St.Augustine Beach) 5PM Sharp. (904)471-7570.

~And lastly, us fruitpies are looking for a few hard-core 'Wick-heads with

video and/or still cameras, willing to photo-document any and/or all of

these shows in exchange for credit, cost-coverage, wuvanwowwiepops...

Give a holler if ya wanna....

~JAX, LAX, NYC....

Meet me on the dance-floor...

We can't wait to make you sweat,

schubieshake and your fierce and fearless, farm-fresh, family-sized


Fri Sep 13 '02 12:01 am
Brand New CD & Coast to Coast CD Release Fiestas...
Shalom Aleichem and Aloha Comrades! Mark it on your calendars and tattoo it on your tushies! In conjunction with the national release of our brand new full-length live CD "Truth and Memory", The Fenwicks will host four huge shows in three huge states: Florida, New York and California....

-JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA: Friday October 25th at "The Freebird Cafe", 220 North 1st Street, 9PM $6.00 over 21, $8.00 under. (904)246-2473

-ST. AUGUSTINE, FLORIDA: Saturday October 26th at "Riptides", 321 A1A Beach Blvd. 9PM $5.00 (904)471-8566

-NEW YORK, NEW YORK: Saturday November 2nd at "Arlene Grocery", 95 Stanton Street (bet. Ludlow & Orchard) 10:30PM $TBA (212)358-1633. Please note: this show is an official part of the CMJ Music Marathon (the "Sundance of Indie Rock"...) as such it is a major coup for us, ie. this is sure to be an extra sweaty affair.... dress accordingly.

-LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Sunday November 10th at "Club Lingerie", 6507 Sunset Blvd. (at Wilcox) 7:30PM $8.00 (323)466-3416.

Please also note: All East Coast shows will be performed as "The Fenwicks: OS10"... as in, fully expanded: horns, steel drums et al....

-In other news Fenwick-ian: Allow me to briefly sacrifice good manners to honesty, and speak plainly about our new disc "Truth & Memory"..... Oh my $%@#$% G-D!!! Very seriously, you can simply toss "Member of No Tribe" and use "eudaimonia" to line your bird-cage. "Truth & Memory" is by far the greatest thing we've ever done. Visually and aurally, it captures all the hysteria of our live show, and it will quite literally compel you to bounce, cackle and groove... So prepare to perspire. Gallons. For those of you unable to attend these CD release parties, rest assured the disc will be available for purchase through our website by mid-November...

(for a free un-mixed and un-mastered preview, check out our "Multimedia" page...)

-Now dig this: Documentarian Fidel Gruber has begun compiling footage for the first ever full-length Fenwick documentary, entitled: "Underground Underdogs: The Secret History of America's Greatest (and only) Afro-Celtic Yiddish Ska Band". If you think you may have any rare obscure video footage of us Fenwicks, stuff that we might lack, gigs, TV appearances, interviews please let us know....

-If you are a truly sick 'Wick-head, and might be willing & able to help flier and/or promote for any of these shows, (in exchange for love and CDs), please respond ASAP...

-If you are a radio station and/or fanzine and would like an advance copy of "Truth & Memory" for review, please respond ASAP...

-Lastly, us Fenwicks are on the hunt for national distribution. If you have any contacts at any labels or distributors, ones who you think might respond to our freaky shtick, please respond ASAP.....

~Onwards, upwards, xoxo, forever fueled by Ramen, duh farm-fresh Fenwicks.....

P.S. In News Schub-ish: your very own schubieshake is currently appearing in the Los Angeles production of Rick Pagano's new play "YBGd?". In it I play a bastard Ad Exec, a Hispanic EMS driver, a transvestite prostitute and a Dalmatian. Perfomances are at the Lillian Theatre 1076 Lillian Way (at Santa Monica Blvd. One block west of Vine) in Hollywood. Fridays and Saturdays at 8PM and Sundays at 7PM through October 6th. Tickets are $15.00, $10.00 for students and seniors. Reservations: (323)856-4200... Please call ahead to confirm, as this is LA, and things happen.......

P.P.S. My computer is evil and trying to kill me... as such if ever you write to us and it takes time for me to respond, please assume my computer is back at Mac. I will ultimately reply. If you ever need to reach this Fenwick immediately just call (323) 965-5570 or contact our manager Jonathan Boyer at (323) 851-0828.

Wed Jul 24 '02 5:46 pm
Hear The Fenwicks' Brand New Live Album Now!!!
Set your soul on fire!

~ Download it now! Free and in it's entirety!


(New York, NY 6-12-02)

The show many have deemed the greatest gig we've ever gigged. Featuring: the official live debut of the newest Fenwicks, our "Horn Dogs" (Van Battle on trombone, Ben Herod on saxophone and Dennis Marion on the trumpet), and three brand new looney tunes unavailable anywhere else, "Truth and Memory", "My Mushy Tushy Baby", and "Sit-Com/Blah Blah". A jubilant explosion. Prepare to bounce...

~Hear it now on our "Multimedia" page...

~See it now: Photos from the show. Including: "Look up in the sky! It's a bagel! It's a pain! It's Schuberman!" And "The Fenwicks On Broadway"... Shots from our Town Hall Toyota Comedy Festival Triumph (courtesy of Jen Lombardo). Believe me, you won't believe your eyes... See if I'm lying... ga'head....

Check out our updated "Photo Gallery"....

~Read it now: JEFF BUCKLEY INTERNATIONAL's Diana Rea Gets Fenwicked (and loves it!) Read her wonderfully insightful and inciteful review of the show at: http://www.jeffbuckley.com/newsletter/v3_n16/index.html


Additional tidbits:

~"Big Rational Brain" interviews Steven Schub about: Life as a Fenwick, life in Israel, life as a spastic goofball, playing Ska at philosophy conferences, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Artimus Pyle, Ayn Rand, Bob Marley and the Marx Brothers... go to: http://brbrain.topcities.com/schub.htm

~And lastly but certainly not leastly: For all y'all Fen-heads and 'Wick-heads in Austin, Texas. Your very own schubieshake will be interviewed tomorrow, Thursday July 25th at 6:30 PM Central on Radio Station KOOP- 91.7 FM


withwuvanwowwiepops, in dubious battle, schubieshake and your fierce and fearless farm-fresh Fenwicks

Tue Jun 11 '02 07:46 am
Last minute time change...(and some guy named Howard)
For those attending our show at "Town Hall" in NYC tonight, please note:

our first set now begins at 7pm sharp, just as doors open.

As for all duh rest of youze Noo Yawkahs, we expect to see all yuh gorgeous

faces tomorrow night at duh Main Event, duh Big Gig!!!

Tomorrow Wednesday June 12th 9:30pm

at "Arlene Grocery" 95 Stanton Street (between Ludlow & Orchard)

$5.00 21 and over... (212) 358-1633...

Come prepared...

Come to dance...

Dress to sweat....

It's gonna get messy....

wuvanwowwiepops, xoxo, schubieshake and the Irrefutable Fenwicks

p.s. Uh, yes. You can believe your ears. For those of you who were listening

to Howard Stern Monday morning, it was indeed this furry Fenwick who had him cornered at the Puerto Rican Day Parade....

Tue Jun 04 '02 12:10 am
Fenwicks on Broadway! (Literally!)
One Week From Today...

Tuesday June 11th 7PM

The Fenwicks Open the Toyota Comedy Festival at "The Town Hall Theatre"

123 West 43rd Street New York City

A Benefit for the Gerry Red Wilson Foundation for Spinal Meningitis Research With special guests: Jon Stewart, Saturday Night Live's Colin Quinn, Jim Breuer, Lewis Black and others. Tickets are $35.00 and $45.00 and are available through Ticketmaster (212) 307-7171 or http://www.ticketmaster.com

And One Week from Tomorrow...

Wednesday June 12th 9:30PM

The Fenwicks Return to the Lower East Side

"Arlene Grocery"- 95 Stanton Street (between Orchard and Ludlow)

Tickets are $5.00 Ages 21 and over... (212) 358-1633

Both shows will mark the NYC debut of the new and improved family-sized Fenwicks. Horns, steel drums and all... We're talkin' 9 madmen on a mission to make you sweat, groove, and giggle. And we 'Wicks expect to see every tushy shakin' and every bootie bakin'!!!

In other news: Steven Schub has been cast in the world premiere of a new play by Rick Pagano entitled "YBGUD". The play will open in Los Angeles in late summer. Details will be forthcoming. Schub will originate the role of "Jay Sears" a truly villainous Ad Executive who dies and returns to Earth in various forms. Significantly, this will mark the first time Mr. Schub has been allowed to act onstage again, since the Board of Health shut down his NYU Tisch School of the Arts production of "Three Sisters", set (for no apparent reason) in the deep South during the Civil War...

Tue May 14 '02 4:16 pm
2nd New York Show Added! Wednesday June 12th Arlene Grocery 9:30 PM!
Ay! Yo! Noo Yawk! We heard ya! And so, at your behest, we've added a 2nd Fenwick show! Mark it on your calendars & tattoo it on your tushies, 'cause this is the one we really, really need you at: Wednesday June 12th 9:30 PM at Arlene Grocery 95 Stanton Street (bet. Ludlow and Orchard) Price: $5.00. (212) 358-1633. 21 and over....

Fen-heads and 'Wick-eds, consider this an official call-up and remobilization of The Great Fenwick Army, so start spreading the word! It's the first full-band Fenwick show in New York in years, and our first time ever in NYC with the newest members of the ever expanding Fenwick family, the hypersonic "Horn-Dogs" (our hellaciously hoppin' horn players: Van, Ben and Dennis).... Come out and show 'em what a NYC Fenwick fiesta is all about! Tell the world! Call your friends! Mislead your enemies! Drag tourists off the street! We aim to pack the house and make some memories!

...with giggles and sweat, schubieshake and your very own funky-freaky-furry Fenwicks

p.s. we're looking for 4 things:

Cheap rehearsal space, someone to shoot photos, someone to shoot video, and one or two righteous ones, willing to help toss out a few fliers... any and all help would be greatly appreciated and repaid with.... um, mass affection and lots of chocolate covered espresso beans.

Tue May 07 '02 2:20 pm
On Tuesday June 11th The Fenwicks, yes, the FULL Fenwicks- all 9 of us freaks, horn section, steel drums and all, will return to New York City to open the Toyota Comedy Festival at Town Hall! This show is a benefit for the Gerry Red Wilson Foundation, dedicated to fighting Spinal Meningitis, and the line-up for the evening includes:

"Saturday Night Live" Alumnists Jim Breuer and Colin Quinn,

Lewis Black,

Dave Attell,

Greg Fitzsimmons,

Adam Ferrara,

Kevin Meany,

Caroline Rhea,

Eddie Brill

....and your very own farm-fresh, family-sized Fenwicks!

~Please see below for details on the benefit and excerpts from the Foundation's email to us and press release...

loveandlollipops, shake and the 'Wicks...



This multi-star benefit is scheduled for Tuesday, June 11, 2002 at 7:30 PM at New York City's Town Hall

123 West 43rd Street

Tickets are $45 & $35 and can be purchased at the Town Hall box office, TicketMaster outlets, online at www.ticketmaster.com or by calling 212-307-7171.

