"Man, these guys are fun! They mix folk ballads, manic ska, and steel drums with punk energy and passion. The result compels you to jump around your
bedroom making stupid faces."
>>>>> Maximum Rock 'N' Roll

"The Fenwicks are a twisted yet
eloquent fusion....impossible to
forget, and with a story the producer's
of VH-1's "Behind The Music"
would slaver over."
>>>>> Mark Faulkner, Florida Times Union

"The story of this band is legend... America's only Afro-Celtic Yiddish Ska band is like Oingo Boingo on steroids... shifting seamlessly from circus music to booty shaking third wave ska at it's best. With an insane, hysterical, vaudevillian stage show, deranged lyrics and a frenzied assault on everything sacred,
The Fenwicks will not disappoint."
>>>>> Skratch Magazine

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