The Gerry Red Wilson Foundation is an organization dedicated to fighting and raising awareness of Spinal Meningitis. The Foundation was created by friends and family to keep alive the memory and spirit of Gerry Red Wilson, a rising comic and television star who succumbed to Spinal Meningitis on November 21, 1998 at the age of 37.

We are reaching out to The Fenwicks to participate in the event.

Town Hall is has a capacity of 1500 seats which we expect to be sold-out. This is the kick off event for the Toyota Comedy Festival. There will be posters and fliers all around New York. What we would like is for The Fenwicks to play as the house fills up, and get the crowd in a high energy mood. The Comedy show will begin with Greg Fitzsimmons as host. The band will play on/off talent and play throughout the intermission.


Raising public awareness about Spinal Meningitis and working towards a cure for this deadly disease. Also providing financial assistance in the educational communities where Gerry taught.


GRWF was created three years ago to keep alive the memory and spirit of Gerry Red Wilson. Gerry was a rising comic and television star when Spinal Meningitis tragically took his life November 21, 1998 at the age of 37.

Gerry Red Wilson had a joie de vivre that could light up a room and inspired everyone he came in contact with. Upon graduating from Queens College, Gerry began his career as a teacher in public schools in New York City. His dedication to his students and his ability to make them learn through laughter allowed him to touch many lives. While teaching, Gerry spent his weekends and evenings spreading his gift of laughter as a stand up comic. After several years of working his way through comedy clubs, Gerry became the star of his own television show, "That’s Life", on ABC. While in the process of developing another sitcom for FOX, and taping an episode of "Fantasy Island" in Hawaii, Gerry contracted Spinal Meningitis and tragically lost his life at the beginning of what would have been a fantastic career.

In order to keep Gerry’s amazing spirit alive, family and friends created this foundation. Thus far, several comedy events have been held both in New York and Los Angeles with such stars as Jay Leno, Jim Breuer, Darrell Hammond, D.L. Hughely, and many others

Over $100,000 has already been raised, some of which has been passed on to The Spinal Meningitis Foundation of America. This spring Queens College, Gerry’s Alma Mater will begin renovations on their videotape editing facility; the same one Gerry worked in as a student. Thanks in part to a donation from the Foundation; this facility will be brought up to date so that student can pursue their dreams as Gerry did. The new facility will be named after Gerry Red.

Mon Mar 11 '02 11:08 pm
New Music, New Photos, and "an offer you can't refuse..."
~Hear our Maniacal Masterpiece: "Manic Depression"! Yes, your

Fenwicks take on Hendrix, in this rare previously unreleased live

recording, featuring living legend, Lynyrd Skynyrd's Artimus Pyle on drums!

Hear it now, free and for the first-time, on our "Multimedia" page...

~Then, go giggle and gawk at our "Photo Gallery"! See 12 brand new photos, all shot at our Valentine's Day L.A. Soiree. Including: "Look up in the sky! It's a bagel! It's a pain! It's "Schuberman"!

~What does Ayn Rand's intellectual heir, and America's greatest living

philosopher, Dr. Leonard Peikoff think of your Fenwicks? (We're still not

sure, but we can show you what his wife thinks...) And what did

Dishwalla's lead singer, the great J.R. Richards, pick as his 3rd favorite

album of 2001(after U2 and Ryan Adams)? See for yourself on the "Comments" page...

~Oh, um, want Fenwicks in your living room? Our new standing offer: You pick

any Saturday night, pay for plane tickets and put a roof over our heads,

and we Fenwicks (acoustic duo, percussive trio, and/or 6-11 piece dance

band) will come to your hometown and play wherever, and however, you

want us.... write to: shake@thefenwicks.com For the rest of you, xoxo and

#$@%#%, in dubious battle, schubieshake and your farm-fresh, family

sized Fenwicks

Thu Feb 28 '02 12:16 am
Jumpin' Jive-in' Jah-Ska-ville! (Tonight at 10PM)
~Your Fenwicks in Florida Tonight! One night only. Unleashed and unrehearsed. Pre-Wedding Madness! Jimmie Gets Married! (And no, it's not to me... very funny.)

Tonight Thursday February 28th 10PM Sharp:

Lynch's Irish Pub

514 North First Street

Jacksonville Beach, Florida


~And coming soon to http://www.thefenwicks.com :

New songs, new scandals, new pics, new prizes...

Mon Feb 11 '02 7:06 pm
L.A. Soiree Saturday!!!
~Hooray for Ska-llywood! Your hare-brained heretics are back! The Fenwicks

return for one night only. This Satuday February 16th 8pm Sharp. Live at

Genghis Cohen: 740 North Fairfax (just above Melrose) in West Hollywood.

$7.00 (323)653-0640. Our first L.A. show in over a year, and our last for

lord knows how long. At least 4 brand new songs, played for the very first

time, including our new hit single:"Mushy Tushy Baby". No Valentine either?

Come play with us... Touche' L.A.!

~And in Floridian Fenwick news: Jumpin' Jive-in' Jacksonville! A top-secret

"Hometown Throwdown"! Thursday February 28th 10PM sharp at Lynch's Irish Pub (514 North

1st Street in Jacksonville Beach). The Fenwicks will sneak in a semi-pseudo

surprise mini-set, before "Mr. Beam and the Funk Essentials"

regularly scheduled show. Hush, hush now.... (aw what the hell, on 2nd

thought, tell the world!)

~Now let's get philosophical: The Ayn Rand Institute's West Coast

Objectivist Student Conference is now open to the public. February 16th-18th

in Los Angeles. Witness your very own philosophic Fenwicks as they perform

for (and possibly perplex) the Ph.D.s. (Preposterous? Perhaps....). Go to

http://www.aynrand.org for details.

~Lastly, please note: Our Guestbook is back up and running. You really

must come see what 'Wick-heads world-wide have been saying about you. Go to


... in dubious battle, schubieshake and your farm-fresh Fenwicks

Thu Jan 17 '02 1:44 pm
L.A. Gigs and Florida Weddings...
~Mark it on your calenders, tattoo it on your tushies! The Fenwicks will return to Los Angeles for one night only! Saturday February 16th at "Genghis Cohen" 740 N.Fairfax (just above Melrose). 8 PM sharp. $7.00 (323)653-0640....

~Our philosophical convictions get the best of us: The Ayn Rand Institute has asked The Fenwicks to play at a national conference for the leaders of their college campus philosophy clubs. We're both honored and flattered. For details on the West Coast Objectivist Student Conference, February 15th-18th, and on this think tank's ceaseless fight for reason and individual rights, go to http://www.aynrand.org

~Our political convictions get the best of us: Read a review, released just yesterday, discussing your very own freedom lovin' Fenwicks, and our "under-the-radar" impact on the politics and culture of liberty: Go to http://www.free-market.net/features/action

~See clips from Ami Mann's still unreleased feature film "Morning" (starring Annabeth Gish, Keiran Mulroney, J.R. Richards and me. With music by Lynyrd Skynyrd, Jeff Buckley and J.R.). Available at a recently discovered website: http://www.morning-themovie.com

~Rumors abound: Word is, that in honor of Jimmie Corrieri's Florida wedding to the celestial Miss Trudy, us Fenwicks may be making a surprise guest appearance at "Lynch's Irish Pub" (514 N.1st St.) on Thursday February 28th in Jacksonville Beach Florida (apparently at some point during "Mr. Beam & the Funk Essentials" regularly scheduled show). That's all I know. They only tell me so much....

~Finally, let it be known that after four months of contributing 100% of our profits from CD sales to the American Red Cross, our donating has come to an end, for now anyway. (A Fenwick eventually has to eat too after all). To those of you who bought our CD over the last 4 months, we thank you. Know that you have helped raise a considerable chunk of change. Starting this very minute however, all profits will revert back to, what our drummer Kenny calls, the most important charity of all, "Uni-Self". To support this cause, (us!), you can buy one of the last 100 copies on Earth of our CD "eudaimonia" at: http://www.cdbaby.com/fenwicks ....

Wed Nov 28 '01 11:31 pm
Just in time for "SKA-nukkah"...
~Win hearts and minds this Christmas... Give the gift of Ska! Afro-Celtic

Yiddish Ska, that is. Buy one of the last 150 copies of The Fenwicks CD

“eudaimonia” left on planet Earth! Now only $10.00. All profits (100%)

continue to go directly to the American Red Cross. Available only at:


~Want your “SchubTV”? Then catch “Caught” on the STARZ! cable channel this

Sunday night/Monday morning, December 2 into December 3rd, starting at

midnight(check your local listings).“Caught” stars Edward James Olmos, Maria

Conchita Alonso, some freak named Steven Schub, and yes, even your very own

farm-fresh Fenwicks. Stay up late and call in sick! You’ll need to, I

promise.(Heh,heh,heh.) In general,for full week-by-week TV listings, of all

my, let's politely refer to them as, "other" films, shall we? (i.e.

"Mascara","Expose","13th Floor" etc.) you can always check:


and hit the gist.com icon for specific times. (They only sound like pornos, but they're not Mom, I swear...)

~As for the future? Rumors abound: ex. The Fenwicks return to Los Angeles

Valentine’s Day weekend? Unverified, but likely. A string of Florida dates

the last week in February? Unconfirmed, but probable. Schub to dine with

Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon? TRUE! Try not to die laughing now, but

as part of a Hebrew University Alumni mission to Israel, I will be flying to

Jerusalem on December 18th. There I will be getting drunk and silly, not

just with Prime Minister Sharon, but also with President Moshe Katzav and

the American Ambassador Daniel Kurtzer. Some other political stuff too I’m

sure. Any messages?

~Oh yeah,hencely and thusly,this boy will be totally unreachable from

Dec.18-Jan.9th. Any inquiries, get them in now k?

~For fresh Fenwick photos (including moi as “Osama Bin Baby Spice”)

hustle on over to our Photo Gallery.

~For new music and video,cavort to Multimedia.

~And lastly,but most importantly:Happy Everything to Everybody!

....with joy,mirth and joviality, Steven Schub and your freedom lovin'


Thu Oct 25 '01 3:08 pm
What Can One Do? (3 Shining Examples)
~On September 7th, Fenwick guitarist Jimmie Corrieri celebrated his wedding day by going to the top of the World Trade Center with our bassist Ed Richardson and their respective loves,Trudy and Eva. Four days later,Jim was late for work and missed his Manhattan bound PATH train.Instead he watched as the towers crumbled.Over the next few days,devastated,reeling and enraged,Jim spoke several times to Ken Nasta,our drummer down in Jacksonville. Determined to do something,anything,however small to help,Ken ended up doing something very big...He called Judy Van Zant at the Freebird Cafe and together they quickly organized "The Musicians Against Terrorism- 4 Days 4 Freedom" Benefit Concert, which raised over $15,000.00 dollars for the Red Cross. This event drew such performers as Buddy Miles (drummer for Jimi Hendrix's "Band of Gypsies"), Buzzy Meakons and Derek Trucks from the Allman Brothers, America's best new "Southern Fried Mountain Bop Galactic Boogie" band Tribolotomee (featuring Marshall and Chris Pyle),and yes, even your very own tri-coastal, farm-fresh Fenwicks.

~Now speaking of action and initiative- the main man of action himself, Artimus Pyle ("founding father" of The [Expanded Edition] Fenwicks, and Lynyrd Skynyrd drummer for 17 years) and his wife Kerri Pyle, organized and hosted a beautiful benefit all their own.On October 20th, the first annual "Celebration of Life Memorial Concert", honoring all those lost in the Lynyrd Skynyrd plane crash 24 years ago, and in our recent national tragedy. All proceeds went to protect and preserve St.Augustine's historic 2,400 person outdoor amphitheater,and once again bands included: your fierce and fearless,funky-assed Fenwicks, the universe's (and our) favorite new band Tribolotomee, and Artimus' own legendary APB band.You can,should and must, check them both out at: www.apbband.com .

I could easily babble on and on, (as you all well know, all too well), about the unprecedented Groucho Marx-ist, Frank Zappa-ish,Kaufman-esque vaudevillian shenanigans us Fen-boys pulled off at these shows,but I swear,you'd truly never believe me. Instead, why not see it all for yourself at our Photo Gallery.View over 19 brand new photos (and one classic,found in the archives) including self-inditing documentation,of moi taking the stage in radical Shiite regalia, as Jimmie sings Paul McCartney's "Silly Love Songs".(Or to read some high caliber eyewitness testimony,see the latest reviews on our "Guestbook ")....

~Lastly and most importantly, The Fenwicks would like to honor the passing of a very great man. Jimmie's father,James Corrieri Sr.left us on Sunday October 21st. Mr.Corrieri embodied all that we treasure- an unquenchable lust for life, and all the pleasure it offers.He brought everyone he came in contact with great joy and laughter, and he will be remembered with love,and missed forever.We bless his memory, as he blessed our lives, and we extend our deepest sympathies and condolences to Mrs.Corrieri and the entire Corrieri family.

Wed Sep 19 '01 08:11 am
All CD Sales To Red Cross(&"Morning" in L.A.)
~Until further notice,through an arrangement with our distributor CDBaby,all profits from the sales of our CDs will go directly to the American Red Cross...

(go to http://www.cdbaby.com/fenwicks )

~There will be a free screening of Ami Mann's film "Morning" this Friday, September 21st in Los Angeles at The Director's Guild of America-Theater #2 at 3PM (7920 Sunset Blvd.-one block west of Fairfax). "Morning" stars Annabeth Gish,Keiran Mulroney,Pat Hingle,Tess Harper,Darren Burrows,Dishwalla's J.R. Richards and The Fenwicks' very own Steven Schub.(With music by Jeff Buckley,Lynyrd Skynyrd,J.R. Richards,Lisa Germano,Stevie Ray Vaughn and many others).This is a film about love,loyalty and friendship, and one I'm very proud of- you are all invited.Ami Mann will be there and so will I.If you're interested, please RSVP: (310)289-2034.

~...love,hope & strength to all,(and to all of you 'Wick-heads of the Jewish persuasion,"Shanah Tovah").

"There are stars whose light reaches the earth only after they themselves have disintegrated.And there are individuals whose memory lights the world after they have passed from it.These lights shine in the darkest night and illumine for us the path."- Hannah Senesh

Thu Sep 13 '01 8:00 pm
The Price of Life,Love and Liberty...
Dear Friends,

Firstly and most importantly I want to express, on behalf of myself and everyone in The Fenwicks,our profound sorrow,grief,and sympathy to everyone affected by Tuesday's atrocities.I know many of you live and work in New York and almost all of us have friends and family there.For the loss,the pain and incomprehensible suffering there are no words.For the outrage however,there must be,and so I am writing.I write because at the moment, there is not a lot else I can do,and I write because I can. And that I suppose, is really my point.I know all of us are asking "What can we do?".Well in addition to the more obvious:donate blood,contribute to Victim Relief funds and the like,I think there are actions incumbent on us all, which over the long haul will be far more vital. As many in the media have already expressed, we are indeed in the midst of a war.It is however, not a war of weapons,or even a fundamentally a "war against terrorism", as our President has described it.Ultimately, this is, at its core, is a war of ideas.It is in fact,a clash between civilizations- between two mutually exclusive philosophies, and it will not be won in days or even years.It will not even be won primarily, with weapons, but with concepts and consisitency.Our enemies know this, even as we in the West have tried to evade it.We no longer can afford to.This is not an issue of race or geography, but of ideology.These terrorists were not "lunatics" and were not "madmen",they were in fact, the consistent and principled embodiments of an integrated, if utterly grotesque and irrational, philosophy.As the dancing celebrants in the streets of Iraq and Nablus indicate, these men are heroes to millions.It is critical to note:Radical Islamic Fundamentalists hate America,Israel and the West NOT for our (so-called) vices or for any particular policy- but for our very virtues:our freedom,our wealth,our democracy,our way of life and most of all, that which makes all the rest possible- our embrace of Reason,as opposed to blind faith,tradition and obedience.It is truly Western civilization as such-reason,rights,modernity,they are out to destroy.Which leads to this most essential point: if actual life,here on earth, is your standard of value- then the creed guiding men like Bin Laden,(in fact, which breeds men like Bin Laden) is by very definition, pure unmitigated evil.We must have the courage to identify it as such.You do not "tolerate" evil.You do not urge "restraint" in the face of evil,you destroy it- or it will destroy you.(I've always wondered at the current obsession with "toleration" as a moral primary.Of course we should tolerate all sorts of cultural differences- subjective differences in taste,dress,custom etc- but never, fundamental ethical ones. Human rights and principles are universal, because they are based on our very nature as human beings and on the requirements of life on earth. As such,they are not "subjective").Thus,when judging people,cultures and countries, the primary ethical imperative and standard should be justice,not tolerance.Observe that the good have no need for "tolerance",only the simple recognition of their actual character and actions.It is only the vicious and irrational which benefit from "toleration" in the realm of ethics.It grants these countries a moral stature and ethical sanction they do not deserve and have not earned.As to the supposed complexity of judging what is good or evil on an international level - I suggest this as a minimum standard- (for entry into the United Nations as well):a respect for life,liberty,democracy and individual rights.In fact, because real evil is, by its very nature, anti-life, we don't even need to necessarily attack or use force against many of these thug nations.Simply cut off and ostracize, economically and politically, any government which refuses to respect rights and democracy.Very quickly,these regimes would pay the price of their own irrationality and implode .We can not negotiate with those who explicitly reject reason,rights,freedom and life,as absolutes.We must, as people and as a nation,proudly,righteously, discriminate- morally and ethically.Yes, discriminate.Not with blind prejudice of course,and not based on skin color,or geography. But in the same way (and for the same reason) that we learn to discern between poison and food,even more crucially, we must discriminate between noxious ideas and cultures which enshrine them.The consequences here are even deadlier.And so, when we ask ourselves what we can do?- in addition to supporting and comforting the ones left behind- we must speak out.Loudly.In whatever way you can. Speak out against evil, and have the courage to identify it as such.And perhaps even more importantly- speak up for what, at its core, America and the West represents- reason,liberty and life on earth.Do it in whatever way you can, for as long as you can.The stakes now are literally life and death.Again you have our love.... Steven Schub and The Fenwicks


P.S.What follows is a link to one of the the very few think tanks that I believe truly understands the fundamental cause, and the existential stakes, of this conflict.I encourage you all to check it out when you get a chance,it will help provide desperately needed intellectual ammunition: http://www.aynrand.org/medialink/actofwar.html

Wed Aug 08 '01 10:07 pm
Slaver VH-1.Slaver.
Warning:What follows is openly and admittedly, a supremely subjective,spastically slanted,militantly manic,maniacally mad screed,written from the inside out. Thusly much may strike the credulous dear reader as impossible hyperbole.Rhetorical bombast.A "Schub-story" as it were. Hence in my defense,I order all of ya,at the outset, to do the following: Before reading on,march over to our Multimedia page.Click on the NBC news link and watch our interview and 4am homage to Archie Bunker Then,whilst on that very same page- click on the link to our newest song "Truth and Memory"- played live for the very first time at our Southern Fried Freebird Fiesta. Next, galavant to the Photo Gallery for some photo documentation. Then end it all, with an excursion at our Review page.There you should click on the new "Florida Times Union" link and read what they themselves call "a story the producer's of "Behind The Music" would slaver over".... .All this should provide some small corroboration and context, to back up my sleepless babble....

Now then- Two years ago Jim and I met in New Orleans where Jim was producing a Ray Charles concert.Us Fenwicks had not played together,not even as a duo in over two years.One night,on a whim (and about a quart of Vermouth),we decided to go down to an open mic night at the legendary Howlin' Wolf Cafe. Within minutes were yanked right off the stage.Literally.After 2 and a half songs.It seems we were just too damn good. The club said it was 'cause I split their SM58 microphone in half and was scaring away the patrons...but we knew the truth.Yup...just too good. Same problem Da Vinci had. Point is, Jim and I realized we still had something.What,exactly,we're still not sure, but even penicillin won't clear it up....and nothing ever will.That night we knew we had to get the band back together.Back together-to record a new record and have record release parties in NYC,LA and Jacksonville.Then we'd see where to go from there.And so,over the next 18 months we pulled off the impossible.Jim and I would fly into Jacksonville from opposing coasts (and viewpoints) and then over looooong weekends we would rehearse and record by day, and play shows by night to finance the whole nutty dream.Some of you may have even attended these shows, so you know how nutty we were.But with a little love,a lot of hate, and a ton of chocolate covered espresso beans,we made it work. It wasn't easy, but it was bliss....

Cut to: Saturday June 23rd 2001.It all pays off...the culmination,the actualization of all our hopes and schemes.It went a little something like this.(Tense shift)Jim and I arrive from NYC and LA respectively on Thursday June 19th at 1am.With the show two whole days away we figured (quite retardidly) that this would give us ample time to: A)re-learn 3 hours of music,B) add a horn section,C)write some new songs,D)do two TV shows,one radio show and 5 interviews.Plus sleep.Wrong.We did not sleep.I still haven't.Can you tell?Other then my luggage getting lost and Jimmy and I getting into our first fight right there at baggage claim, our beginnings were auspicious.No,really.Suspiciously auspicious.I'll skip over our first rehearsal, because what the hell, we pretty much did too.Who needs more than one anyway? We Fenwicks flourish yes,but only under extreme duress.At the end of our "rehearsal" the local FOX News station drove up to St..Augustine to do a story on us "local boys made good". We were bad. Somehow the anchor woman, Leslie Coursey, ended up over my shoulder,getting spanked on air, until she plugged our show with what I felt, was sufficient enthusiasm.(er,sorry about that Ms.Coursey, I really don't know how these things happen....).From there, Jim and I went over to radio station,WFCF, home of America's greatest DJ, Mr.Tom Meehan.This is the lunatic who's been playing our entire disc straight through uninterrupted for a month and a half now.Even I don't do that.We talked to him about all sorts of stuff:y'know like most rock stars.Um,Globalization,and uh,Global Warming,and er,Epistemology and oh yeah German sausage.After they threw us out,we decided it was time to go. Time for bed. Several seconds later, it was time to get up. See, Kenny our drummer, somehow convinced the NBC affiliate to to book us on Jacksonville's highest rated Morning Show- "Good Morning Jacksonville".No I'm not kidding. And so we were expected to play live,on the air at 6 am, be at the studio at 5 and hence arise at 4.Go Kenny go.(@%#$%@#!!!!)So Jim and I show up at Kenny's house at around 4:30, and well,see,Kenny had a gig the night before, and is still a little drunk.OK a lot drunk. And um,well Kenny can't remember where he put his drums. Oh well, no problem.I watch in awe and amazement as Kenny improvises.He stumbles into the kitchen, empties a bottle of Rebel Yell, and starts filling it with rice."Kenny what are you doing?" I ask."Maracas" he replies.Alas the bottle is still wet, and so the rice is just sticking to the sides.Not real percussive.Nice try. No worries.Kenny can keep a beat on anything ....I see him glance around the apartment,the look of Satan in his eyes.(in an hour we're on air.Tick, tock,tick,tock.)Hmmmmn...Aha! There,there in the corner! A computer printer!Someone apparently gave Kenny a printer for Xmas.Thoughtful .Especially considering he's never ever had a computer and can't even type.But boy once he whips out the drumsticks and starts pounding? Wow! You'd never know it was made for anything else.So we grab the printer/drum...(along within a few empty,soiled cardboard boxes, -to flesh out the "drum kit"), and head on over to the TV station.We arrive pre-dawn.Outside the studio is a single camera and a monitor.I guess they don't want us inside.Smart.Even weirder though, no one comes out to direct us.We soon discover that we are on the air.At least intermittently.Without warning they keep cutting to us,live, as they go to commercial breaks...Oh is that how it's gonna be? Fine. Super. I can do that! We do bad things- once again. Marx Brother caliber subterfuge.No one stops us! 400,000 people watching and no one stops us. After some of this shtick I'm all but certain the FCC will call in an air strike,but it never happens.Harpo,Chico,Groucho,Zeppo,Gummo and Karl would be proud.Eventually though,the hostess, a Patricia Crosby does comes out for the main segment.Sadly- it was the day Carol O'Connor died. Happily-we finally have a legitimate excuse to play cover version of "Those Were the Days". I swear,we've been playing it for years without a legitimate excuse, and now God does this! Thanks God! Again,if you think I'm lying ,get thyself to our Multimedia page.In fact,they keep playing our tribute on Channel 12 all day long! Bless the oblivious.Every one of 'em. Well,then its off to Day 2 of rehearsals.Our last and final rehearsal before the big show.Just 6 odd hours to re-learn 24 songs,4 covers,one brand new ditty,add a horn section and we're home free.Ever been to the Bronx Zoo? 'Nuff said.And yet somehow it all comes together.Just as it always has. At one point Jim and I looked at each other.There was Lynyrd Skynyrd's Artimus Pyle,the man who put this thing together, on our right.On our left,our borrowed horn section,The Funk Essentials'- Dennis,Van and Ben- sax,trumpet and trombone in hand- yup,every skankin' Rude-boy worth his Vespa's wet dream.....and even more bizarre, there we all were, gathered around a boom box,listening to the actual cassette tape I bought of Skynyrd's "Gold and Platinum" when I was 12....trying to figure out how to ska-ify Skynyrd's "Whats you Name Little Girl" for a show the next night at the Freebird Cafe in Jacksonville...slaver VH-1 slaver! And make a wish,Make A Wish- 'cause I guess I owe ya one.... The rest of the day is a blur....But then it's showtime!

The show itself? It saved my life, and certainly the band's.Like Swiss clockwork, Jim and I came to the brink of break-up, in the lobby of the Comfort Inn,only hours before the show. (Something about luggage carts).The show?Well,some of you were there,so tell me if I'm wrong..ga head! It was a sold-out blow-out. An effin' lovefest. A friggin firehazard ! Exhibit A,for example: the new song- "Truth and Memory" (you can hear it now, on our Multimedia page.It's a song torn from my belly."A song about the redemptive power of long lost love" (or maybe it's really about borderline psychotic obsession and soul crushing delusion.It seems the jury is still out,so I'll let you decide.)The show ended with a dance-off in the pit, between the Jacksonvillians and the St.Augustinians (St.Aug won) and with formerly estranged Judy Van Zant, giddy with glee, her arms around Artimus Pyle,singing along to our punked out version of "I Wanna Hold Your Hand".What could be more insane? And so..... much like Pacino in Godfather III, these damn Fenwicks keep pulling me back.Flies in the face of every cost benefit analysis I know.Believe me I know ! Yet I will not,can not, let it go! Secretly,I thought this show might be our fitting end, but no- it's more like a New Beginning. After leaving Jax for Jerusalem,I met Jim in July in NYC.Together we made Haj- a pilgrimage to Washington Square Park,returning to our rusted roots.There under a tree,we made more babies.I know,I know, it's not wise,not healthy,in such a tenuous,volatile relationship,but there they are,three new songs:"Learn to Love (Your Disease)", "Stop Stop Come" and arguably our inane-est song ever, our answer to "Honky Tonk Woman"- "My Mushy Tushy Baby" (part one of a Rock Opera)...

And so it what can I say? The whole experience has me quoting Modern English...as in "the future's open wide...". Yes,we are still on hold for the October 20th Amphitheater show in St.Augustine.Yes we will continue,to write and fight,perform and play.....other than that? Other than that?This much I know... I need sleep.....shake

Thu Jun 07 '01 9:28 pm
"RAPTURE CAPTURED"- From Jacksonville to Jerusalem...
All Rubicons crossed! All stones set! On Saturday June 23rd,we return at last to re-take the beach! 9pm at The Freebird...our one and only Southern Fried CD Fiesta- the final launch and official national release for "eudaimonia".This promises to be, not only a singularly sweaty,goofy,silly,sexy,funky,frenzied affair (so dress appropriately- or not at all) but also arguably the single greatest Fenwicks show of all time.I can't tell you everything, but I can tell you this:For this one historic show we have morphed yet again. We got horns now Paco! 3 of 'em!! The great Mr.Bean has magnanimously offered up his horn section- lending us Fenwicks full use and abuse of his glorious Horn Dogs, from the legendary Funk Essentials. Add a certain Skynyrd member as special guest? and well I ain't no math whiz, but I reckon that brings your total Fenwick count circa 2001 to something like um,(carry the one divide by 3, y= mx+b) uh, the population of Amherst. Wait, no ..I'm wrong- 11. OK,but still !!! Take that P-Funk! To paraphrase Spinal Tap's Nigel Tufnel: This band goes to "11". And it ain't just the size people! We also intend on whipping out our first new song in imperial ages- so new it tain't even on "eudaimonia".It's called "Truth and Memory" and it's our most infectious ditty to date.

Moving right along: Apparently early word of this JAX gig has spawned a bit of a media firestorm (among other toxically mixed metaphors).We have received several verified reports, that a certain DJ in St.Augustine, a one Tom Meehan, has been playing our full CD non-stop, UNINTERRUPTED and in its ENTIRETY on WFCF !!! Bless you Tom- you poor sick man !!! and when you need a new job(prozac or bail) you know the #...In fact a whole slew of new reviews are due in days(Gritz Magazine,Folio,FL Times Union,Flipside,etc) Rest assured they will all be posted on our Comments page, joining our hero Rick Grant's latest greatest, in which he refers to me as a "fiendish Yiddish Visigoth",compares us to Fellini and Captain Beefheart,and claims we've "captured rapture on disc".Bless him too why don't ya...

Now here's a heads up:I,your schubieshake am essentially off-the-grid,beyond the pale and above the fray- ambulating all over, all summer long.Hence, I will be entirely out of reach and commission, from June 20- Aug.1. Mr.Corrieri will ostensibly maintain the site, but if you have any specific inquiries for moi, please cough em up now. Following our JAX gig, I bounce to Pittsburgh to do a reading,(as a black crow),in the best play ever written- Edward Rostand's "Chantecler". From P-burg its off to the University of Johnstown for a week long Objectivist conference on how to save the world. Once the world is saved, I'm off to Israel to attend the Jerusalem Film Festival,where Ami Mann's "Morning" may well make its international debut (and to kiss my Mommy too, of course). If subsequently still breathing I'm due in New York on the 19th of July, and will remain there,in hiding until Aug.1.How's that for an itinerary? Man-o-manashevitz!

Finally,the Future:2 tentatives.Yes,we may well be playing CMJ this year as a duo.CMJ is in mid-Sept. in NYC, and we won't know diddly 'til mid-July, so we'll notify. And that goes for the next item too,which is a biggie.On October 20th Lynyrd Skynyrd's Artimus Pyle is hosting a benefit to preserve St.Aug's historic 2400 seat Amphitheater.This concert will honor the 24th anniversary of Ronnie Van Zant and Steve Gaines passing,and we have been asked to play.We have every intention to try.

As to our show at The University of Milwaukee in the Fall? Still speculative....as is so much in this world.....except this(as lifted from the back of Ami Mann's business card): "If you bring forth what is within you,what you bring forth will save you.If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you." - The Gospel of St.Thomas................

Until August....Revere Thyself,schubieshake

Tue Apr 10 '01 10:17 pm
PAMPERPALOOZA- FESTOONED SWEETMEATS(and other pending shenanigans)!!
'Tis the season for resurrection after all...and so,Phoenix-like,we Fenwicks dust off our little shmekels,and rise yet again from the ash heap of history.Yes,our web site was summarily sabotaged and downed for months! Yes, we are still in the slow process of re-building him(faster,stonger,better than before)....but now here's the good news. We have finally(tentatively) committed (kinda) to a (possibly) definite date for our long long looong awaited Southern CD Release Fiesta.What we're looking at is this: Saturday June 23rd at Jacksonville Florida's very own Freebird Cafe.Now as I said,at this point we're merely penciled in,but by mid-May all should be set in stone and bound by blood.Will notify.In other news Fenwickian:Our good ol' publishing company Cherry Lane(yes the one we owe around $40,000.00) has kindly notified me that our dancehall ditty "Trust Fund Rebel" from our first record "Member of No Tribe" has been acquired by a certain children's television network for a show called "Micro Mini Kids". Now as you all know, I love all kids,each and every one of 'em- past, present, and future... but uh,....WHAT THE HELL ARE THEY THINKING?!!!! Does no one read lyric sheets anymore? Do we really want this great nation's tiny ones singing "I'm more deadly than a demagogue.I'm more lethal than a pacifist.etc etc"? Not me,and I wrote the damn thing! I'm scared,very scared. Someone censor me please!....Tipper? Jesse? Anyone? Oh well.Character=Destiny. Steve Schub-Marilyn Manson for the Pamper-atsi....
Sun Mar 25 '01 4:01 pm
Why Nothing Makes Sense...
Major Catastrophes!!!Our site was sabotaged and we are slowly re-amalgamating(re-entering old content and manufacturing new goodies)please humor us for the next few weeks as we get our 's' together so to speak.Danka shain,shake
Fri Mar 23 '01 4:01 pm
Back online!
The site is back!
Sun Dec 03 '00 4:01 pm
...the time to prove it is now!!! How? Comrades and compadres,Farmclub- the Internet's only real record label,has just chosen The Fenwicks' song "What The Hammer",(out of quite literally thousands upon thousands of submissions),to be featured on their "Alternative Jukebox".What does this mean exactly? It means that we need each and every one of you to click on the following link: http://www.farmclub.com/listen/genre/ALTERNATIVE -then download our song and vote on it.If enough of you help us here,this will be a first step to a shot on Farmclub's weekly TV show and a possible label deal.Quoting from their email to me last night: "Congratulations Fenwicks!Your song, "What The Hammer" is the newest addition to the Farmclub Listening Room!Check it out via this link: http://www.farmclub.com/listen/genre/ALTERNATIVE This is your shot! E-mail this link to everyone you know. Your song is hot! What's next? Maybe the TV SHOW! And beyond that?...Someone's gonna get a record deal.We'll keep you posted! - Jimmy & Doug's Farmclub team" -Look people,no one ever said it was easy being a Fenwick-fan.But to quote Baruch Spinoza:"All things excellent are as difficult as they are rare." And the rewards infinite...So gallop apace Wick- heads!!!You are our only hope...with syntax scatological and a love hyperbolical,schubieshake.
Thu Nov 09 '00 11:39 am
THIS JUST IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This just in!!! So while some were out last night trying to elect a whachamacallit--- um, a leader of the free world or whatever,the Board of CDBaby.com,(the 2nd largest seller of independent CDs on the web) was dealing with a truly historic issue: What 3 bands (out of literally 4,000) to deem "Featured Artist" this week on their homepage.Citizens,(boy oh boychick, you better sit down for this one)...That's right and I ain't kiddin'. Your boys,your supersonic deviants,your very own goofball poets,us Fenwicks,have made that Holy Troika!!! I can't explain it myself.Perhaps we somehow stuffed a ballot box somewhere without even knowing it.Or perhaps we truly are, "the world's greatest and only ska-funk-folk-punk amalgamation" after all.But quoting Derek Sivers,President of CDBaby,(from his email to me last night): "We get over 100,000 hits a day,we've got over 4000 artists in our store, and we only highlight the best of the best on our front page." And so my fellow Americans,in this time of political polarization,I schubieshake,hereby call for a national healing.Yes,that's right.I call upon each and every one of you,whether Libertarian,Green,Reform Party(or even those other two), put aside your differences.I ask you,for the sake of the children, come together,in a spirit of true reconciliation...and BUY OUR DAMN CD!!!! After all, we are the band Northwest Monthly called: "Fun,fun,impossible fun!" The band Otis Magazine called: "Just plain incredible!" So seriously now,whether you're in mourning today, whether you're celebrating,whether you're cynically indifferent,or even now, somehow "still undecided"...this disc is the soundtrack for your heart,mind,body and soul. In honor of our honor, why not go now- see us at www.cdbaby.com. And in the words of Jared Campbell,Music Editor for Ink 19: "Listen to,talk about, and see The Fenwicks.You will be a better person for it." E Pluribus Unum,schubieshake
Fri Nov 03 '00 4:01 pm
Ska'd For Life
So our "NYC CD Release Fiesta" was a sold-out standing room only affair.As Allah is my witness, that Cutting Room was chock full of old-school (and old Shul) Fen-heads and Wick-heads(who left there inspired and wired),and even some Armani-suited label execs(who,apparently,left baffled and battered).The lesson? As Sid once said:"You can't sell-out if no one's buying." And so we Fenwicks remain marginalized outcasts.Wait,let me qualify-we remain JUBILANT and DEFIANT, marginalized outcasts. Now continuing...at this show, James and myself took a massive Kierkegaard-ian leap of faith and actually played the first brand new Fenwick song in seeming ages.We wrote it in a night, and our very personal feeling is, it's the best damn song we ever wrote.It's called "Truth and Memory" and I think it's safe to say it's the first song in human history to use the word "pancreas" in the chorus. As in: "Set myself on fire/Eat my own pancreas/Give up coffee and God/Just to get her to hear this/As the Plough is my witness/I am so helpless and hopeless..." We,(without a shred of false modesty or an ounce of objectivity),are in fact, so deeply in love with this new song, we're already mulling a third album(or possibly just posting the newborn ditty on the site so it won't die orphaned and unheard).Writing of which,(hmmmn,is it permissible to say, "writing" of which? I wonder...anyone?)...in time for the Holidays our brand new 2nd album, "eudaimonia", has been reduced in price to just $10.00!!!- but only until Jan.2. "eudaimonia" not only sounds great(see our "Comments" page for the latest in reviews) but it even makes a nice party hat,so go to www.cdbaby.com now!!! Anyway, the rest of my New York jaunt was spent harassing DJs and program directors at CMJ, and sleeping on the Staten Island Ferry.Onto other news: our Jacksonville release extravaganza will have to wait 'till after the New Year,and possibly even the Spring, due to various and sundry scheduling difficulties.In film news,it is rumored that "No Vacancy",the Robert Wagner,Christina Ricci,Lolita Davidovich,schubieshake flick(now there's a cocktail) will finally see daylight,at least in ten cities, in August of 2001-details to be forthcoming,and the film "Morning" will screen for distributors here in LA on Nov.15th.Lastly,for those who didn't even notice, our "Guestbook" page ate itself last week.Hence,all the nice things you may have said were sadly vaporized.However,I've been assured it's up and running again,so if you wanna vent some more,the good book awaits your emissions.Also,Jimmie has promised me that starting next week he will start posting one new photo a week from the Fenwick archives in our photo gallery.(I can only imagine).And that's all for now....Until next month,with insane optimism,and near meshuga Pollyanna-ishness, schubieshake
Wed Sep 20 '00 4:01 pm
The Song Remains The Same
Whilst cleansing his Jersey City silo late last week,Jimmie Corrieri unearthed this disturbing artifact:What follows is an unedited and exact reproduction,(typos & all),of Jimmie's Junior Year NYU creative writing essay(circa 1990?Ow.)-on the origins of us Fenwicks.... SECOND IMPRESSION by Jim Corrieri Six o¹clock Wednesday afternoon, and I¹m only finished with the first part of my day. I weave around taxis and pedestrians on the skateboard my brother rented me, home to my dormitory. As I grow nearer I can see a couple of students sitting on the steps of the dorm, one of them playing the guitar and singing, the other making an attempt to play the blues harmonica. They6 seem to be enjoying the fact that they have an audience, even if it is passing them by, and I can¹t stop myself from taking a listen. After all, it was only a year ago that Steve Schub and I were the resident act. I first met Steve Schub in Freshman year, when a mutual friend must happened to bring him over one Friday night. In to the room came this dark haired, lanky, odd-nosed guy, that I had seen around the dorm before, but hadn¹t taken notice of. He joined us for the evening, and nothing was out of the norm until I realized that he had used my tape to wrap up his entire left leg. I asked him what the hell he was doing, but by this time he could only laugh in spite of himself. This was to be the least of the excitement for the evening. He proceeded to take a stuffed bear my girlfriend had given to me, and ripped its eyes out. By this time I was wondering who this guy was and why he was doing such annoying things in my room. I managed to stop him after the first eye was severed, but to this day, he denies that he ever did such a thing. I then learned that Steve liked to play the harmonica, and that he¹d been in a few bands. What I did not know of was his unique style of playing the instrument, mainly the harmonica spent a good while in his mouth, engulfed by his lips , much like someone sucking on an orange peel. I would learn later that this display was meant particularly for the ladies in the room. This was something that I would grow accusto0med to. To my initial reluctance, it was with this first meeting that we decided to form a band. The Band. To begin with, Steve, or Stezan as he like to be called, was seldom at a loss for a new name for this band. Some of the names were "The Loitering Oysters", "The Fallopian Tubes", "The Schwartsmen", M.D.M.A. (after the drug known as Extacy) and my favorite "The Shy Quaker Slutts". We finally settled on "The Flip:dogs" (don¹t ask why, I still don¹t know). Steve then took it upon himself to write this name all over the dorm. It was for publicity he would say, "Girls will see it and then they¹ll know who we are before they see us." The only problem with his theory was that we didn¹t play any6where except the dormitory coffee house, which was nothing more than the resident talent show. Our act would consist of my playing the guitar and looking quite unaffected, and Stezan would go off and do his thing. He was a lead singer, and I would describe him to people as a combination of Mick Jagger, Bono (U2), David Byrne (Talking Heads) and Michael Stipe (R.E.M.) all right before they would be committed to an insane asylum. He would jump, rave and scream and yes, people had no choice but to listen and take notice, and watch in disbelief. It was much more important for Steve to have an active audience than a passive listening one. Whether you like him or not was unimportant. One time he started yelling at a girl who was involved in another conversation. It was nothing new for Steve to change the lyrics of a song while we were playing, but it did make singing harmony difficult. When writing a song, Steve had a habit of taking the most harmonious, flowing musical line and writing something totally different, like about suicide. It turned out that that song became our most popular. He loved to play his harp (harmonica) most of all. If anyone ever expressed their inner life through an instrument, it was Stezan. Chaotic, or an ear sore, call it what you want, he would play it anywhere and everywhere. One could always tell when he was on their dorm floor. He¹d play on the Subway, in the streets, in the laundry room, in the cafeteria, in the shower. He¹d play with anyone he met, too, including an old man on 42nd Street and 8th Ave. at 3 a.m. It was incredible to watch them both having such a good time jamming with each other. He called himself the last of the true romantics, but every girl¹s first impression of him was one of total disgust. He would do everything in his power to get their attention: He would do such things as licking his fingers, lifting up his shirt and then rubbing them on his nipples, as if out of some seductive porno flick. He once had a crush on a waitress so he applied for a job at her restaurant as a bus boy. He didn¹t get the job, but that did not stop him from coming by the place every day for two weeks and putting his lips on the window and making grotesque images with his tongue. On his first date with his present girlfriend he surrounded his bed with lit candles so when they got back to his room it looked like a ritual was about to be performed. They¹ve been together for over a year and a half so I guess there was something beyond his first impression. Steve would always say that the two most important things in his life were Acting and Israel, not necessarily in that order. In my life of twenty years I have never seen on person so dedicated to anything as much as he was. He always wanted to know more about them both, never content to sit back on either. There was never any way that one person could stand up to him on these subjects. His opinions were strong and after talking with him one would probably find themselves in agreement with him. Today Steve is in Israel studying the land, it¹s culture and his heritage, as well as his acting. He has left his girl, three years his senior, his friends, and his country in order to follow through on his beliefs and his passions. There are not many people in this world who can honestly say that at twenty years of age they were trusting their instincts, and impulses and going completely all the way with them. He still contests that he isn¹t sure of what he wants, but at least he is trusting what he feels. And as I write this I can look at his picture hanging over my desk, with the lights blinking from the shrine we set up in his memory, and wish that we could someday play outside our dormitory again. We would show those amateurs down there a thing or two.
Mon Aug 28 '00 4:01 pm
It is here.Now.Today.Finally.Our brand new CD"eudaimonia". Complete and available- only at www.cdbaby.com and www.Amazon.com.6 years in the making.13 songs that can save your life.68 minutes of infectious and addictive,exuberant and impassioned Afro-Celtic Yiddish Ska.And now here's my pledge and my promise:If after three full listens you don't deem "eudaimonia" worthy to be counted amongst your top-five all-time irreplacable desert island discs?Email us,and I, Steven Benjamin Schub, will personally reimburse you.I truly mean this.Absolutely guaranteed.On to the news:Our LA Release Extravaganza was a sold-out blow-out.Fully whacked madness. For actual objective photo documentation go to the all new 3rd and 4th pages of our Photo Gallery.Our set was a ferocious acoustic blend of old and new,with a dollop of almost never played rarities.However, I'm all but certain, some might contend 'twas our closing cover of Celine's "Love Theme For Titanic" spot-welded to the classic Foreigner medly, that truly set some souls on fire-(Jimmie's most af all).Deep soul-kisses to all who showed,(and to the LA County Fire Department for not).Our full focus now turns to NYC and Jacksonville,and our CD release parties there.Dates to be confirmed by week's end (we hope)but we're banking on Oct.15 in Jax and Oct.19 in NYC.By-the-by,the time has clearly come for a website over-haul, no?Yes.And in the coming weeks/months we will be adding a links page and re-instating a guestbook, whereby Fen-heads and Wick-eds worldwide, can communicate and philosophize with eachother in real time.Streaming video soon too.Also in the coming weeks,and as our "eudaimonia" campaign ensues, look for us, and request us, on your favorite internet radio stations(especially Spinner.com) and in the epress- earpollution,Fall-Out,Babyhead,Thirsty.com etc et al.Any additional suggestions or hints are always welcome.Best of all,in an unprecedented self-assault and pre-emptive first strike,we are happily violating our own copyrights, and will be willingly posting our first record "Member of No Tribe" in its entirety, on Napster by week's end.(Hey,if our old label won't keep making 'em AND won't give us our masters back...well,what's a little ol' Afro-Celtic Yiddish Ska band to do? I ask you).Lastly,if/when you buy "eudaimonia"please feel oh,so absolutely free, to write a short review at Amazon.com or cdbaby.com,or anywhere for that matter(even 10 words helps)-and, as if helping your famished furry Fenwicks wasn't motivation enough-you even stand to win a $50.00 gift certificate at Amazon for doing so.That's all for now.Remember, with "eudaimoina" now complete the world is ours to win.So please, win it with us.Join this glorious crusade.Combat despair.Spread hope and love of life.Buy "eudaimonia".Now!...Supersonically yours,schubieshake
Tue Aug 08 '00 09:21 am
Please Identify Yourselves...
There have been several of you out there who have emailed us recently without leaving a proper and/or full return email address(ie.Noel Pinto,whoever you are...where are you?).We here at Camp Fenwick pride ourselves on our obsessive compulsivity.Hence, we try to write back to those who reach out to us almost immediately.Please enable us.Secondly,we have been informed that The Fenwicks and our copyrights are now being illegally traded on Napster-we would just like to say,please keep up the good work.We encourage more of the same.Thank you for your time and consideration,schubieshake
Fri Aug 04 '00 09:25 am
Mark it on your calendars and tattoo it on your tushies! On Thursday August 24th at 9PM,the original duo version of The Fenwicks will be making its first West Coast appearance in over 2 years- at Los Angeles' Genghis Cohen(740 N.Fairfax,in West Hollywood).This gig will not only serve as The Fenwicks' one and only West Coast CD release party,it is also the very first official and fully authorized Fenwick duo show since "the great New Orleans debacle of '98".But MOST importantly,and as promised,our brand new CD "eudaimonia",the 17-track, loooong awaited follow-up to "Member of No Tribe",will be available for purchase for the first time anywhere,at the show.(As for the rest of the civilized world, "eudaimonia" will be purchasable via Amazon.com by late September,and at our FULL band,NYC and Jacksonville release parties in October). One final note:I'm off to Israel,and gone until July 30th.The supremely competent and superlatively anal Jimmie Corrieri will be maintaining the site, and answering all Fenwick email until then.So until then....Shalom Aleichem,and Aleichem Shalom, schubieshake
Wed May 31 '00 4:01 pm
Well,Showtime "Extreme" to be more precise...See now,once upon a time,a starving actor could do a really,really bad movie, and know that at least no one would ever see it ...alas,as we all now know (and some of us all too well)-thanks to the wonders of cable,video and satellite TV,those days are long gone.Case in point:Tonight (and on 6/10,6/14 and 6/30)Showtime Extreme will be airing the movie "Footsteps".Footsteps has the distinct distinction of being,not just the worst movie I've ever made,but arguably the worst movie EVER made.In it I play a demonic L.A. District Attorney who, when not out assassinating circuit court Judges,bides his time doing very bad things to his own sister at gunpoint.You know the type.Now mind you, this is airing on Showtime "Extreme", not to be confused with regular Showtime.(I can only suppose the "Extreme" stands for Extreme-ly bad...as in,SO bad it couldn't even make regular late night Showtime.)From what I gather you need both a Sattelite dish and access to nuclear launch codes to even get the channel,but if you do have access,just accept my condolences in advance.In other news:The great Phillip Seymour Hoffman will be the honored guest on Inside the Actor's Studio this Sunday June 4th on the Bravo Channel(check your local listings).Now for those of you who don't know,before Phil was Phillip,he was us Fenwicks' college roomate.Much anarchy was instigated when us dopes attempted to form the now legendary "Bullstoi Theatre Company" in the basement of our NYU dorm.Bullstoi's main theatrical contribution consisted of us getting very drunk and shaving our heads,and our last rehearsal ended in a certifiable fist-fight between Phil and I,over who had the "Method truth",Lee Strasberg or Stella Adler.From what I've been told,all this and our mutual blood-oath to bark at the Academy Awards will be discussed on Sunday Night(unless I've been gravely misinformed).Onto Fenwickian News:Well,the long awaited(at least by me)Fenwick CD "eudaimonia" will available for purchase online everywhere(CDNow,Amazon etc)by mid-August.That's a promise and a threat.Unfortunately,our New York and Jacksonville CD release party/gigs are ambulating on us yet again.This time all the way to October.I'd give you our excuses, but I'm as tired of making them as you are of hearing them.To make amends however,and because we now have all this extra time on our hands,Jim and I have decided to add some hidden unlisted bonus tracks to this already bloated 14-song embarrassment of riches.To be honest,I'm really not supposed to reveal this kinda stuff,but let's just say it includes all sorts of assorted sordid goodies,such as:15-year old recordings of Jim and I with a bong and a 4-track,the near apocryphal answering machine message from Lynyryd Skynyrd's Artimus Pyle inviting us to Jacksonville to open for Foreigner and Billy Squire, and DJ Meg Griffin, of New York radio's K-ROCK,and her on air confession that I'd been calling her house and threatening to place certain of my body parts under the N train, unless she agreed to play The Fenwicks on K-ROCK...and so in a glorious, near career-ending move, she does.Yes,all this awaits.So don't be mad.After all,it's been six long years since the last Fenwick record,what's another ten weeks?
Tue Apr 25 '00 4:01 pm
"Plans?Well Sir,considering what's waiting for me out there,I don't want to sell anything,buy anything or process anything,as a career.I don't want to sell anything bought or processed or buy anything sold or processed.All I want to do is kickbox and take care of your daughter"-John Cusack,Say Anything........... No,we are NOT going to be playing Hempfest this year,and it's all John Cusack's fault.Here's why:For those of you who don't know,due to circumstances way, way beyond our control,almost each and every Fenwick lives not just in a different city(no,that would be too easy)- and not just in a different state,but in an outright different frickin' timezone.So we may no longer be "the world's only ska-funk-folk-punk amalgamation", but kiss my kazoo if we ain't the first band forced to rehearse via Fed-Ex,write via email,and fist-fight by fax.Case in point:Ken Nasta and Chris Pyle,our drummer and percussionist respectively,are also the band Royal Trux's drummer and percussionist respectively.Now for those of you who have not yet seen it,in John Cusack's new film High Fidelity,there are a couple of skatepunks who form a band,which Cusack is blown away by and decides to produce.The band you're actually hearing however,is Royal Trux(with our boys Kenny and Chris bangin' away).So because of the film and all the subsequent and well-deserved attention,Royal Trux is booking an immediate tour which directly conflicts with Hempfest....Ouch and ow.The Fenwicks, cuckolds again!Fear not my friends,it hurts a little less each time,and as our egos pretty much tendered their resignations long ago,we just brush-off and re-schedule,simply like so...our NEW New York and Jacksonville CD release fiestas are now sometime in mid-July.(Further info once confirmed will be posted on our tour page).But because we're making you wait,and because we feel so god-awful about it,as symphonic compensation,we've added a 5th free MP3/Real Audio track from our new record to the Multimedia page.Pop over when you get a chance and click on "Kafka's Ax".Also there is unsubstantiated word on the street,that if one surfs on over to www.novacancythemovie.com,one will be immediately accosted by a downright disturbing clip from my next flick.One must be forewarned however-said clip contains gestures and shticklets that will not only offend the meek, but be immediately and deliberately recognizable to anyone who has ever seen us Fenwicks live.Enjoy.
Mon Apr 24 '00 4:01 pm
NYPD Schub
It is only under proverbial boatloads of imperial duress that I make the following admission/confession...yes,I suppose its true,I will indeed be shoveling much shlock and shmaltz,only further sullying the Schub family name on NYPD Blue Tuesday March 21 at 10PM.But I make this information public only with this massive disclaimer/warning/apology-I was specifically ordered to do all sorts of hokey and hackey huffing and puffing,ranting and raving.By my own admission it is probably pretty silly stuff.But I will sleep softly tonight knowing that yet another major television network has unwittingly financed us Fenwicks-and hell,Rollins does GAP ads right?Right?Hello? Mommy?
Mon Jan 03 '00 4:01 pm
Thus Spake Shake...
"The willingness to risk excess on behalf of one's obsession is what distinguishes artists from entertainers-and what makes some artists adventurers on behalf of us all."-John Updike. Now before I even begin my monthly babble,I beg you...wait no.I categorically insist.If you have not yet gone to our Multimedia page and checked out the 4 tracks from our new record you must do so at once.For seven months now I've been struggling in vain to describe for you the evidently indescribable,this "musical thingie",(for lack of a better word),that us reunited Fenwicks have been struggling to concoct,locked in a studio.The result-our'eudaimonia'.An Afro-Celtic-Cuban Yiddish Ska-baby,beyond skin color-we are under the skin.To steal from Rushdie,I maintain we're talking about a "an actual musical melange,an impurity,a celebration of hybridity-a transformation that can only come of new and unexpected combinations,a hotch-potch, a bit of this and that, and that's how newness enters the world,change by fusion,by conjoining-in the end it is a love song to our mongrel selves",and if you don't go listen now I'll just keep on writing...Hup.Hup.Get thee to the Multimedia page.Make haste.Gallop apace.Now.NOw!NOW!!NOOOOOOOOOW!!!!(I'll wait here)...... Well?Nu?Did it not make you stutter,stammer and stagger?Did it not deliver you from all cynicism and heal your aching soul?Is it just me,or was it not,(now be brutally honest here,I can take it),objectively,is it not quite literally the single greatest piece of recorded music in human history?Tell me true. Have I lost my mind or have we been touched?OK,so maybe I'm a little,as my Hebrew school teacher used to say,"overly-enthusiastic"but the shit ain't bad right?Mind you there's ten more songs where that came from and over the next two months we will be shopping these babies to various and sundry record labels.(Please note:As The Fenwicks,have single-handedly,bankrupted at least two and a half indie-labels in the not so distant past,we are now presently seeking to bring down one of the major five-so if anyone out there has friends or nemesises at say Sony,who might be looking for an auditory tax-shelter,or musical write-off,Bubeleh,here we be).Truly,if you think know someone who might respond to our shtick,now would be the time to fess up.Fear not however-if no one does have the foresight,courage and intestinal fortitude to bite by spring time,its simply back to our original plan-unleashing this "thingie",this glorious crusade,on our own-and then return home,to "sell oranges out of a cardboard box under the FDR Drive".Either way we're giddy and I think you can hear why.And now news:Our New Year's show was,well...er...um..from what I've been told,and what little I can remember,it was,apparently,an appropriately raucous and thoroughly diabolical mess(see page 3 of the "Photo Gallery" for proof).A certain lead singer,(I've been informed),evidently took to the stage in a Minnie Mouse dress and some kind of Ape mask(for what reason I'm sure we'll never know,so please don't ask me)and proceeded to get only sillier.Yes,my head still hurts.Fittingly and in addition,various drum monitors quite literally burst into flames mid-gig,but the crowd seemed to think it was deliberate and the kids seemed to like it,so what the hell.(See,so while some other,unnamed Jacksonville-based bands may "do it all for the nookie", we Fenwicks "do it all for the kids".God bless those kids.Especially the ones with Attention Deficit Disorder and lots of disposable income). Jim seems to have gotten ahold of some photos from that night and has offered to post them on this site. My lawyers will be contacting him shortly.Moving on.Yesterday I began shooting a guest spot on an episode of NYPD Blue which will air in late March(see "Schub in Film"page for goofy photo-documentation).Oddly enough it was me who was hired as Bell Captain at the St. Moritz Hotel back in New York City just when Nick Turturro quit being the doorman there to go do NYPD Blue,and now,just when he leaves the show,suddenly,zing boom,I get cast.Huh...interesting,what's he afraid of I wonder?Anyway they have a very odd way of working there-literally without a script.After thirteen hours of shooting I still don't know who my character is,or what my motivation is, and neither does the director.The producer comes in and kinda makes it up as we go along.I ain't kidding.Obviously someone must know what they're doing.All I know is that I chain-sawed a billionaire to death.In closing, a definition supplied."Eudaimonia",the title of our next record:it's a term from Greek philosophy that defines what Aristotle held to be the moral purpose of life.Eudaimonia means loosely "happiness" but not in conventional sense.The idea being that real happiness is primarily not an emotional state,but a state of action,a verb,and that man acheives a state of "eudaimonia" when he is actualizing all of his potentialities.That to Aristotle is the goal in life,not to serve,not to merely survive,but to flourish.That is eudaimonia .That is what our next record is all about,and that is what I,schubieshake,hope and wish,for anyone who has actually made it through this letter...
Wed Dec 22 '99 4:01 pm
Allow me to first set the scene...High Point,North Carolina-"Furniture Capitol of the World".Little did you know there was a"furniture capitol of the world",but there is,and I was in it.For 7 weeks.7 weeks in High Point,North Carolina.7 weeks of Corn Whiskey and Pickled Pigs Feet(the Kosher kind).Fried chicken.Fried air.Fried water.Fried ice.And nothing but churches,strip clubs and KFCs-as far as the eye can see.Nothing but churches,strip clubs and KFCs-as if they somehow go together.(I'm thinkin',why don't they just combine all three into like a one-stop?Help reduce congestion.You could sin,confess and have a little piece of chicken in one convenient swoop).So anyway,there I am,Brooklyn-born atheist Jew-boy,lost in North-East North Carolina, shooting what very well may,despite itself, turn out to be the best film I've ever done.Thematically it's certainly the first I'm in total synch with.It's called "Morning" and it was directed by Ami Mann(no,not Neil Peart's ex-wife and 'Til Tuesday's ex-singer,but yes,director Michael Mann's daughter-a brilliant director in her own right).Plot?Our best friend,a bi-sexual genius guitar player(played by Dishwalla singer J.R. Richards)dies in what looks like a suicidal car wreck.His parents(Tess Harper and Pat Hingle)refuse to bury him because he was slightly kooky and they think he off-ed himself.So Annabeth Gish,Kieran Mulroney and myself decide to drive down from NYC to steal the body and give it a proper burial.(I know it sounds a little slapsticky,but its not at all -its actually a beautiful,poetic,life-affirming script, and I only hope we did it justice.It also happens to be the first film I've done in years where I'm not playing some ethnic psycho who molests family members at gunpoint.In fact I get to play my first nice Jewish boy- a corner deli comedian named "King Abramowitz",and I can't even begin to tell you how happy thats gonna make my Mommy.Happy Hannukah Mom).Anyway,so I guess word got out that our film deals with, let's say, an aspect of close-minded intolerance that is sometimes found in certain parts of this great country.Well,I suppose to help persuade us that we were utterly and unfairly misrepresenting the region, two local boys decided to sling back some moonshine, whip out their semi-automatic weapons and take 9 shots at our crew.(OK so I wasn't even there at the time, but it makes a better headline, no?).No one was hurt, but boy,they sure did succeed in making a convincing case for their perspective.Let's follow that pristine line of Aristotelian reasoning,shall we?"Y'all think we're all backward and intolerant,ipso facto,we're gonna shoot your ass,thereby proving y'all wrong".Hell,y'all sold me.But seriously-other than those gents everyone down there was warm and welcoming.In fact,you couldn't ask for a better host town(if you did they might shoot you).One other odd point of interest.Re-confirming my ever evolving theory (that its not us Jews, or the Free Masons, or even the Scientologists who rule the world, but in fact its Lynyrd Skynryrd)-the song "Freebird" just so happens to play a pivotal role in the storyline of "Morning".Why is it God?Why is it that everything I do, everywhere I turn, all roads lead me to Skynyrd.Don't get me wrong,I'm honored,proud even-but it is starting to get a little eerie.So after I finished the film I decided to go back to LA by way of NYC, and there I joined Jim onstage at the Living Room for the first live NY Fenwick appearance in years.We also began writing some new songs which already has me planning our third record.In point of fact, after the New Year's show I think we're gonna take a few days to write with the band as a whole,meaning you can expect some fresh ditties the next time you come see us. And now,for the stuff you really came to read...In descending order of temporal if not heirarchical importance,here is your semi-official Fenwick update.1)We are indeed confirmed,1001%, and set in stone for New Year's Eve at the Baha Beach club in Jacksonville Beach Florida,see the tour date page for details.2)Half of our new record is now mastered,so that means there's only 7 more songs to go.You can expect "Eudaimonia" in the late spring of 2000.3)I feel this site is way past due for some brand new goodies and therefore,if you check back here in mid-January I promise there'll be a few suprises waiting(including rare photos of Chris Pyle behind bars,me in diapers, and a brand new never heard before-unavailable anywhere else free Mp3 and Real Audio track from our new record.And lastly,to anyone who may have emailed me directly over the last 2 months,an apology.I came home to 102 messages,and being the cybernetically-challenged monkey that I am, I deleted over 30 of them by accident,so please try again...Merry Christmas,Chappy Chanukah,Rockin' Ramadaan and a Kick Ass Kwanza from all of us at Camp Fenwick.
Sun Oct 17 '99 4:01 pm
So OK...This time I'll try,I swear.I'll try to be brief and strive for a semblance of economy.'Cause as my 10th grade English teacher would say "Don't use a page when a paragraph will do"...but then again, he would say that while beating me with a wet noodle,so fuck that guy.Besides this is my last update for a good six weeks or so(explanation herein),so blather I will, if blather I must.And I must.Now,admittedly its become a bit of a chore, exhausting in fact, hunting for superlatives with every new update,but see here,when truth,honesty and sheer journalistic integrity demands superlatives,then a-hunting I must go... The October shows in Florida were healing and soul-nourishing,packed and sweaty. Our opening cover version of Ozzy's "Crazy Train" into Hanson's "M'Bop"(we call it "Crazy Bop" or sometimes "M'Train" depending on the weather) set the undignified tone.Of course,with my half-hairy self in an adult diaper,wearing a goat's head how could it not?But it was our closing cover-a ska version of Night Ranger's classic"Sister Christian" which sent the people home literally nauseous with glee(it looked like glee to me anyway).Artimus Pyle,Skynyrd's drummer,and this band's benefactor and musical godfather,joined us onstage at both shows and triggered all sorts of percussive epiphanies...Honestly these were two inspired shows.Dare I say,they were in fact,two glorious,musically-marinated crusades,thoroughly soaked and saturated in our own private stock of boundless pluck, and an audacity almost supernatural.In other words..."we rocked".(Ain't webpages swell?You get to review your own shows and everything!)Now about the future,here's where things stand:as of today-our next scheduled show is New Year's Eve at the Baha Beach Club in Jacksonville Beach Florida.After that we probably won't be playing out again until late May, at which point we hope to be actively touring again nationally.But at the very least we'll be throwing our record release extravaganzas in Jacksonville,New York and LA respectively.Happily,we have also been invited to headline Hempfest 2000 on May 28th in Jacksonville's own Metro Park(for me the issue is a profound one,much more about fundamental liberty than ganja)-and with an expected attendance of 3000 I aim to to be arrested.All these dates are subject to change so check our tour page.Our new CD "Eudaimonia" is on the verge of masterization,the very last step before designing-cover art-ization and shrinkwrappage-ization.About "Eudaimonia" all I can say is this,(Warning:for those with an exceedingly low tolerance for the mushy and mawkish,no matter how heartfelt or sincere-skip the next 6 lines or so)for some inexplicable reason us Fenwicks have been given this second chance to make music together.I think we are all deeply aware of what a miracle it is that no one is actively incarcerated,in exile or otherwise indisposed and just how lucky we are to have this new lease on life.It is a real privilige and we know it,cherish it,appreciate it-this time around.I think it shows in our performances and it resonates on the new record.The Fenwicks are the most important thing in all of our lives right now and we intend to milk every moment- with you and for you.In closing I personally want to thank you for having been so patient,for not forgetting us and most of all for being with us now.We consider each and every audience member a member of the band,and though there may not be enough room in the van,it sure is feels nice playing with you all again.Now allow me to bid you farewell.As I mentioned earlier I am taking a leave from this page.From October 16 through December 7th I will be off in North Carolina somewhere shooting a film called "Morning".My doppleganger,and other half, Jimmie, will be maintaining this here site and answering the emails until then.Stay hungry-schubieshake
Wed Oct 06 '99 4:01 pm
So now get this...regarding our Sunday October 10th gig in St.Augustine Florida.First Uncle Licky's loses their lease,so the show gets moved to a new place to be called"Crazy 8's",right?Well,then Crazy 8's gets crazy and decides to switch their name to "Riptides",follow me so far?Sweet.But now Riptides apparently can't get certified by the Floridian Board of Health in time for our show.So what's an obsessive-compulsive-manic-depressive psychotic Fenwick to do?Find an Irish pub of course. So here's where things stand as of 3:01 pm October 5th.The Fenwicks are now playing on Sunday October10th in St. Augustine at Lynch's Irish Pub,that's at 32 Avenida Menendez,in the Monson Resort,one block North of the Bridge of Lions.(you can always call Jimmie's voice mail 212 971 1010 on the day of the show for the latest disaster report)Now if this one falls through you can just forget the whole damn thing, 'cause I'll be re-applying to law school or selling oranges out of a cardboard box on I-95...
Thu Sep 09 '99 4:01 pm
"If You Start To Take Vienna...Take Vienna."- Napoleon
...And so our plans proceed as planned. Hell,I suppose it's why we planned 'em that way.In truth not a ton has transpired,August being August and all,but I promised monthly missives,and I claim to be a man o' my word,so here's my missive. Before I forget,this Friday September 3rd,the movie "Caught",a film I did with Edward James Olmos and Maria Conchita Alonso will premiere on the cable channel Bravo at 8pm(that's what I've been told anyway, but check your local listings).The movie also prominently features The Fenwicks' video for the song "Another Deadly Mother",and if you look closely all sorts of assorted and sordid Fenwick propaganda and paraphernalia quite literally litters the set.The only drawback with this Bravo version of "Caught", is that they made me re-dub all my "naughty" words and cut out some high quality sex and violence.However,all you fans of "naughty" words and high quality sex,don't despair,from what I understand the Independent Film Channel will be showing the unedited version on September 11,17,23 and 29th(or you can just go rent the damn thing, ya Sicky).For those of you who haven't seen it, I'm warning you now -I play a psychotic and homicidal/failed comedian,not unlike myself...so dress warm. Now concerning us Fenwicks-our next fully authorized full band shows are Saturday October 9th at The Roadhouse in Jacksonville Florida and Sunday October 10th at Uncle Licky's in St. Augustine Florida(please see the tour date section of this site for more details).While in Jacksonville we hope to start and somehow finish the mixing of our next CD "Eudaimonia".There are also some nasty rumors floating about concerning a possible New Year's show, and though as of yet unconfirmed, these rumors may actually turn out to be true.You'll know when I know however, and probably even sooner. In closing, I just want to thank Flagler College radio,the Bear at USC and Super-Thriller Chicago for keeping us Fenwicks in rotation and on your playlists.If there is a DJ Valhalla you guys scored eternal ocean-view suites,with myself as your perennial bell-boy. To the rest of you...look here,I know it's a bit frustrating that all the Fenwick shows have been centered soley around Jacksonville of late.I sympathize and even empathize,I swear I do,and while we hope to be touring again in the Spring I'm starting to sense you just can't possibly wait that long.I'm beginning to sense in fact,that you have an actual bloodthirst to be entertained by us...So see here friend,why not think very seriously about coming to Florida,huh?While it's true that a Floridian Fenwick show may knock a few hours off your life's length, you might find it has a pleasant effect on its width.So make the trek.You did it for Jerry,now do it for me... Lastly, a final word from our very best-est friend,Mr.Victor Hugo-"Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossibe to remain silent." -so there. Love and big wet sloppies,schubieshake of The Fenwicks
Wed Aug 11 '99 4:01 pm
The Fenwicks Cure Hepatitus A,B and C!!!
OK maybe not Hepatitus,but we can alleviate minor depression and various anxiety disorders,that much is proven-so come to St. Augustine on July 26. Live a little, and be cured, you bastards.We miss you.Not only that,but as a quasi-pseudo bonus, anyone reading this is personally invited to our last recording session for our next record.That vain-glorious session is scheduled for Sunday July 25, so e-mail us here before I leave for Florida on July 21 and I'll cough up more details.This next CD is honestly shaping up to be our "Joshua Tree", our "Sgt. Pepper",in fact its so good we were thinking of even calling it "Hey Sgt.Pepper, Go Fuck Yourself"(ok, only I was thinking of calling it that, but Jimmie won't let me) Instead it will be called "Eudaimonia" and we intend on releasing it on Nov.1,with record release party/shows in LA ,NYC and Florida.If anyone is interested in designing an album cover now is the time to bark, and e-mail us, here and now.More shows are planned in the imminent future, so check the site constantly and compulsively, or just sign up on our "announce-list" via the contact page.I'll post again when and if I return from Florida on July 29. Happily resurrected,The Fenwicks(as spoken for by schubieshake)
Tue Aug 03 '99 4:01 pm
EUDAIMONIA is complete!
FINAL NOTIFICATION AND VERY LAST WARNING:All you enemies of good music better simply kill us Fenwicks now, or prepare to die! "EUDAIMONIA" is complete! Imminent,inevitable,irrefutable,and incommunicable,it stands ready for mixing and master

ing-may God have mercy on us all...

The shadow that descended upon us Fenwicks in '95, with the demise of Guitar

Acoustics, has finally lifted.We walk again in the light, and from the ashcan of

musical history we rise...

Oy vey,so much to say, and such little ability to type.So I guess it's transp

arently obvious that I'm back from Jacksonville, and I suppose you'll all be wan

ting to know what all transpired,how the gigs went,the recording sessions,the bl

ood tranfusions, etc etc et al.Now see hear, I'm gonna do my not so level-headed

best to avoid slipping into my signature hysterical hyperbolicisms...but HOLYFU


What we pulled off in the studio! Now granted I'm a tad biased,but sweet Jesus

- with the help of pianos and toy accordians,harpsicords and marimabas,(and impe

rial busloads of chocolate covered espresso beans),we methodically and savagely

concocted a whole new genre.Ska-funk-folk-punk no longer will suffice.We got son

gs that grab you by the seat of your soul and in 3 minutes and 52 seconds,swing

you from Celtic operatic sea-shanties,down to Jamaica for some Studio One rock-s

teady bluebeats,over to Cuba for a quick piss and then back to the Bayou for som

e red beans and rice.Yes,we are THOUSANDS, over budget(so if anyone knows any ri

ch divorcees looking for an libertarian houseboy speak up)and yes god knows no l

abel will ever touch this thing(in a world where formula 101 metal butting heads

with a few turntables is considered cutting edge,this shit is truly beyond the

pale)but guess what? We don't care, never have, and care even less now. And here

's a news flash, neither do you, and that's why we're so damn madly in love with

you,and you in us... Sheesh,now my key board is all sticky.See what you made me

do?Eeww...Now where was I? Oh,yeah in the midst of a self-glorifying tirade.See

,I know in my soul, we Fenwicks have created our very own desert island disc.Our

Graceland.And that keeps me happy in my impoverished, Ramen-fueled anonymity.

Allow me to breathe for a second.OK I'm calm now,just the facts.So our inexpl

icable Sknyrd connection inexplicably continues.It not only continues, it deep

ens and widens.We've been tracking these songs with our co-producer Pete Thorton

(early Limp Bizkit)at the brand spankin' new Made in the Shade recording studio

in Jacksonville.Oddly enough, Made In the Shade is a division of the Freebird Fo

undation,a non-profit run by Ronnie Van Zandt's widow,Judy, and her husband Big

Jim Jenness.Judy and Jim are Fen-heads in the making(though they may not fess to

it in public)and as such they are cutting us a nice deal.Honorably enough,we wi

ll be the first record ever to come out of Made in the Shade.Thusly and quite ap

propriately, our Jacksonville record release party will most likely be at the F

reebird Cafe.(go to www.skynyrd.com and click on Made in the Shade for some goof

y photos).

And how was the Uncle Lickie's gig you ask?Well with Spaccoli's gone, I think

its safe to say we've found a new home in St Augustine.Our opening merengue/polk

a take on La Vida Loca,(Inna Gadda Da Vida Loca),seemed to get every bootie baki

ng,and for the next 2 hours we made them people sweat blood.Truly I feel like Th

e Fenwicks have not only been resuscitated but rejuvenated. We've never played s

o freely and fearlessly.Something has been liberated, a sleeping beast released.

Our immediate schedule is unclear at the moment.We hope to be mixing and giggi

ng at the end of August(check the tour date page in week or so),and we still hop

e for record release shows in NY, LA and Jax in November.However, due to Kenny a

nd Chris' Royal Trux touring schedule things may get pushed to February.

In closing-a big sloppy deep soul kiss, and just this-our future may be unc

ertain... but our colors are true,and our cause is right .Thus our victory thoug

h delayed,is certain...bear with us.

Furiously,fiercely and fearlessy,

The Fenwicks.

Sat Jul 17 '99 4:01 pm
So we played our Jacksonville shows in May ,and for a band that hasn't played together in quite some time, I must say we faked it pretty successfully.We had people driving down from as far as Georgia and Alabama and I think the total head count for both shows was something like 650.To those who came, a true and heartfelt thank you from Kibbutz Fenwick.These "shows" initially were supposed to be just one show if we all remember correctly, but when the local authorities shut us down after a mere 7 songs we were faced with an existential dilemma...riot, or quickly coerce the Baha Beach Club into committing to a free make-up show the next night.(My rioting days are on hold for now.)While down in Jacksonville we also began recording what I can objectively say is destined to be the single greatest recording ever recorded(at least by us anyway).Its to be called "Eudaimonia" and I swear ,musically and lyrically its eons beyond anything on "Member of No Tribe".Which brings me to the near future.We will be back in Florida to finish recording and play in St.Augustine and Jacksonville the weekend of July 24 and 25(venues to be set shortly).Then we will be driving up the coast to play NYC on Thursday July 29 at 7pm at Arlene Grocery.That's a free show that starts at 7 sharp and we only get a 40 minute set so please be prompt and ready to skank. There will be no time for warm-up pre-skanking. This is pretty much it for now.But in closing I just want to say how nice it is to be out there with you all again,with big yellow clown shoes on my feet and a kazoo in my ass.As God meant me to be...Schubieshake
Fri May 07 '99 4:01 pm
Shalom Compadres-
Dear Comrades- Sholem Aleichem and Aloha... Welcome to our brand spankin’ new (yet clearly still under construction) ever evolving web page. Yes, it’s about f***ing time and yes I’ve finally succumbed. And now, for the record, an official update... The Fenwicks have returned, survived, to flourish in fact, and arise anew, phoenix-like, from the ashes of our deceased record label. Or rather, much like, say an auditory small-pox virus, we never really disappeared, we just lay dormant. Well friends, we’ve decided to now un-dormantize. After a period of near nothingness, Jim and I played a series of duo shows in LA and New Orleans and that got us missing the whole band and so... By Sunday May 23 we will have returned to Jacksonville, Florida to play at Baha Beach Club with our old compadres, Spider Monkey. On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday we will have hopefully returned to the studio to finish recording our new full length CD entitled “Eudaimonia” to be released in the Winter of 1999. Our hope and intention is to play a series of duo and full band shows in New York City over the summer and in LA in the fall, however, please check back here for adjustments. During our extended sabbatical all sorts of assorted shenanigans have transpired. For instance, Ken Nasta, our drummer, toured the U.S. and Japan with Royal Trux. Jimmy has been producing live shows worldwide for the likes of Ray Charles and the Gypsy Kings. Ed and Carlo have never stopped playing in various Floridian musical enterprises. I moved to LA, and over the past two years have acted in a string of indie flicks - most of which I can only pray never see daylight. One I feel OK about my work in is called “The Pink Motel” with Christina Ricci, Robert Wagner, Lolita Davidovich, Timothy Olyphant and Ryan Bollman. It made it’s debut at the LA Independent Film Festival and will be released nationwide in the Fall. I play a psychotic porn writer who terrorizes Christina’s boyfriend until Robert Wagner shows up and hurts me. It’s a comedy, I think. Anyway, I’m hoping that The Fenwicks will be touring again constantly and soon. Until we do, please stay fueled, fighting and in touch... -Steven Schub


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